Carry Ons: How To Travel Without Checking A Bag

Bag Check! How to Travel With Just Carry Ons

carry on bagsPhoto: @m.vicky.m

As we start to make our way into the holiday season and airports are a nightmare, now is not the time to check a bag. You don’t know when or whether you or your luggage will make it where you’re headed on time if at all! Here’s some packing pro tips to help even the worst over packer scale back to the essentials and guarantee you don’t have to check a bag for Labor Day or any holiday.

In my early days working in the fashion industry as a market and sittings assistant, I spent most of my days essentially packing – packing for shoots, messengers, mail services; you name it, I’ve packed for it. Add in 5 NYC apartment moves, there’s no packing or travel experience that can rattle me. Now that I get to take  personal vacation trips like spending nearly three weeks in Thailand including an island cottage accessible by speed boat, my packing experience and some travel mishaps come in handy. I’ve got traveling down to a science. That trip to Thailand I took just one carry on and back up tote to bring things I bought back home.

Click through to read the 5 key tips to help even over packers to travel light and never check a bag if you don’t want to. Which considering the recent computer glitch that shut down flights nationwide, you’ll probably want. 

carry on bagsPhoto: @misscopilot