My Little Lady Gaga: Designer Mari Kasurinen Transforms 15 Pop Icons Into "My Little Pony" Figures! (A Must-See For '80s Babies!)

My Little Lady Gaga: Designer Mari Kasurinen Transforms 15 Pop Icons Into “My Little Pony” Figures! (A Must-See For ’80s Babies!)

It’s a great day to be a girl: one of our favorite childhood toys is making a comeback! Designer Mari Kasurinen has used her talent and her obsession for all things pop culture to transform today’s biggest icons into custom-made “My Little Pony” replicas. Lady Gaga’s most memorable fashions take center stage yet again, as her meat dress, cigarette shades, and bubble costume get the “My Little Pony” treatment. Our personal favorite? My Little “Telephone” Gaga, which could only be more perfect if she came with a “My Little Pony” Beyoncé. And we’re all about superwomen. Kasurinen’s collection includes action heroes who kicks some major butt, like Rogue, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman.

We’ve matched the 15 pretty ponies with their iconic personas. Enjoy a moment down memory lane with a modern twist!

My Little Lady Gaga

My Little Meaty Lady Gaga

My Little Telephone Gaga

My Little MJ

My Little Karl Lagerfeld

My Little Marilyn

My Little Catwoman

My Little Poison Ivy

My Little Black Mamba (Kill Bill)

My Little Belle

My Little Wonder Woman

My Little Gene Simmons

My Little Andy Warhol

My Little Vivienne Westwood

  • BrittneyMadison

    Awww sooo cute!!! if i had the money, I would buy each and every one.

  • Kimiverson26

    Wrong Catwoman. Michelle not Halle

    • Smiley97

      Actually it was Eartha Kitt first …

  • Proudmommy79

    I want themI I want them! now all i have to do is  win some money to affprd them hehehehe

  • Courtneyhilton52

    so adorable!!!!!!! They all looked just like them to me

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