StyleBlazin' Mom: Jennifer Hudson Heads to LAX With Her Cute Son! (Peep The Stylish Tot's Swag!)

StyleBlazin’ Mom: Jennifer Hudson Heads to LAX With Her Cute Son! (Peep The Stylish Tot’s Swag!)

Jennifer Hudson is one StyleBlazin’ Mama! Comfy and cute, Jennifer rocked a pair of leopard pants, a lightweight cardigan, and pointed black flats as she headed into LAX airport with her son, David Otunga, Jr. It isn’t every day that we get to see J.Hud’s little bundle of joy, and we must admit, he’s too adorable! We also love Jennifer’s subtle accessorizing with dainty bracelets and a set of three necklaces.

A message to traveling mothers far and wide: it is possible to be practical and chic! You go J.Hud!

  • I can’t wait until she’s fat again because she’s a train wreck right now, with a horrible shape.  And I ‘d put my body and style up against her’s anyday:)

    • Courtneyhilton52

      i do agree that she needs to put on a li weight cuz her face is looking a lil shallow….but please phrase your comment as constructive critisizm and not rude my horse is bigger than your horse type thing

    • micheal watkins

        hater! why do you find it necessary to compare yourself to another woman.  In my Tamar voice get you life! 

  • Lynen

    Text book hating right there. 

  • Ange248

    JHud is beautiful and her son is sooooo cute!!

  • currvalicious

    To cute Jen & David jr., wow time flies he’s getting so big.

  • Melice319

    SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS !!! Lil DJ is a cutie!!! Stop the hating!!!