7 Celebrity Chicks that Love Around The Way Guys (Who Makes The Cutest Couple?!)

7 Celebrity Chicks that Love Around The Way Guys (Who Makes The Cutest Couple?!)

LL Cool J let it be known that some guys want an “around-the-way girl,” but some ladies also want an ‘around-the-way guy.’  Don’t good girls always seem to love bad boys.  Then again, so do bad girls.  We rounded up seven ladies who are as crazy about their “around-the-way” boos as they are about their designer gear.  Hmmm, we wonder whose fashion sense has rubbed off on whom.  In some cases, it’s crystal clear which partner sets the couple’s style ablaze (and pssst, it isn’t always the woman!).  Regardless of who did the upgrading, who can’t get enough of these seven hollywood hotties and their around-the-way guys.





Judging from some of the old school Xscape outfits, we think Tiny’s look benefited more from T.I.’s “You can have whatever you like” shopping sprees.

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  • Mariahlookinglikeasquarebecky

    You are at a loss on the relationship between Toya and Memph?? Bottom line you are at a loss on anyones relationship but your own….No one knows if these partners fit the stereotype or image of what they portray as part of their celebrity “job”.
    These types of articles are so inane and really simple.

  • Annelli

    Beyonce and Jay Z in my opinion…..they have been together for almost one decade and neither of then have cheated on each other…..it seems like they’re bond has gotten stronger over the years. 

    • Luvya2def

      I pick Bey and Jay as well. Beyonce stated on Ellen after she got married that her and Jay were together for about 7 years….7 years and an additional 4 years of marriage is more then a decade. As far as them never cheating on each other….I don’t know them personally to say anything like that but people don’t stay together for 10+ years without it being true love and without being able to trust one another….now that Blue is here it seems the love they have has grown stronger.

    • Shemmingway94

      Like you would know if HE did, LMAO  !!!

  • gereza

    I really like Toya and Memphis together. My favorite couple is T.I. and tiny. And mostly because of T.I. hes so sweet. I cant choose bey and Jay, cause ive only seen pics of them, no real life interaction… I like them as a couple but i remember a time when bey used too look really unhappy around him.

    • Evettebennett42

      Well now that’s she’s made the song “love on top” i’m seeing that she’s always smiling and appears to be the happiest lady in the world right now. I guess he start putting her first and that changed their relationship for the best. Noone has a perfect relationship

  • The Truth

    I just want to snatch that mole off her face!

  • The Truth

    Wiz and Amber. They just seem like they ENJOY each other.

    • Lady Belle

      But they’re so yucky tho. They would’ve been my fav without all the tongues!!

  • Lady Belle

    Bey and Jay!!

    • Lady Belle

      Oh yeah and A.Keys and Swizz. And what’s up with the tongue T.I.??

  • Meli

    Beyonce and Jay…but they are all kinda cute in my opinion. So rebellious- I love it.