StyleBlazin’ Mom: Jennifer Hudson Heads to LAX With Her Cute Son! (Peep The Stylish Tot’s Swag!)

  • Saintsinno

    I can’t wait until she’s fat again because she’s a train wreck right now, with a horrible shape.  And I ‘d put my body and style up against her’s anyday:)

    • Courtneyhilton52

      i do agree that she needs to put on a li weight cuz her face is looking a lil shallow….but please phrase your comment as constructive critisizm and not rude my horse is bigger than your horse type thing

    • micheal watkins

        hater! why do you find it necessary to compare yourself to another woman.  In my Tamar voice get you life! 

  • Lynen

    Text book hating right there. 

  • Ange248

    JHud is beautiful and her son is sooooo cute!!

  • currvalicious

    To cute Jen & David jr., wow time flies he’s getting so big.

  • Melice319

    SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS !!! Lil DJ is a cutie!!! Stop the hating!!!

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