What Anna Dello Russo Would Buy From Net-A-Porter (If She Had Time)

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sabiha Datoo-Lalji

Anna Dello Russo Style

There are many a street style star whom we’d like to pull aside at fashion week and ask “how’d did you style that?” “Where did you get that…” However, there are the select few who we like to admire from afar, almost like a day dream. Anna Dello Russo is one of those editors who look like she’s having the time of her life no matter where she is, not to mention her effortless and fearless style.

Upon admiring these clothes horses one can’t help but dream what they would buy, and from where! If only we had the chance to go shopping with Anna, we’d hang on to her every quirk. Until then, we shall go on a spending spree on her behalf courtesy of our friends over at Net-A-Porter.

So sit back, relax, and scroll through our key items we think Anna would buy if she had a hot minute. 

Photo: @anna_dello_russo – Instagram
Anna Dello Russo Style

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