Blazin’ or Blasé: Ms. Hill Hit The Stage at L’Olympia in Paris Wearing an Very Eclectic Ensemble (Feeling The Look?)

Lauryn’s interesting fashion choices have been a hot topic for discussion. The mother of 6 was spotted on stage at L’Olympia music hall in Paris, earlier this week, wearing a decorative leather jacket, sheer black skirt over lace tights, citrus collar shirt, hot-pink belt, embossed pendant, layered gold bracelets, red Melody Ehsani earrings and a subtle black turban.  Yep, you read the aforementioned correctly. The emotionally challenged ex Fugee rocked all of these festive pieces together to create an eclectic look that only she can pull off.

StyleBlazers, we’re raising our brows and twisting our mouths to this one… You be the judge…


Is Lauryn’s concert attire, Blazin’ or Blasé?




Metanoya Z. Webb


  • Urbanamericaconsumerdigest

    The earrings & the great grandmother turban ruined the look!.  ……….#My Opinion Only :)

  • Stacy Gaddy

    Lauren Hill still have own personal swag. A real singer oops sanger don’t needs bells nor whistles scantly dressing to deliver SOULFUL MUSIC without a tricked out microphone.She will sing circles around these so called pop stars. BLAZIN

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