Dynamic Duos: 7 Celebrities & Their Designer Crushes (Bound To See These Starlets Suited in These Designers’ Threads)

There’s nothing like a perfect pair in the form of a celebrity and their favorite designer. Celebrities are known for having all kinds of designers gift them with the latest from their collection, but certain designers get to be worn on a heavier rotation when they make fans out of celebrities. Check out these 7 celebrities in (at least one) of their favorite designers.

Jennifer Lopez & Michael Kors


Jenny from the Block is a style icon who can make anything look hot, but when Jenny puts on some Michael Kors, you see her radiate on another level.


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  1. says:

    I really dont understand why so many people make such a big deal about Jennifer Lopez…..she is knock knee, skinny legs and a big ass that looks fake….YUK!

  2. says:

    i though ciara’s TOES were CLAWS! :0 disgusting!

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