Single Mothers Salute: 7 Hollywood Moms Who Are Holding it Down Raising Kids Alone

Single Moms Salute: 7 Hollywood Mothers Holding it Down Raising Kids Alone

With Mothers Day right around the corner, it’s only fitting that we paid tribute to seven celebrity single mothers. It’s tough out there raising children on your own and just because you’re a celeb doesn’t mean you have it easier. These ladies have had children at 17, hit rock bottom financially, and have dealt with tragic losses, yet still pressed on. Join us in saluting 7 hollywood moms who are holding it down raising kids alone.



1. Solange Knowles



Truth be told we’re kinda wish we were as lucky as little Julez—getting to travel around the world with his famous mom and aunt. But it’s actually Solange who feels like the lucky one. She told BET in 2008, “…having him in my life has given me the bravery, especially as an artist, to just go to new heights because children are so fearless and that has definitely impacted me.”

2.  Brandy



We very rarely see Brandy with daughter Sy’Rai, but we suspect their relationship is built on the stuff Hallmark cards are made of. The singer told Parade magazine in 2010 when asked why Sy’Rai doesn’t appear often on her reality show, “That’s strictly because her father and I felt it was best for her to have as much of a normal life as possible…you didn’t see her going to school, me combing her hair, or any aspect of our private, intimate moments, which sort of sucks because our relationship is so beautiful” Aww!


3. Tichina Arnold



Though she’s now engaged, Tichina was a single mother holding it down for her daughter Alijah.

4. Kandi Burruss



Kandi often guides her daughter Riley to make the right decisions in life but turns out that advice is often reciprocated. Burruss told,”My daughter said that when I bring someone into my life she wants to meet them when they’re just my friend. She says she can tell if someone is genuinely nice to children and they like them, or they’re just being nice to her to get in good with me.”

5. Taraji P. Henson


Taraji mom to 17-year-old Marcel may have her hands full raising a teen son, but recently told the Huffington Post “I love being a mother. It’s the best part of my life. It enriches my life so much. It gives me other things to think about besides this crazy industry that I decided to partake in. It keeps me grounded and focused on what life is really about.”

6. Jill Scott



Jill and her child’s father may have split up a week after son Jett was born, but the experience empowered her. She told Jet magazine in 2010 “I’ve become more of a woman than I was before. I have a different energy. I’m mom. I’m single. I’m alive.”

7. Garcelle Beauvais



The divorced mom of twins Jaid and Jax juggles her career with raising her boys, but not without mommy-guilt. She told “…now that I only have them half the time, I try not to do anything when I have them, like go out. This Saturday there was a sale…and I wanted to go and I felt guilty leaving for an hour and a half. Just an hour and a half! But you do the best you can. It’s about quality time, especially now that I only have them half of the time.”


StyleBlazers, did we miss anyone? Leave a comment with your celeb single mom fave!



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  • osjkmj8686

    # bs list stop being focused on just black women when their other ethnic groups who are so called SINGLE MOTHERS

    • Sassynhot

      They focus on black women because this is a site focusing on black celebs, duh.

      • osjkmj8686

         umm actually they dont just focus on black people do research b4 you speak mf have a nice day!!

  • WTH?

    Job well done. You go girls!

  • RealTruth

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Tkn

    Take you head out of the toilet.

  • beefunk

     Your name suits you very well, being that you’re very immature and single minded, like a junior person.

  • Sha

    Yeah u missed me…..I am a star because I shine, and raising my kids is my face-time……….lol!

  • Simone

    You have really went off your rocker this morning, there is no reason for you to be so bashful to a woman who gives he first and last to a child she didnt create on her own. Clearly you are dealing with your own personal issues, but dont bother everyone else in their happiness. you want to talk about statistics huh, so you really have no first hand experience on a single mom. Its hard and everyday we try to better ourselves just to see a smile on that little boy who kicked inside of me to my voice. Lets not for get darling the only reason you are hear because of a women “decided” to carry you full term. So just be thankful for every women, without us it would be no knowledge of true unconditional love. Tell your mom she raised an awesome kid, she should be so proud.

  • Wow

    I’m just wondering what ALL ALONE meens to the writer of this story.  ALL ALONE to me meens no help at all no family no boyfriend no babys father to take the kids half of the time!!!  Get real.

    • Dashdoll1973

      it’s MEANS not MEENS.

  • sexxy

    You could have never said it any better than this,some people just busy judging like a woman has a choice when a man decide to walk out of their life….smh.

  • Ayedwards1

    You do know that Garcia was married b4 she had her boys & her husband cheated on her! So, she divorced him!! So how is marriage workin 4 every1??? Jus cuz u get married, doesnt mean that ur goin 2 have a stable home environment.

    • Ayedwards1

      Correction, I meant Garcelle

  • superwoman

    Stop judging other people and have a seat! as a matter of fact, have several seats!!!

  • lou

    Solange is not a single mother though…the child’s father is always around.

    • currvalicious

      Yes she is, they’re divorced, meaning she’s single on paper. We’re talking on paper here, not whether or not the child’s dad is actively involved w/mom & child.

  • Cash

    STYLEBLAZER How about Mashonda!!!! Shes a single mom too!!!

  • lou

    Most of these ladies on here are NOT single mothers. A single mother is a woman who is raising their children alone with NO help from the the children’s father and most of the woman on here are co-parenting with their children’s father.

    • LadiieLove

      I hate to break it to you but by law a SINGLE MOTHER is a woman with a child/children who is what the law calls SINGLE i.e: DIVORCED, NEVER BEEN MARRIED, even ENGAGED under the United States court system/law until you are officially married you’re deemed as a SINGLE MOTHER. Just because you may be co-parenting with your children’s father or your new boyfriend or some of your family doesn’t mean you’re not a single mother.

  • JazzyJazzyJay

    Since when are you not a single mother because you receive help from others?? You guys are stupid.

  • JazzyJazzyJay

    You, sir, are an idiot.

  • CriticXtreme

    Yeah, you can give props to these women because they have one common denominator, money. How about the mothers who kept they legs open like 7-11 with a gang load of weights, eating crayons and some times air, wearing each others clothes and living in one room, to whom all of us take care of when we get paid? If we could claim these suckers at tax time, we’d all be rich. Now should they be honored or burned at the stake?

    • Msnaimah1985

      They are only highlighting women with money because magazines and blogs are only aware of famous people. They don’t know you or me……so its highly unlikely that we will make the list of single mothers, women with red hair or any list. 

  • marian

    Just because people are ‘around
    ‘ does not mean you are not a single mom…if you are single(not married, unmarried, almost married) and a mom, then the moniker fits…all these women are successful, or maybe semi-successful, but they are still single, and who knows why, whether by choice or not.

  • KIR12

    Exception proves the rule. You are the exception dear.

  • Reality Check, plz

    Uh they have the MONEY to hold it down. Let’s not hold these women up to too high an example. 

    • sapphire

      Say that. These woman have money so their struggle is not as hard as ours. I lost my job today because i dont have daycare an noone wanted to watch my son today cause they hat to go to church. I have a apt im being evicted out of i have no gas or light an a 2 yr old child. Im 31 an i am going through on my own cause ga has no resources. today i dont know what to do so im just here for now.


    Single mother means the child lives with you and you aint married to the childs father.

    Same goes for single dads

  • Sakitome

    Cant keep a family together? Gosh you sound weak. Why dont you call your mommy to come wipe your mouth.

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  • Sweetrose78

    Single mother homes are on the rise in all communities, not just the black community. While you were searching for these “facts”, I’m pretty sure you could have come across that important tidbit of information. As well as the fact that the rate of births in the black community have decreased, meaning less of these “baby mamas” as you like to refer to them as. If you’re not going to tell the whole truth or educate/help people out, do us all a favor and refrain from such negative speech. Thank you.

  • Sweetrose78

    I guess you don’t realize that single parent homes are on the rise in all communities, not just the black community. Or what about the fact the birth rates in the black community are on the decline? I understand that you want to get your opinion across, but don’t try to persuade peoples opinion by only telling one side of the story…

  • Sassynhot

    Do you know that there are a lot of married women who are single moms? And this is not because they’re divorced either, the men just don’t participate in the child’s upbringing.much for one reason or another.

    • sweet_lies

      that is so true my parents were married for 30 years and my mother tells me now how she felt so unsupported as a wife and mother of 3. i lived with my daughter’s father for years adn it was the same way. when i left him, it was actually much easier WITH him around cause i wasn’t taking care of my daughter AND my man.

      • sweet_lies

        i meant it was much easer than it HAD been with him around. typing too fast!

  • sweet_lies

    actually i’d say kids with TWO DYSFUNCTIONAL parents do far worse than kids with ONE FUNCTIONAL parent. sometimes people get married and have kids and the husband is abusive etc… so the mother is doing a disservice to her child by taking him out of that foolishness? NO. too many women ruin their kids’ lives by STAYING with the poor excuse for a man and setting a bad example/ exposing kids to dysfunction and abuse and creating a cycle of destruction. what’s most important is that the child is given the best possible quality of life available. and sometimes that means having mommy and daddy separate from one another, but working together lovingly rather than fussing and fighting together and creating an unhappy home.

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