Carry Ons: How To Travel Without Checking A Bag

Bag Check! How to Travel With Just Carry Ons

Think About An Itinerary

This sounds un-fun but  it’s something you’ll probably do anyway. Taking time to really think about your trip and what you plan to do will keep you from over packing. A weekend trip camping, visiting family or hitting a beach are no brainers but definitely have different needs. Through a mix of climates, locales and add a few days the more challenging packing can become.

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Over packing is essentially bringing and packing things you don’t or won’t use while on your trip. The more you know about your itinerary the easier it will be to make the right choices. The key here is to be realistic about what you’ll really do. You could use the hotel gym but are you really trying to work out on vacation? Pack for what you know you will do on your trip, not maybes. Whether you like traveling luxe with spa trips, fine dining and nights on the town or all day site seeing and exploring – know the essentials for the vacation.