LaLa Anthony Hosts “Think Like A Man” Movie Screening in Style (Peep the Pics!)

Lala & X-Rated Fusion Liqueur hosted a private screening of the new must-see movie Think Like A Man earlier this week at the Bryant Park Hotel in NYC.  Lala ensured all guests had a good time by providing drinks and cocktails by X-Rated Fusion— her favorite liquor, as well as sweet snacks and popcorn.

The Think Like A Man star wore a black Stella McCartney jumper, Lanvin shoes and an Asif Zaidi neck piece that was to die for!  But besides treating guests to a good ol’ movie night, Lala shared her thoughts on dating and how letting Carmelo go through different stages lead to their marital bliss; also giving hints that her friendship with Anna Wintour may just lead  to another Vogue US feature.  Let’s cross our fingers for her!




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