Did You Know They Were Models First? 8 Celebs Who Got Their Start Modeling

Nowadays, many celebs make the transition from actor to singer or vice versa, but I bet you’ll be surprised to see which of our favorite A-listers started out modeling. Before they were pulling in the big bucks and hitting the red carpet, they were just pretty people striking a pose. The beautiful faces that we love so much on the big screen or behind the mics were the smiley faces on magazine covers and the serious walks on the runways. Some had more successful modeling careers than others, but we’re glad they made the transition.


Check out 8 celebs who got their start modeling.

Whitney Houston


Whitney will forever be remembered as the voice, but her late teen years were spent modeling in the pages of Glamour, Cosmopolitan and she was even one of the first women of color on the cover of Seventeen.

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