Carry Ons: How To Travel Without Checking A Bag

Bag Check! How to Travel With Just Carry Ons

Invest in the Right Gear

Do yourself a favor and invest in the right bag. The right size duffle bag, weekender or small roller suitcase that meets all the TSA requirements can change your entire packing and travel experience!

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Weekend bags are great but I opt for something a little sturdier for peace of mind as things do shift, spill, etc. in the overhead compartments. Also consider if you’ll be doing a lot of walking with your bag. Something with wheels might be more your speed. Also large nylon and canvas bags as you fill them can change shape putting you over the size limit.

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Canvas totes however make great personal item bags. You can condense a purse in with a laptop or iPad without leaving any unused space to get in your way. Look for bags with smaller internal compartments to give space to tuck away a few small extras.

For toiletries investing in a clear toiletry case and the mini-travel bottles if you don’t want to use hotel soaps and shampoos can help you zip through security. That pesky liquids needing to be in clear, quart size Ziploc bag rule still exists and you can be asked to remove it from the bag. It’s good to have something a little better than a Ziploc. In my experience if the bag is a little over the quart size there hasn’t been a penalty as long nothing inside was more than the three ounces allowed for liquids and creams.

carry on bagsForever 21 makeup bag set, $7,


Being organized can also help you travel light. Using pouches and travel bags to keep electronic chargers, cords, batteries, adaptors etc. in one place. I like clear or mesh so you can see at a glance if everything is there. The pouch also ensures I can transfer items between the overhead bin bag and personal bag in the event of fit issues.

Now that may have seemed like a lot I know, but it really isn’t. It’s really just thinking critically to make sure you and all your stuff get to your next holiday destination smoothly! Once you know how to travel light you’ll never look back. No destination will be too hard to get to or off limits!

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