Workout Wednesday: Reconsider Your Bottled Water Choices

Workout Wednesday: Reconsider Your Bottled Water Choices

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock


News flash: No one is drinking soda anymore.

Well, that’s not entirely true, but statistics are showing that consumption is going down. According to Nielsen numbers, consumer purchasing has shifted from sodas to premium waters, which grew by 12 percent.

But with a ton of water options out there, it’s hard to distinguish what’s best for you.

One factor one should consider is alkaline. For those of you unfamiliar —we’re going to Science class in 1, 2, 3…— alkalinity refers to the capacity of water to neutralize an acid. On a pH scale, acidic solutions measure 1-6, neutral is 7 (your body’s normal pH), and alkaline solutions measure 8-14.

Photo: Courtesy of Essentia Water
Photo: Courtesy of Essentia Water


Essentia Water is 9.5pH or higher.

Most bottled waters have a pH factor of 7.0, to keep the body at neutral. Truthfully, most human bodies are relatively more acidic from than ideal pH of 7 due to factors like stress, diet and harmful environmental contaminants.

Essentia Water has a unique ionization process that produces a clean and smooth tasting 9.5pH or higher alkaline water that is shown to be better at rehydrating by a recent clinical study, done by Health Onvector.

In addition to rehydrating through a special ionization process, Essentia Water is a favorite or many athletes and celebrities, like Derrick Rose and Alicia Keys.

For all these reasons, it is the No.1 selling alkaline water and No.1 bottled water in natural retail channels.

Consider this information, and more, for your next workout.

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