Over The Knee Boots - The Very Best Pairs Under $300

10 Pairs Of Over The Knee Boots For Under $300

over the knee bootsPhoto: Wenn

There really is no getting around it, you need a pair of over the knee boots for Fall/Winter. Whether you opt for flats, or heels, you need to make the investment in a pair of quality over the knee boots. You can basically wear these seasonal must haves in the same way you would a pair of great leggings. Pair them with wool shorts, a short dress, skinny jeans, an oversized sweatshirt, the possibilities are endless with a neutral color. While we loved Kim’s unreleased Yeezy’s at the REVOLVE Hamptons House, you can do much more with a pair of black, grey, or brown.

over the knee bootsPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/BFA

If you need further proof check out Cara Delevingne’s press tour looks where she wore them with everything and slayed! They serve to anchor your ensemble with a little edge, and a little attitude, but you don’t want to go cheap here. Don’t panic. We aren’t telling you to go out and break the bank on the latest Louboutin’s; however, if you don’t spend a little cash, it’s very easy to look like Julia Roberts circa 1990 if you catch our drift. Click through for a roundup of over the knee boots for under $300, and thank us later, or now if you’d like.

over the knee bootsPhoto: Wenn
Believe us when we tell you, this is one trend that you absolutely MUST slay this season! This look is tough, sexy, sleek and fashion forward all at the same time.  Scroll through our gallery to see the best over the knee boots that you can actually afford.
over the knee bootsPhoto: Nine West $179