Tyra Banks Cleans House & Fires Everyone From America's Next Top Model (Jay, Miss J, AND Nigel? WTF?!)

Tyra Banks Cleans House & Fires Everyone From America’s Next Top Model (Jay, Miss J, AND Nigel? WTF?!)

Say it ain’t so! Miss J. Alexander, Jay Manuel, and noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, will no longer be featured on America’s Next Top Model.  The judges co-starred on the show with Tyra Banks for 18 seasons, but they got the axe yesterday. The show’s veterans were informed that their contracts were not being renewed for the next season because of  a “production decision.” Sources say that the producers are giving ANTM a makeover, and will a social media aspect to the show. They’ve already reached out to fashion bloggers and other fashion insiders who have a strong following on the Web, including fierce style blogger Bryan Boy.

Since our favorite co-stars got the boot, will ANTM remain relevant? Is there more to this story that they’re not telling us? We’ll let you guys be the judge.

Banks and Barker say their goodbyes on Twitter:




StyleBlazers, will you watch ANTM without Nigel, Miss J, and Jay Manuel?


-Ondrea Lee 


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  • Ummm they made that show amazing, entertaining and informative. Just give me a show with those three alone. They don’t need tyra. She needs them.

  • well since there gone i will no longer watch shoot i only watch for them anyways

  • ceeli

    wow, tyra’s in denial.  look in the mirror, tyra…  that booty-toochin’ smizer looking back at you is the problem!!!  certainly not nigel!  and not the j’s, either!

  • You have to admit, the show was becoming a yawn because having the same ole cast and judges yielded a predictable outcome. So shaking things up may be essential to its staying power in the long run.

  • She went to Harvard Business School for 5 minutes and now she thinks she knows everything.

  • Courtneyhilton52

    they were one of the perks of the show…..ill miss them idk if i wanna watch anymore

  • LovelyGal

    hmmmm…welp, now the show will get cancelled.