Solange Gets Shady in Orange for the 2012 Tribeca Ball (Are You Feeling It For Spring?)

Solange Gets Shady in Orange for the 2012 Tribeca Ball (Are You Feeling It For Spring?)

Known for her bold fashion choices and on-point beauty styles, Solange extended her love of orange hued lipstick to her eyelids and nails for a color themed style statement at the 2012 Tribeca Ball this past Monday, April 16th.  Orange is not a traditional makeup color for anyone including Solange, but somehow she made it work.  She also coordinated her orange beauty look with her sheer tribal printed blouse, high-waisted pants and statement necklace all featuring orange detailing.


Leave it to Solange to give us something to try at home and probably not quite master it the way she does.  Her signature lip color also happens to be the color of the season, so watch out, orange and orange like colors are going to start popping up everywhere.  Solange is just one ball of inspiration!



StyleBlazers, you feeling orange for spring?




-Tunisia Z. Wilson



  • Tia

    I’ve always worn orange. Wearing it right now. Stilla compact color and Revlon lip color. Can use the Stilla on eyes, cheeks and lips.

  • Cherrilyn

    Today I like the orange that Solange is sporting and would wear it myself.  The pants look a little long, like they may be dragging the floor, but at least we know a tall woman could wear them and not be worried about high waters.  Now, where can I purchase this outfit and the necklaces?

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