Here's Where To Get The Best Lashes For Completeing Your FOTD

Here’s Where To Get The Best Lashes For Completeing Your FOTD

stock image- Photo: Bryon Summers for StyleBlazer
Photo: Bryon Summers for StyleBlazer


On the journey to mile-long lashes, mascara can only take you so far. Go the distance with a pair of falsies! Destination glamour is within your reach.

We know you’re bound to need directions, so let us lead the way and show you where to get the best lashes for dressing up your face. FYI, there’s tolls along this route, but the shipping fees are totally worth it.

Fumble around with that terrifying lash curler and gunky mascara no more. Shop these lash brands we love.

Ahead we rounded up 10 of the best online lash boutiques to help level up your lash game. See where to snag everything from flirty lashes to natural wispies.


House of Lashes

Photo: Instagram/@Houseoflashes

Flutter Lashes Ink

Photo: Instagram/@flutterlashesinc

Lilly Lashes

A photo posted by Lilly Lashes (@lillylashes) on

Photo: Instagram/@lilylashes

KoKo Lashes

A photo posted by KoKo Lashes (@kokolashes) on

Photo: Instagram/@kokolashes

The Divine Lash Company


Demure Lashes London

Photo: Instgram/@demurelashes

Vegas Nay

Photo: Instgram/@vegasnay

Luxury Lashes Paris 

Photo: Instgram/@luxurylashesparis

Lashes In A Box

Photo: Instgram/@lashesinabox

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