8 Of The Best Cast Biopic Movies Ever (These Roles Were Personified To Perfection!)

There is a lot of debate surrounding who would be best to play the late, great Whitney Houston in her biopic, It’s one thing to lead a life that’s worth making a movie about, but playing that leading lady or man takes true talent in itself.  In the best reenacted performances, actors and actresses personify historic entertainment icons so perfectly that we get lost in their role each time we see these movies.  The following Hollywood stars took their biopic roles to another level and will always be highly regarded for these movies for the rest of their careers.

Check out eight of the best casted and played biopic movies.



Jennifer Lopez as Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in Selena 

When Jennifer Lopez played Selena, many doors opened for her.  And it’s no wonder because Jenny brought Selena back from the dead in this one.



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  1. says:

    JLo did a phenomenal job!! I’m not sure if Monica Brown can act but I think she resembles Whitney & has the vocal ability to take it there.

  2. says:

    yes JLO slayed that role!

  3. says:

    Angela Bassett in the Rosa Parks story.

  4. says:

    Jennifer did an amazing job but don’t agree that she ‘brought’ back Selena from the dead. She just continued her legacy for other younger and new fans.

  5. says:

    Umm..how is “La Bamba” not on the list??? The story of Richie Valens. That movie is exceptional!!

  6. says:

    Tammy Blanchard and Judy Davis did one of the most masterful impersonations of Judy Garland I’ve ever seen brought to cinema.  They should be credited.

    • says:

      I’ll second this one! You are so right! But here in the U.S. it was a TV movie, not shown in cinemas. Was “Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows” ever actually shown in theaters in other countries?

      • says:

        Introducing Dorothy Dandridge was also a tv movie, SirLizard, and it was listed. I believe Life With Judy Garland should qualify.

        • says:

          Jeremy, just to clarify, I never said that it shouldn’t “qualify”, nor do I believe that it is out of place as being suggested for this list. All I was saying was that the Judy Garland biopic was not shown in theaters in the U.S., which I only mentioned because NICK O’PLEECE stated that it was one of the most masterful impersonations of Garland ever “brought to cinema,” so I wanted to know if that particular film had ever actually been shown in theaters somewhere/anywhere, as he stated.

  7. says:

    Jaime Foxx KILT it as Ray Charles!  

  8. says:

    I liked Mario Van Peebles as Malcolm X.

  9. says:

    Where is Lynn Whitfield playing Josephine Baker and Lorenz Tate as Frankie Lyman

    • says:

      Lynn whitfield was fantastic as josephine Baker. Of course there hasn’t been anyone else playing Josephine to challenge her.

  10. says:

    Also Faye Dunaway as Mommy Dearest

  11. says:

    ving rhames as don king has to be in the top 8, take out halle

  12. says:

    alicia looks just like lena horne!!! never noticed it until just now

    • says:

       No she doesn’t Lena would be highly insulted and every fair skinned person don’t look alike.

      • says:

        Lena would not be insulted, she actually recommended AK for the role after the part was taken away from Janet Jackson. No, all fair skinned people do not look alike, but Alicia Keys does resemble Lena Horne.

  13. says:

    This is random,but just wondering why did they put her mole on the opposite side of Marilyns? Denzel played Malcolm X well also. They should consider a no name actress for Whitney Houston’s Biography,I think Latoya Luckett from Destiny’s Child looks a lot like Whitney and maybe with the right training she could pull it off. 

  14. says:

    lindsey lohan is not as beautiful as liz taylor, maybe they should have picked megan fox. would love to see alicia keys portray lena horne

  15. says:

    Walk the line with Joquan Phoenix and Reece Witherspoon and Coal Minors Daughter with Sissy Spasik was also good.. and Yes loved Angela and Lawrence Fishboure and J-lo.

  16. says:

    How dare they cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.  Such a terrible injustice.

  17. says:

    LMSAO…@ Angela Basset being afraid when IKE TURNER came on SET..thats hilarious

  18. says:

    Halle was horrible in Introducing Dorthy Dandrige.  She definitely looked the part,but after reading the autobiography and researching her acting didn’t hold up. Lindsay and Alicia haven’t done their respective movies so they shouldn’t be on the list yet. However Lynn Whitfield should be for her portrayal of Josephine Baker. Oh and Barbra Striseind for her portrayal of fannie Bryce in Funny Girl.

    • says:

      I liked Haile Berry as Dorothy Dandrige. This was based on her manager and friends book not other biographies. Landsay was terrible and I can’t waith to see Alicia Keys. I pray she is good. Barbara was excellent as well a Lynn.

  19. says:


  20. says:

    I like all of the other biograpic movies except the ones with Lindsey Lohan and Aliciua Keys they wont play Lena Horne and Elizabeth Taylor.

  21. says:

    like all of the other biograpic movies except the ones with Lindsey
    Lohan and Alicia Keys they wont play Lena Horne and Elizabeth Taylor.

    Like Reply

  22. says:

    Leon Robinson in The Little Richard Story

  23. says:

    The temptations movie. Leon as David.

  24. says:

    i’ll never forget Halle Berry as Dorothy Dandridge!! She was phenomenal! 

  25. says:

    I’m not trying to hate.  I promise.  If it wasn’t for J. Lo. I might not have known about the talented Selena.  But the first thing I thought when I saw her pic up top, was “All she did was act like herself and sing songs she doesn’t normally sing”.  She didn’t change her voice, or imitate to the T the character like Will Smith and Jamie Foxx.  Anyhoo, back to trollin’!  

  26. says:

    Most of the picks were truely memorable & outstanding (with Oscar wins or nominations) but J-lo & Lohan are not in the same category of quality. How about Oscar WINNERS: George C. Scott as Patton, Sissay Spasik as Loretta Lynn (Coal Minor’s Daughter) or Meryl Streep as Margret Thatcher (Iron Lady) and other Oscar Nominated performance (you missed) like Jessica Lang as Patsy Cline (Sweet Dreams) or Meryl Streep as Julia Childs (Julia/Julie). Your picks were certainly lacking some stellar performances.

    • says:

      Yikes!!! It’s “truly”, not “truely”; “Sissy”, not “Sissay”; “Spacek”, not “Spasik”; “Miner’s”, not “Minor’s”; “Margaret”, not
      “Margret”; “Lange”, not “Lang”; “Child”, not “Childs”; “Julie & Julia”, not “Julia/Julie”.

  27. says:

    Where’s Gary Busey from ‘The Buddy Holly Story’? Or Joaquin Phoenix from ‘Walk The Line’? Lindsay Lohan? Busey’s and Phoenix’s performances were enthralling, captivating and both were nominated for Oscars!!

  28. says:

    Not true…Fishburne could’ve KILLED as Malcolm. Had him & Spike not had beef, I’m certain that role would’ve been his…

  29. says:

    What about Gary Busey in the Buddy Holly Story?

  30. says:

    With all the great movies that weren’t mentioned, why does this list include ones that aren’t even out yet???

  31. says:

    This list was so good, until Lindsay Lohan was included. You can’t say she did a good job until the movie comes out.

  32. says:

    Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in The Doors should have been on this list.

  33. says:

    val kilmer as jim morrison in ‘the doors.’ if you know anything about the doors, kilmer’s portrayal is haunting: looks, singing voice, mannerisms, even his stage presence

  34. says:

    Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaki brought presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser (movie: Nasser 56) and Anwar El Sadat (movie: Ayyam El Sadat), as well as singer Abdel Halim Hafez, all back to life. Google it !

  35. says:

    Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaki did a better job than most of these actors. Brought 3 iconic characters back to life:
    President Gamal Abdel Nasser (movie: Nasser 56)
    President Anwar El Sadat (movie: Ayyam El Sadat)
    Singer Abdel Halim Hafez (movie: Halim)

    GOOGLE him.

  36. says:

    Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison from the movie The Doors, and Robert Downey Jr as Charlie Chaplin in the movie Chaplin should have been on this list!

  37. says:

    Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of Bobby Darin in “Beyond The Sea” should have been mentioned.

  38. says:

    This list could clearly be longer. One film I haven’t seen mentioned yet is Frida; Salma Hayek looked the part and played the hell out of the role.

  39. says:

    Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf?

  40. says:

    Definitely Denzel in Malcolm X. Also Steve Carrey as Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon, and Chris Diamantopolous as Robin Williams in the made for TV biopic.

  41. says:

    Yes, Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf!!! Also, they could make a list of “worst…”, starring Love Hewitt as Audrey Hepburn. She can’t act. Period.

  42. says:

    this left out three! robert downey jr. as charlie chaplin. he was superb and nailed the personality. val kilmer as jim morrison. little known that kilmer did half the singing in that and there were times you could not tell which was which. and finally, george c. scott as patton. another movie where the actor fully captured the man and lost himself in it.

  43. says:

    Oh come on. You put in two movies that didn’t even exist (one of them with Lindsay Lohan, no less) and leave out the likes of Madonna/Evita, Joaquin Phoenix/Johhny Cash, Penelope Cruz/Frida Khalo?

  44. says:

    No John C. Reilly as Dewey Cox? He was flawless! Google both their names, they are identical.

  45. says:

    Those two spaces on your list where Lindsey Lohan and Alicia Keys are could have been filled with Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford, or Robert Downey Jr. as Charlie Chaplin, or Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman, or Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison, or Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash.

  46. says:

    I’m sorry, but michelle williams, yeah she played marilyn monroe ALRIGHT but, nobody, NOBODY tops Marilyn Monroe herself. nobody. ever.

  47. says:

    oh yeah, and LINDSAY LOHAN is not in any world comparable to Elizabeth taylor. no way. they don’t even look alike.

  48. says:

    I’ll say it again.. Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in ‘The Doors’ should have been on this list. When you see Val singing as Jim, that’s VAL ACTUALLY SINGING! Not a voice over, that’s Kilmer’s spot-on imitation of Morrison.
    And Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash was dead on as well..

  49. says:

    Not mentioning Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash, and Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison is an insult!

  50. says:

    Oh, I see now that these are primarily African-American biopics… Still; Phoenix as Cash, and Kilmer as Morisson. Cotillard as Piaf as well.

  51. says:

    Wow, I thought for sure Selma Hayek would have been on this list. Her interpretation of Frida Kahlo was amazing.

  52. says:

    no suprise this article is written by a colored woman.

  53. says:

    You cant be serious i dont think this person has the looks or talent to play a toilet brush huge let down for liz im sure i’d rather see marlon brando play the part

  54. says:

    What about The Last King of Scotland? Or Jared Leto when he portrayed John Lennon’s serial killer?

  55. says:

    Aside from your unbearable ads (really, reloading for every pic in the slideshow?), I’m not sure how much you were paid to throw LL on this list but you left off some amazing performances to bump her up. Val Kilmer, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jessica Lange.. I could keep going..

  56. says:

    For the love of God, get an editor. >_<

  57. says:

    I can’t say I agree with 66% of this list, while it left out a ton of great people. I think the author is black, so instead of picking people who did the best jobs in their roles, they mostly thought about the movies that they feel like they can relate to (black actors) even if they didn’t do such a good job. It’s like how black people will go see the movie Soul Plane even though there are better movies out there, but choices are limited as far as race is concerned.

  58. says:

    There was one problem with Jennifer Lopez, she was prettier than Selina, but she did such an amazing job.

  59. says:

    Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison… How can he not be up there?

  60. says:

    lame list, you left out all the really good ones

  61. says:

    This list is the personification of Stupid.

  62. says:

    Geoffrey Rush as Peter Sellers…

  63. says:

    Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash was perfect.

  64. says:

    “was blessed from Ray himself which attributed to the overall success”

    What is that even supposed to MEAN?

  65. says:

    Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin!

  66. says:

    Yes Yes Yes. I have said it over and over and written to people about it. I believe Alicia Keys is the perfect choice fo a Lena Horne Movie biography.

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