9 Celebrities Who Need A Makeover NOW (Tiny, Wayne, Ashanti & More!)

9 Celebrities Who Need A Makeover NOW (Tiny, Wayne, Ashanti & More!)

We all know the power of having great style—just count how many Rihanna pics you have stored on your hard drive.  Celebrities, more than anyone or anything else drive the direction of fashion these days.  But these eight celebs are quite the opposite of trendsetters.  We love them all to pieces, but (Snoop Dogg voice) “we don’t love them clothes.”

Here’s a look at nine celebs who could use a makeover, stat!

1. Azealia Banks


OK, this seems a little unfair because the rapper is relatively a newcomer, but the mishmash outfits and bad weaves are just weird.

2. Jennifer Hudson


Though the songstress typically cleans up well for red carpet appearances, her uh, “candid” personal style leaves a lot to be desired.  The ode to Rick James bangs aren’t helping either.

3. Beyoncé


It pains us to even type this, but Queen Bey’s style often makes us weep.  She’s either over-accessorized, wearing tacky Texas-sized earrings with everything, or pairing good pieces together into bad outfits.  We patiently await for her to make her red carpet rounds where her looks seem to fare a little better.

4. Mariah Carey

She did say she will eternally be 12 years old, but at 40 we think it’s time M’s style grew up, too.

5. Lil Wayne

 Every time Lil Wayne comes across our screens, we call for an exterminator (shivers).  With Weezy turning 30 this year, we can only hope that we never have to see his pants, or jeggings, sag ever again.

6. Ashanti

She’s as cute as a button, but her style screams too tight and too much.  Believe it or not, but she has a glam squad.

7. Jessica White

Working in fashion and modeling some of the hottest designer goods doesn’t guarantee style…obviously.

8. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle


For many less is more, but for Tiny it seems like her style mantra is more is more.  We really want her to retire the rainbow-colored hair and super tight skinny jeans.

  • Rayjulian85

    I was seriously hoping Ashanti had no stylist

  • Ai

    Ashanti’s wardrobe is starting to look like the 2nd coming of Lil Kim.

  • LiiSH

    Some of these are kind of unfair. If you don’t believe me, close your eyes and picture Rihanna in a Keri Hilson or Ashanti outfit…. similar isn’t it? Bey used to have really country style, she isn’t doing too bad now.  Jessica White is disappointing and Lil Wayne is hopeless. Mariah wouldn’t be Mariah without the costumes we expect from her lol.

  • Ofthenile

    That article hit it on the head with all of them!!

  • SouthPhillyFlyGirl

    I agree w all your choices. Glad u had guts 2 call out Bey, she needs a stylist 4 candid & red carpet. And not Miss Tina who is responsible 4 the worst of Bey’s & Destiny Child’s get ups!

  • Meanchick

    All rappers. Time to dress like a man and not a 12 yr. old boy. Shaq (c’mon now), Lala, Emily B

  • Rihanna looks horrible these days, when she’s not on the red carpet. Gotta be fair.

  • Goddess8281


  • Ash

    Ashanti looks like that because her stylist is her sisters friends and they are tacky but they think they has style

  • JuicyJ

    Tiny needs a speech specialist, and a new face also… She is a mess! Ain’t nothin rite w/ dat guuuuurrrrrlllllll…

    • JERE

      lol…RODFLMAO! But so true!

    • Hotsexime

      I bet you dnt look any better!!! It’s funny how only women comment on her looks! I bet half the females talking wouldn’t get chosen standing next to her!! Furthermore, her life is way better than yours that’s why you commenting on her and it’s not the other way around!!! Most of you chicks not even married. Hell, may not have a boyfriend either lol get a life!!!!!

      • Sophias

        Check game proper! I love tiny and I thing Shea’s beautiful. Real recognize real. Most of the women who bash her are just jealous period.

      • thinker

        I agree..people are hypocrites and like to act self righteous..When we have ALL  have thought of someone as ugly…Yes we all know if you love yourself and you are happy and your family yad yad yad yad…BUT in this world we have a beauty stereotype and it doesn’t include TINY…people’s double standards funniest thing..

    • I’m from the UK and I love that Southern drawl!!!! Dont know why Americans hate on it so much !  She’s Country and Proud!  Ok so she could do with losing a little weight to bring out her bonestructure more and use more complimenarty colours in her weaves!  The red was on point!  Not feeling the blonde – it washes her out!  But she looks better in videos rather than stills – she looked ok and at times really good in TI & Tiny family Hustle so maybe shes just not very photogenic.  But at the end of the day that’s someones Mother, Daughter and Wife and I am sure they love her to pieces regardless and as long as she loves her self and her life – who are we to judge?

  • dopelips

    Ohh my god, Beyonce deserves to be on list list seriously. Money does not buy you style. Hire a stylist or better still take tips from Solange

    • Solange style wouldn’t suit her she wouldn’t know how to carry it of – hence all the mishaps  – Beyonce should go with classic glamour – not all these mismatched prints and the same hat with everything – doesnt suit her, but then again she is a new Mum – I’m sure her priorities are elsewhere.

  • Zak

    Heels Lmao….before I got corrected

  • Thought means life, since those who do not think so
    do not live in any high or real sense. Thinking makes the man.

  • mekmel

    Ashanti style is definitely off. Jessica white always looks like day old coke residue. Keri is pretty but…meh. rihanna and minaj should have been here. nicki style even when she is in serious attire always lackluster. like her grammy performance.

    • Jadasola

      I cannot forgive Jessica White for stealing Aretha Franklin’s look…aint thieving against the law?

  • GirlyGal

    Big Gabby aka “Precious”, Amber Rose wardrobe has “really” took a dive after Kanye, Wiz needs a MakeOver as well….

    • JERE

      Amber Rose most def took a dive after Kanye, she use to be so dang fly! And her man Wiz is just hopeless really


    I dnt think keri desereved to be on this list..jhud idk

  • His6sweety

    Tiny needs more than a style makeover she looks HORRIBLE!!! I do not like Kerri Hilson at all no style & can’t sing!!!

  • I guess they figure that looking stupid got Lady GaGa, COUNTLESS Rock bands and Nicki Minaj famous, why not them?

  • lil kim n rihanna I believe both be high af when they choose their clothes ijs

  • who is going to look beauitful every second of the day , like seriously if you have nothing to do , why dress up if your just going grocery shopping or playing outside with kids , like serious media get over yourselves i don’t care if they are celebrities they can have dress done day too DANG IT


    • Jadasola

      lol…what I said…

  • keri should not be on here her style is always on point

  • Boyonce is sporting a rather distressed look..could be due to motherhood

  • Beyonce’ works on her interviews but not so much in real life.

  • NikkiO

    Funny how you say Beyonce needs a makeover…she’s People’s Most Beautiful Woman. – hating on the sidelines has now become a wan to grab attention, so sad!

    • tellit likeitis

      Men shut up and open your eyes!!! Beyonce’s sense of style is very poor…you can crown her beauty queen for the next ten generations…

  • SK

    your comments brought tears to my eyes (tears of laughter).  funny, but true.

  • Lame list. Besides we all look stupid from time to time.

  • I think Beyonce has been taking style cues from Solange lately which really isn’t saying alot cuz I personally don’t understand what direction that girl’s trying to go in most of the time.Ashanti needs to get it together and ever since I saw Jessica White at a function for children in that white, lace thing. She is in serious need of work..sometimes just because it’s a “label” doesn’t mean it should be worn.

  • Alisa bruce

    Keri hilson should not be on this list

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