Blazin' or Blasé: Kim Kardashian's Wears K.W. Initial Earrings (DisplayingTrue Love Or Fueling Rumors?)

Blazin’ or Blasé: Kim Kardashian Wears K.W. Initial Earrings (DisplayingTrue Love Or Fueling Rumors?)

We don’t know exactly how to feel about Kim Kardashian’s “K.W.” initial studs. Ok, so it’s not as bad as a name tattoo, and the gold studs are kind of cute. We know that Kim has always been public with her “romances” and flashy with her fashion, but there is something about these earrings that give off a desperate-for-attention vibe. She was spotted leaving LAX airport wearing the statement accessory bound to get everyone talking, as well as a fab Rachel Roy coat, and carrying a black Birkin.

Is it cool for a girl to show her affection in a wearable way?

  • Cheri

    They would be blazin if she was really in love with her guy but it comes off as simply a cry for attention based on how often she jumps from relationship to relationship.  It just seems too early!