Britney Spears Close To Landing $15M “X Factor” Deal, Looks Hot In New Twister Dance Game (Her Abs Are Back!)

Britney Spears is as much a part of our high school days as Catholic school uniforms and episodes of Friends. Her videos were iconic, and her dance moves  were always on point. Although she’s had a few comebacks, nothing seems to come close to her “Slave 4 U” days, when she sauntered with a python around her neck all kinds of fierce.

Now she’s being courted by Simon Cowell to be a judge on the upcoming season of The X Factor. Rumor has it that she’s closing a $15M deal to appear on the show. Not only is she about to cash a major check, she’s also teamed up with another of our childhood favorites,  Twister. She sports a fit frame in the promo spots for Dance Twister. A game where we can showcase our Brit Brit moves, sounds like a great idea to us.

Is Britney really back this time? You tell us, Styleblazers.


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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