Colored Jeans - A Gorgeous Rainbow of Denim Styles

A Rainbow Of Colored Jeans & Denim For Fall & Winter

colored jeansBDG jeans, $69 each,

Colored jeans are back! Denim is the ultimate go to for pre-fall and summer to fall transitional dressing. This season’s must have gets a boost of color. But this isn’t your 90’s Cross Colors style. Thanks to designers like Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang the tone du jour is a mix of punky acid washes, muted pantones and casual pastels. Take a look at this rainbow of the key denim pieces to infuse your fall wardrobe with a dose of color.

Fashion is all about cycles but somehow colored jeans seem to be one of the things that hasn’t been resurrected time and time again. Now it feels fresh in wide leg cut culottes and boxy girlfriend jeans as well as requisite denim jackets and button front mini skirts. Sticking to modern silhouettes is the key to making this trend not feel outdated. Pair color denim in matching shades for a head to toe monochromatic look or mix in an off the shoulder top or crisp shirting to dress up the style. Keep wearing the look through cold months to ward off winter blues adding in fitted turtlenecks, chunky sweaters and tights.
Snap through our picks of the best colored jeans, denim, dresses, jackets and more to shop now! 

colored jeansPhoto: My Theresa

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