Spray Nail Polish - Everything You Need to Know & How to Use it

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Spray-On Nail Polish

spray nail polish
Photo: Sahily Perez/StyleBlazer

It was not long ago that the Internet toyed with our heart strings and introduced us to the idea of spray on nail polish. After decades of using a brush to polish our nails, this was a breakthrough moment in the world of beauty. As excited as we may have been as a community, I think it’s safe to say that individually everyone was wondering if this cutting-edge concept really worked.

I recently gave in and picked up the Nails Inc. Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish ($12) to give this new beauty product a whirl. I was dying to see if perfect nails were truly a “spray away.”

The application instructions on the can make the process seem fool-proof. You simply apply a base coat, allow it to dry, then spray the polish onto your nails. Once that layer is dry, you complete the process by applying a top coat and allowing it dry completely. You will notice that when spray the nail polish onto your nails, it naturally splatters onto your skin. This is totally cool because it’s supposed to wash right off of your skin with soap and water.

So how did the process go for me?

Not as smooth as I expected.

spray nail polish
spray nail polish

Photo: Sahily Perez/StyleBlazer

For starters, I had to fine tune my technique when spraying on the nail polish. I noticed that long burst of paint caused an uneven application, so opted for short burst of paint in sweeping motions instead. This allowed the nail polish to go on in a lighter coat, which dried pretty quickly. It’s a good thing it cured fast because the nail polish spray in the air was overwhelming.

After applying my top coat and allowing it to completely dry, it was finally time to wash off the excess the polish that was all over my fingers. I used soap and water as the instructions suggested and while it did remove most of the polish, I had to really scrub my skin to get it off. Even after washing my hands two times, I had to go back with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to remove the excess.

Overall I think spray polish is a pretty cool concept, but it definitely takes getting used to. I was frustrated at first, but once I got the hang of it I started to like it. I plan to keep playing around with it until I become a spray nail polish pro.

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