Over The Knee Boot Picks To Satisfy Your Brother Vellies Crave This Fall

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Jade Leach

With the end of the summer season approaching, we’re pretty sure the last thing you want to focus on is clothing that will cover you up. But the truth of the matter is: fall fashion is almost upon us. And whether we like it or not, soon there will be a boatload of new trends filling up our social media feeds.

Luckily, when it comes to fall fashion, there’s a few unique brands we can depend on that create a bomb #OOTD post – one of them being Brother Vellies. Flashback to their A/W 2016 presentation, and we were literally in love with EVERYTHING. But one of our favorite pieces shown would have to be the over the knee Florence boot.

The good news? These suede beauties are now available for pre-order on the Brother Vellies online shop, with price points ranging from $650 to $3500. So we figured what better time than now to invest in a pair of fall-approved over-the-knee boots?

Check out the Brother Vellies’s selection of A/W 2016 shoes here. And don’t worry, we’ve got a few over-the-knee options you’ll love on the pages ahead.

Photo: BFA for Brother Vellies

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