The Most Dope DIY Halloween Costumes That You'll Want To Steal

The Most Dope DIY Halloween Costumes

diy halloween costumes

Fresh Looks For Chicks Who Love Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re as sick as we are of dressing like a MF cat every year, this article is for you. Halloween is the one time of the year where girls can dress as “creative trendy skanks” and not feel bad about it. This rule of thumb really gives you more room for better DIY Halloween costumes to transform into. Also, don’t act like you’re too cool to do the most for Halloween because you’re not. This is your opportunity to do something you have never done before and we’re straight up giving you DIY Halloween costumes that you can steal.

Put down the devil ears and step out of your comfort zone and you’re guaranteed to be the Instagram model of the year ( I know, exciting). Here are the most dope DIY Halloween costumes we found all over the Internet.

Click through the gallery to be inspired this Halloween…

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