Personality Traits That Beyonce's Penmanship Put On Front Street (Creative, Obsessive & Lots More!)

Personality Traits That Beyonce’s Penmanship Put On Front Street (Creative, Obsessive & Lots More!)

Beyoncé is bar far one of the most talented and celebrated musicians of our time, but we know very little about her aside from that.  In her interviews she is always poised, prepared with the safest responses, and nothing outside of mild-tempered.  And for the people watching at home it reads everything from fake to forced to boring.  But it looks like ‘perfect Patti’ may have messed up this one time.

When Beyoncé wrote and published that not-so-private letter praising First Lady Michelle Obama for being such a wonderful role model, she gave up a little more than she bargained. The letter was analyzed by handwriting expert Michelle Dresbold and the results gave us a lot more insight into the character of America’s sweetheart.

Check out seven things that Bey’s penmanship put on front street!


1. Underlining Her name With a squiggle = Self Pride

“People, like Beyoncé, who underscore their name with a simple line, feel proud of themselves, like to be on stage and have good self-confidence in public.”

  • Guest

    This so-called analysis omitted a glaring fact: she does not know how to spell or punctuate properly. It is accurate to write “…she has people like you to look up to” not “she has people like you, to look upto.”

  • Febjul2629

    we all know that beyonce likes to be in control of things anyone could pretty much tell that from when she was in the destiny child group her parents were over everything her father the manager, her mother the stylist and she was the lead singer…… but thats really nothing what got me was when she had appeared on the Tyra Banks show and she said that she wanted to be remembered as somebody like a legend and she start to put herself out thier like she herself could make her known as a legend… I mean come on people how hard is to see that shes pretty much brainwashing people into making her something that shes really not at least yet i don’t think that she had to struggle like most of these female artist did i think that shes a good entertainer but thats it i think when you go through something like a struggle in life it makes everything that you get after that its make you more stronger and it makes people appreciate you more so do i think she has different personalites yes ummm beyonce turn into sasha fierce… and by the way i know that this is not an artical about her having different personalities i just want for people to stop talking about her so much like she own the world or something to me shes just another woman in the music industry. 

  • Nonotone

    agree with guest… i wanted to take a red pen to this “letter” so bad.  First of all, she is FLOTUS…not your girl from the ’round the way…address her appropriately or call her since your letter implies you have an informal relationship…Next, is this a letter or a poem?  You start the letter with your informal salutation, and then you carry on with an incomplete fragmented sentence….ARRRGGHH!…Third, the letter “u” is highly inappropriate in a formal letter.  Again, if she is indeed your girl, pick up the phone or text her. I’m done – i know you (see how that works?!!?) have a good heart.




    beyonce pic is cute LOL jk you are my favorite singer.
    Can I have tickets to your next concert