7 Bad Chicks with Even Badder Whips (Bentley's & Lambo's & Maserati's, Oh My!)

7 Bad Chicks with Even Badder Whips (Bentley’s & Lambo’s & Maserati’s, Oh My!)


Luxury and custom-built cars are no longer a “Men’s Only” zone.  Some of the hottest female celebs are also owners of some of the hottest rides around!  Don’t be fooled, some ladies like to have something extra special to step into with their Christian Louboutins.  From Maserati’s to customized Bentley’s, these ladies aren’t afraid to outshine their men on the road!  We’ve gathered seven of the hottest chicks with the hottest whips. See who made the list!



Angela Simmons


Angela drives a red hot Porsche to match her spicy style!

Amber Rose


Our favorite blonde, Amber, whips an all black Lamborghini.

Kim Kardashian


The queen of custom cars, Kim Kardashian, whips a customized Ferrari.

Karrueche Tran


Chris Brown’s boo, Karrueche, pushes a Porsce Panamera.

Nicki Minaj


The Harajuku Barb copped a pink Bentley, the ultimate Barbie car!

Britney Spears


Britney keeps it classy in a black Maserati.

  • SayCheese

    I love the cars but the only two bad chicks on this list are Nicki and Brittany because they both worked hard to get their cars. Everyone is else is either a rich brat or jump offs that got lucky. 

    • Ninie4367

      Rev run daughter earned that from her shoe line pastries

      • Lisa

        Yes true, but she also got a red benz when she graduated from high school.

    • Jackie


    • Shamel

      Can’t stand Evelyn either.  She shouldn’t have even been on that list because her car is  RENTAL.  That was featured on an episode of BBW and Chad told her (via Twitter) to not get too excited because she wasn’t keeping it! BWAH!!!!! 



  • Stippia

    Ewww cris bown girlfriend is a dwarf..

  • TattooBeauty

    I’ll take the pink one for 800 alex lol

  • Max-fli

    Not that I like her, but Paris Hilton was the 1st to have a pink Bentley GTC.  It came in the factory Silverlake color, but she had it painted pink by those dudes at Platinum Motorsports. 

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