The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Your Everyday Fashionista

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Fashionistas

Turkey Day just ended and you better believe we have already put out our Christmas trees, decked the halls with cheer and turned the outside of our house into an EDM trippy private concert. If you know a friend, daughter or relative that is a total sass monster and considers herself to eat, breathe and live fashion, keep reading. This gift guide is sure to make your holiday shopping much easier.

Thank us later.

Keep scrolling to see our 2016 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Fashionistas.

gift guide The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Fashionistas


gift guide 1. Kate Spade Rose Gold Glitter Laptop Case: $69.99 

gift guide 2. Simple Style Solid Color Knitting Rhombus Design Mermaid Tail Blanket: $32.91

gift guide

3. White Faux Taxidermy The XL Deer Head Wall Decor: $139.99 

gift guide

4. Feroce Clear Rain Boots: $150.00

gift guide

5. Screw-Split Crystal Gold Bangle: $45.00

gift guide

6. Camel Oversized Check Boyfriend Coat: $150.00 

gift guide

7. Sam Edelman Blake Suede Ankle Boot, Brown Suede: $105.00

gift guide

8. Wattzup Unihorn Power Bank: $40.00 

gift guide

9. Wake Pray Slay Hand Painted Coir Doormat by AfterInfinity: $35.00

gift guide

10. Club Monaco Color White Ray-Ban Clubround Sunglasses: $185.00 





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