What Shiona Turini Taught Black Girls About Style

Ten Things Shiona Turini Taught Black Girls About Fashion


Shiona Turini
Shiona Turini

Photo: Wenn
Black girls in fashion are few and far between, especially once you cross a certain price point. You’d like to think that fashion is a liberal industry what with all of the creatives and free thinkers, but we still continue to see few black faces in advertising, on runways, and in the board room. Remember that diversity report from Fashion Week Fall 2016 that said 68.10% of models cast for the shows were white? Yeah. So when we see a black girl who represent us well in the upper echelons of the fashion world, we take notice, and we take notes. Shiona Turini is one such black girl. After making the move to New York with no fashion experience, she began her career as a public relations intern at Yves Saint Laurent before being hired full time as the PR Assistant. Following that role Turini went on to work for W magazine as the Accessories Editor, and then the Fashion Market and Beauty Director at Carine Roitfeld‘s CR Fashion Book, and then she signed on as the Fashion Market Director at Cosmopolitan magazine. In 2014, Turini departed from Cosmo to venture out on her own as a Style Consultant, Creative Director, and Brand Developer.  Phew.  Now that’s a resume.  Since venturing out on her own Turini has been featured in Man Repeller, The Cut, and Harper’s Bazaar, and is regularly featured on The Coveteur amongst others.  Oh and that little know music video for “Formation” by an artist you may have heard of named Beyoncé, yeah she was a part of the styling team.  Meanwhile we’ve been following along, and taking notes during the whole ride.  Click through for ten things Shiona Turini taught us about fashion.

Crop Tops Are Always Appropriate


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As long as you have killer abs! “I like to say that I invented the crop top. I know it’s not true, but it’s a style that I’ve been wearing proudly since high school. I have a small waist and curvier hips, so a cropped shirt paired with a high-waisted bottom is one of the most flattering looks for my body. A crop top with an A-line skirt, high-waisted pant, or pencil skirt works very well for me, so I stick with it as a uniform,” Turini told Shopbop.

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