15 Celebs Who Need To STOP Procreating (These Men Need to be Neutered ASAP!)

15 Celebs Who Need To STOP Procreating

Bob Barker used to famously say “Help control the pet population; have your pets spayed or neutered” at the end of every episode of The Price is Right. Perhaps someone should have had that little tidbit applied to the following celebrities who could easily create a starting lineup using their own offspring…

1. Bobby Brown

Landon, La’prinicia, Robert Jr. (“Bobby”), Bobbi Kristina, and baby Cassius…Bobby has a quartet of children.


2. Flavor Flav

TTo date, Flav has seven kids with several different women and wants three more.


3. Diddy

He was already the father of four children when in 2007 Sean Combs took legal responsibility for his fifth child Chance, his daughter with Sarah Chapman.


4. Lil Wayne

Currently Weezy has four children.

5. Eddie Murphy



Eddie has five girls. In addition to his five girls, Murphy also has three boys.


6. Travis Henry

He’s not even 35 yet and has fathered at least eleven children.


7. T.I.

Though he has quite the houseful with four of his own boys and stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins.

8. Mick Jagger

Yes, he’s the king of Rock & Roll but 7 children from 4 different women is totally unacceptable. Gosh!

9. Octomom

She’s not a man but she still has a ton of kids!

10. Mitt Romney


The Republican presidential candidate has 5 boys. Wow!

11. Ginuwine


Between him and wife Sole, Ginuwine has responsible for 8 kids.

12. Brad & Angie


The two actors have a house full—6 to be exact.  And that’s 6 enough.

13. Lauryn Hill


Lauryn Hill has a whole litter of 6.

14. Kris Jenner


The oldest Kardashian femme has 6 kids.  And the world doesn’t need anymore Kardashian-Jenners.

  • christielove

    There is no doubt that these men are super fertile!

    • Trashpale

      Or maybe they don’t wear condoms and don’t pull out either??

      Utter narcissism.

  • Shes77

    Yeah Antonio Cromartie! Terricka is pregnant again this time with twins & she thinks it’s cute!smh

    • nina b.

      She was being sarcastic when she said that…she’s not actually pregnant

  • SMH

    All of flavs kids are lucky they didn’t get his fugleyness.

  • Woobie

    You forgot TI has a daughter of his own too.

  • Neecee401

    Bobby Brown (5 kids), Flavor Flav (7 kids with several women), Diddy (5 kids), Lil Wayne (4 kids, 4 different baby mamas), Eddie Murphy (5 girls, 3 boys), Travis Henry (11 kids.. by 10 different women), T.I. (4 boys and a stepdaughter). You’re Welcome.

  • Bigsmoke1978

    Maybe these broads need to keep their legs closed.  

    • Neecee401

      Maybe these men need to bother to wrap it up and women need to try some birth control. It takes two.

    • Violetrenee1

      Has any of these cats heard of condoms or vasectemy?  THEY are the ones that have to pay the dreaded child support.  The broads you speak of get paid.

    • 12welfayuhbaby

      Now THERE is a NOVEL idea!

  • Sarahholliday35

    T I has a daughter also

  • GoGirl

    Yes you forgot Antonio Cromartie and Shawty Lo.

  • Sookiiee

    you missed one of ti’s kids lol his daughter deijah 

  • Vlong

    To the comment below uhhhhh the pull out method doesn’t work that’s probably why they have some many kids…..Men and Condoms…smh

  • CriticXtreme

    It’s does not  matter who you are, what you look like or if you killed a bus load of misfits. If you have a tumble full of fame, you’re going to have a girl who will bless you with a weight (kid). And you should know by now why they are with you. At least I hope you know. 

  • Sammilu1224

    I’m still mad that you wrote “Somebody needs to Diddy-bop on down to get a vasectomy” LMAO!!!  But Antonio Cromartie should def be on this list and ol Ginuwine too.

  • #1 Should have been the athlete with 10 kids by like 8 women who can’t remember all of his kids’ names. Heck, I can’t even remember HIS name. lol

  • Get it snipped, Diddy, and stop playing house with Kim whenever you please. Well, both of you stop. It’s just plain weird. 

  • Fe

    Ginuwine has a crew to I think he has about 7

  • Playmusicvideos

    This is so wrong. If they do keep procreating and they have more little girls, those girls would look so cute in some little headbands and barrettes from the ribbonvixen online store. You can dress little girls in the cutest little outfits. Too bad I can only dress my dog. 🙁

  • Lavada

    DMX should have been up here and TI does have a biological daughter.

  • Soapboxprincess

    This article is stupid. Most of the men on the list take very good care of their children and some even had most of the kids with their WIFE. Really? 

  • 20-something & unimpressed

    This was truly a dumb commentary. Minus two cases, you wasted your journalistic efforts on individuals who have 4-5 children, but are documented multi-millionaires like Sean Combs who has a very well managed investment portfolio. If he wanted to breed an entire army of little Diddy dirty minions, then so be it – HE. CAN. AFFORD. IT. 

    •  Children need more than money.  I’d rather be poor and have a dad who is actually around than be rich with a dad I never see…

  • Why isn’t El DeBarge on the top of the list! he has at least 15 kids!

  • Wouldn’t You Like To Know

    I thought quartet meant 4,so you mean a quintet right?

  • Mswatitdo

    They left out Tip’s daughter Deja (she is right next to Major in the picture)

  • Michelle Smith

    El Debarge has 13 kids

  • SixRainbows

    This was a rubbish article.  Probably written by someone who is barren or undergoing IVF hence the bitterness.

  • Erend

    T.I. also has a daughter of his own. Not just four sons and that little omg chick!

  • Dollkennedy

    Some of these men need to get married if they are having all these kids.

  • I agree. As long as they can take care of their children, it’s not a problem for me, and they seem to be active fathers, but it’s always something. the media will never stop trying to negativly portrait the Black man

  • Tasacr01

    My personal opinion is that all of these kids were conceived from love.  So if these MEN (who seem to be great fathers) & these WOMEN (Marvelous Mothers) want to have 15 children by 15 different mates, it’s THEIR business.  It’s apparent, they are handling their business as parents….~Blessings~

  • Vivian Leigh

    I would hope that all these posters that are saying it is their business do not ‘slam dunk’ the Dugger family for having 19 children.

  • tookie

    i gots know probems wif dem chudrins but i donts be likin dem madeup namz.

  • spookytooky

    hoo dem peoplz be?

  • tookie


  • C’estlavie

    I do not agree with your statement. For what I have personally seen, a lot of black men have plenty of children with a lot of different women. At least these men have the financial means to support these children, but many others do not. It is irresponsible.

  • wtf

    hey idiots this is a website geared toward black people so all the articles are about black people.

    • it’s not racism, foo’.

      Hear, hear. If people weren’t so desperate to jump on the “racism!!!!” bandwagon, they would have noticed this.

      • Susan Keller

        Dennis Miller says “racism” is the new “doody-head” and I have to agree.

    • Onespeed

      So the african american community is taking Octomom as one of their own?

  • Mari

    Could we find a rich celebrity to marry Octomom? He would instantly have 14 kids and only one wife to support!

  • Large families are a great blessings to the parents. There is no price one can put on the love of children and the many joys that children bring to the parents and grandparents. I would hope that the father loves his children with all his heart and never does anybody harm.

  • Not to mention Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, and Rod Stewart!!!

  • But she left out Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, and Steven Tyler.

  • crocobull

    So whats the fuss when illegal mexicans are streaming across our borders everyday….

    • Yeah, don’t forget they get to claim them and get tax refunds for kids still in Mexico.

  • watson

    Because the white people you mention actualy support their kids !!

    • Guest

      So do the Black fathers who were mentioned.

      Oh, what about John Edwards denying his daughter? Sad.

  • doug

    Black, White or any shade in between…doesn’t matter. The point is, all of these are out of wedlock. It’s an indesputible fact that children raised in a home with two parents are more productive members of society, less likely to commit crimes, and more highly educated. CHILDREN NEED THEIR FATHER IN THE HOME! The fathers who sire with multiple women, and the women who bed them…are selfishly thinking only of themselves. NOT THEIR CHILDREN!

    • kevin kelly

      You are, for the most part, correct. But it’s been shown that children raised in households of gay parents are just as successful. The important factor is love and support given to the children and towards each parent. So, the concept of “mommy” and “daddy” or man and woman, CAN have the occasional exception.

    • Shoeless Joe

      Not all these kids are out of wedlock. Just sayin’.

  • Trust God

    I agree with Goddess, why single out the Black men, at least they can afford to take care of the children. Why should you care how many children these men have, not a dime is coming out of your pocket. Like I always say “racism” is alive and thriving it the U S of A.!!!!!

  • Bromanchu

    How many more illiterates does this world need? Booby Brown is a jag off.

  • Alex

    The oldest is not Diddy’s biological child. His biological father is Al B. Sure.

  • j a smith

    Who and where did you get your information? Are you privy to some data that the rest of America doesn’t have? I’m black and wasn’t born out of wedlock and had both parents well into my adulthood (I’m 61). I really take exception and find your comment insulting. 75% of all black children are NOT born without the benefit of their parents being married. Perhaps you are comparing the celebs who happen to be black, proceating and having multiple children and aren’t married to the mothers as representative of the entire black community. You couldn’t be more wrong! Before you give statistics, you need to do some heavy duty research to obtain the correct information.

    • Mike71

      The Government released a report back in April of this year which had stated that “About 80% of first children born to black women were outside of marriage”. Anyone can find numerous articles on this simply by Goggling that exact statement. I would say you should do some simple research of your own as apparently Dirtydog1776 has…

    • Tommyboy

      He said 75% stupid.

    • Whaaah…the truth hurts huh.

      • kevin kelly

        actually, it’s not the TRUTH that hurts; it’s the lack of love and commitment plus the disrespect being shown to the state of marriage.

    • JeannieMarie2

      “Feb 21, 2012 … The Number Of Babies Born Out Of Wedlock In The US Is Soaring … races: 29 percent of white children are born to unmarried women, 53 percent of Latinos and 73 percent of black children. … This is sad on so many levels.”

      You probably didn’t wear your pants around your knees, either, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening today. One of the reasons there are so many children born out of wedlock is because the government “rewards” the birth mothers with money and other freebies. They do nothing to encourage the institution of marriage.

      • Deborah Cox

        I don’t think mom and dad need to be married to be good parents, but it really is important that BOTH parents are always there. Just paying child support doesn’t make it.

        Probably government assistance encourages SOME women to have more kids, but it’s not exactly a luxurious lifestyle. I think religion is just as big an encouragement, particularly in the Latino communities and white evangelical churches. If the churches aren’t going to preach personal responsibility and what’s best for the children, maybe those churches should step up and at least help support the kids.

        • wbischo

          Marriage is a ”religious” rite, and also a legal ”requirement” for some of life’s ”rights”. Many members of our Church’s congregations are single, and are not encouraged to get married before ”procreating”. That was once the norm. , now it is the exception.

          • 5kidsofmyown

            What church do you attend? I’ve never been to any christian church of ANY denom that promotes out of wedlock “baby making”. maybe you are making an assumption? i’m pretty sure you haven’t visited every church in your state, or probably even your town for that matter to find out their stance on this issue.

    • to j a smith–You’re right!! 85% of black children are born out of wedlock.

      • whytdragonfly

        I don’t know where you got your infomation. What statistics dont tell you… many of those parents get married. Just like Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolie are going to do after having 3 children out of wedlock. Since so many celebrities have children before marriage, many others think it is okay to have a child before marriage.

        • kevin kelly

          Yeah? what about the more than 50% of marriages that end in divorce? Marriage has nothing to do with the quality of parenting, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that marriage is usually not based on love; there are ulterior motives.

          • whytdragonfly

            @Kevin K. If people are willing to marry, let them. They shouldn’t NOT get married just because they may not be successful.

  • ruby

    It is not the quantity but the quality of the parenting that should be mentioned. like Will Smith only has a few kids but they are very bizarre and disrespectful.
    If you never hear about stars kids in the news with arrests or tantrum throwing, who cares how many they have? This article mentions mostly black people so unfair, you throw in Jagger and Octomom (a female) just to make it balanced?

  • A majority of Brad and Angelina’s children are adopted and some of them are black and asian. Agree Mel Gibson should STOP having children-he’s CRAZY.

  • Stonesfan

    Last time I checked Mick Jagger is not black!

  • stonesfan

    Mick Jagger is white

  • KBritt

    They did it in wedlock!

  • KBritt

    We need natural
    parents to be adults/custodians, not grandparents who

    faIled the first time around.

    Men need to step up
    and women need to keep their legs together until they can take care of their

    Absent or bad
    parenting should be criminalized.

    Medicaid, WIC and food
    stamp money should be cut down and the savings spent on shackling the parents
    of children to their responsibilities.

    I would take any child support violator and
    put a tracking devise on them. Knowing that frequently another person is at
    fault. I would also make unannounced home visits WEEKLY!

    Monthly visits should
    be made to those getting subsidized school food. It is not about starving
    children. It is about parents doing their job. If folks have TVs, Microwaves,
    and cell phones, the free lunch thing is societal burglary!

    It is not just the
    cost of underwriting irresponsible procreation!! It is about protecting the
    children and ending the cycle of idiot/Neanderthals socializing their offspring
    to think this lifestyle is normal!!


    • Grammie

      Don’t go blaming the grandparents for the way their adult children behave. I’m so sick of this passing the buck. They are adults..they make their own choices.

      • whytdragonfly

        But Grammie, who else can be blamed if they grew up in the house with both parents, who were married? From whom did they learn their behavior?

    • You’re right. Women should open their mouths to stop excess pregnancies.

  • 4usall

    Maybe they should do what Donald Trump did and marry the babies moms then divorce them after a few years. How about Clint Eastwood, Keven Costner, Mick Jagger, Oscar De La Hoya All these guys were nothing compared to Bringham Young who fathered 16 children by 55 wives. Marry the women then divorce them so you won’t make this list or become Mormon. These guys could always move to Tennessee in Hamilton county where almost all the children are born out of wedlock. Surely not Elvis home town.

  • Onespeed

    I dont know what Octomom is, but she is not black…I dont think…

  • Tommyboy

    I agree, cut off their nuts, and put a cork up the ho.

  • guest

    how about good old white boy Rod Stewart? He’s got like thousands of kids all from a string of different 20 year old bimbos. there’s also bruce jenner. he’s got 10 kids: 2 from 1 lady, 2 from linda thomas, 4 step kids from kris kardashian & robert kardashian and 2 from his & kris marriage. don’t make it a race thing, make it a man thing.

  • KL

    LOL, I caught that, too. How stupid!

  • KL

    and bahamianempress99 is not writing professionally, either. She’s on a comment board.

  • It’s ALL y’all “do”.

  • Bwaaah-Ha-HAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

  • barefoot social worker

    How did you leave out Kevin Federline? Five children by three women, and he shows no sign of stopping (or losing weight).

  • opinionated

    True or not — no one has the right to say any human being should be neutered like a animal. The most important thing is that these men are supporting the children financially and emotionally. As long as that happens 1- 5-10-20, what business is it of ours?

  • me

    You’re is the only thing you can find wrong with this post? How about y’all should be you all, gonna should be going to and cuz should be because.

  • Bill

    Ok, why has T.O., not even 2 years removed from his football career, gone back to court to have his child care payments reduced? It is most definitively a black thing and the sooner people admit it, the sooner it can be fixed.

  • PhotoGirl

    Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll…not this guy. Forget about the children.

  • The responsibility has to lie with these men who either were not taught and surely will not teach their children. Where does it end for the only sure thing is that it will continue to grow exponentially because you can most likely wager that the children of each of these will do the same and the number grows. As for the comment about those on the right not wanting to pay benefits to these kids. What I perceive the people on the right wanting is for the people responsible to handle their own affairs and take care of their own kids.

    It should not be the responsibility of everyone else to pay for the rampant, willful acts of people that don’t care how many kids they conceive. These are people that are just out for self satisfaction and just happen to make kids in the process for they only are concerned about their own satisfaction never mind what it does to society or others.

    WHY should people that are careful and prudent be punished for those who willfully are not. Somewhere along the line these who do such should be held to accountability and accept responsibility for what they have done. At least most of those cited in this article can afford to pay for their kids and afford that responsibility, if they will take it, but for each one that does take responsibility there are most likely a hundred that don’t and continue to create more kids. I don’t know if it’s a lack of morals being instilled as children or what but one thing is for sure and that is that it’s getting worse and not better.

  • It is sad. Bill Cosby saw the same problem and attempted to get the message across to other black men. Doesn’t though matter if it’s black, white, or whoever whichever group of people are involved it’s their own responsibility to teach and mentor the younger members of their own group.

  • rofl, no self control.

  • mr.d

    you need to stfu.you dont know what the hell you are talking about….idiot

  • If these celebrates can afford the children I say leave them alone – these people make great money and some of their children will go on to be as famous as they were – talented etc.

    • Viper75

      And then tell us and lobby legislators to pass laws on our behalf. Live Green! Do this. Do that. Save the planet!
      -no thanks-

  • PPMStudios

    Mick Jagger the “king of Rock and Roll”? No he isn’t. Elvis is the King!!

    • noob

      In order to be the king, you must be alive. The position is transferred to the successor upon death.

  • chaos

    seriously, who are you to decide how many kids someone should have?

    • Viper75

      No one yet! That is the point. These baboons are idiots by their own free will.

  • Maharishi of Mayhem

    Just doing what Baboons do.

  • Logo4245

    All of the children in the photo look happy, healthy and loved. What’s the point?

  • Procreate RESPONSIBLY, –NOT ramdonly.

    • ADL

      Eddie Murphy was married to his wife when they had five children. His last child was with Mel (?) and they were also briefly married! How is that irresponsible?

  • Only some of these are “bad”.

    And a quartet is four, not five.

  • Tom

    What a stupid article. First, if they are not on the government dole, whose business is it how many kids they have. I thought I was going to see examples of people who have alot of kids and treat them poorly, so therefore, they should stop. Secondly, Brad and Jolie didn’t PROCREATE, they adopted unwanted children and gave them a home they did not have. So Mitt was in there, why, because you don’t like his politics? What a cheap shot. Sounds like it was written by a frustrated feminist who is jealous that people have happy families. Screw you.

  • jan

    second the motion

  • gwrbush1313

    Notice all they are all Black have to show they be a man

  • CinemaGoddess

    And yet, these celebs still have NOTHING on my ex’s father: 14 children from 13 different mothers. And the two who have the same mother are twins!!!


  • Maybe Drew Carey could say “Have your celebrities spayed or neutered” at the end of each new “The Price is Right!” 🙂

    • jill

      nya ha ha ha

    • Meow

      They wouldn’t need to be neutered if all those idiot chicks would just stop sleeping with them.

  • whytdragonfly

    Most of them. Not the ones jailed, or nearly jailed for child-support.

  • whytdragonfly

    Your jealousy is showing. LOL

  • whytdragonfly

    So glad someone else noticed that.

  • gself

    Take Brad and Angie off because they adopted a few kids, and replace them with that 20 kids and counting family (I’m not sure if it’s 20 kids they might be up to 24 by now)

    • Bj

      Why they completely support the family and are completely debt free. You are just complaining because they are christians anddebt free.. Bigot

  • Boom

    This article is ridiculous. Since when is 4 or 5 kids too many? And judging from the family photos, most of this list is at least supporting and raising their kids, which is better than a lot of parents out there.

  • So

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Jagger would have had more kids but Bowie couldn’t give birth.

  • kevin kelly

    Where did you come up with THAT logic?

  • Serenity

    87% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

    • ironiclad

      No, that’s the really sad thing of it. Forty percent of children born in the US today are out of wedlock. For blacks and Hispanics, it’s closer to 65% – not 75%. That’s still stunning. Google it if you need to document.

    • What about the other 13% then?

    • Amber Ellis

      HA!!! Love it

  • DaPhuq

    Brad and Angelina need to stop ADOPTING kids. It is ruining their lives.

  • pfk1448

    What the hell is Ryan Seacrest doing in the Kardashian pic…..did I miss something

  • yarply12

    Those celeb wives need to be sterilized.

  • yarply12

    All feminist liberals should be sterilized.

    • Fremon

      Why? Feminist liberals would at least raise the IQs of the nation with children. It is the Tea baggers and religious right that should have neutered women. The world and especially the US do not need anymore crazies. We have enough and most if not all are Republicans.

      • Turd

        Bullshit. We’re the only ones who can save the world from statism. The leftists are the crazy ones.

        • gma1951

          You got that right! It amazes me how dumb liberals can be when this country is going to hell in a hand basket under its current “ruler” and they still can’t see it. Going to take a long time to get out of the mess he’s got us in.

  • susieque44

    it is very very ridiculous to have 5 or 6 kids with probably 5 or 6 women … esp when you are an addict or alkey … disgusting … and those 5 or 6 have 5 or 6 … breeding war with the palestians ??? nice … disgusting just disgusting

  • Pay your own way

    WRONG! The men who should have forced vasectomies (and their irrsponsible “baby mommas” are people who are on any form of welfare; at least these celebs can and apparently DO support their kids financially and emotionally. The killer profiled on “48 Hours” last week and the guy sent to jail in Memphis last week with 12 and 31 illegitimate kids, those are the ones who should not be allowed to behave in this totally irresponsible manner. Those poor kids will have a really hard time growing up with such crappy fathers!

    • brooke

      And the women who have their children so willingly should have their tubes tied.

  • Mom of Three

    The only person that really needs neutrng is the writer of this article Stupidity is incurable, and all too often passed on to the next generation.

  • liberals_suck

    I love how whoever put this list together didn’t have the guts to show their name. Obviously a flaming liberal idiot!

  • Thor

    Comparing Romney with these scumbag ghetto monkeys is totally inappropriate. Romney’s kids will be well cared for and grow up to become well disciplined, responsible professionals. The others will grow up to be worthless trash, just like their parents.

  • Ed R

    So what is the point of this list? Ten of the fourteen men listed are of color – so is it that they should stop having children? Is it that children should not be born out of wedlock with multiple women? If so, then what is the point of listing Mitt and Ann Romney or Pitt and Jolie? Is it that children should not be born into poverty? None of these families face that problem. My take is that the author despises children in large numbers. Stupid article.

    • Nero

      Poor people should reproduce freely too, No double standards!

      • Brosef

        It’s not a double standard, it’s just practicality. Poor people shouldn’t have a lot of kids because kids are expensive.

      • theblueknight

        Yeah, good idea there Nero the rocket scientist. Have people reproduce who don’t have the means to even take care of themselves. You’re no doubt a liberal with those stupid sentiments.

        • Mark

          Excellent statement and I agree with. If you can’t afford to have children, DON’T. If you do, I’ll just end up supporting them later, either through welfare or the judicial system. The target audience for most of these celebrities see that having litters of children out of wedlock is okay and perfectly normal. Maybe in some 3rd world country where no one gives a crap but here, where I have to pay for it via increased taxes. Stop breeding…

        • I think nero was being snide.

      • Laura

        Only if they can pay for them–not rely on government assistance!

  • First of all, the article named five kids and then called them a “quartet.” FOUR is a quartet.

    Secondly, I highly doubt that it would be seen as REMOTELY acceptable to suggest that particular women needed to be “spayed.” I can hear the cries of “sexism” and “misogyny” now.

    And finally, you don’t get to decide how many kids is too many. You might comment on how a person should stop having children if those that they have are neglected, abused, or otherwise deprived. But if a person has fifteen children and manages to provide adequately for their needs, then I don’t see how it’s any of your business if they decide to make it sixteen. For some people, one kid is too many. Some can handle two dozen.

    I expected this article to be about famous deadbeat fathers, not famous family men who happened to be raising more than the average 2.5 children. Get a life.

    • Turd


    • Nero

      World Resources < 7Billion+ People

      • OBloodyHell

        }}}}}} World Resources < 7Billion+ People
        The earth EASILY has the resources to support many, many times the current number. Estimates go as high as 1 trillion.

        Not saying that's an ideal goal, it wouldn't be a particularly "free" life. But the idea that we're in any kind of trouble just shows how cluelessly you've bought into the Green Koolaid.

        I am, however, with Elise, this is more a criticism of people with large families that they can support just fine. The Octomom is the first one that actually has no business having that many kids. I stopped reading about that time.

        I do take odds with her on the spay/neuter thing. If a man has 2 kids he's not supporting, then chop his own little twin bastards off. So no, I have no problem with suggesting someone cut off her ability to have children at one batch of eight. Someone should have done it for her at menarche.

        • a name

          Then why is it that the very first thing every single scholar mentions when discussing ANY global problem is the growing global population?

          • mamafirst

            Because the current education system’s “scholars” are all Godless. We CAN be better stewards over the earth, but there is plenty of room and resources if we all act reponsibly.

          • I totally agree with you. But lets be honest, how many of us do you think would actually act responsibly. If we were responsible, a lot of things would be different.

          • hey mama – I am dumbstruck at how uninformed and ignorant your post is – do you ever leave the house?!

        • DD

          Yea, tell the starving people that. Fact is unless people want to go back to living like the stone age this planet could use a good depopulation.

          • What? Because you say you’re a farmer makes you an expert on food production, resource availability and sustainability? As an eighth generation farmer, I can assure you that is hogwash. The land cannot easily just be fertilized and produce food. Anyone that went through the dust bowl years could tell you that. Crops alone will not support the 350 billion people you say the earth could support, let alone the 7 billion we have as is evident now. The drought has proven that with the prices skyrocketing as the resources dwindle.

          • HA

            How about if we start the “depopulation” with you?
            The world would be a better place without the pious pronunciations of hypocrites like you, and leave more room for the rest of us.

        • NoFaithInHumanity

          You clearly are not a scientist, nor do you have even a rudimentary education in science or math! The planet ALREADY doesn’t have the resources to feed the current population. Until you’ve studied climatology, statistics, or any other relevant subject, just bugger off.

        • Dum Dude

          Green Kool-Aid isn’t that good. I like red.

          • They actually didn’t drink Kool-Aid at Jonestown, they drank flav-or-aide. But I’m splitting hairs I guess.

    • Thomas


      • ironiclad

        Whatever? The kids of most of these dudes have moms who are single. Unwed moms usually end up poor. Their babies’ dads are usually uneducated and the types who go to jail, go broke – or both. Taxpayers get to support moms and kids.

        • yes, i agree with you… except for the last statement.. TAXPAYERS get to support the moms and the kids… hmmm… it seems you regret it….me… i am happy for it that we could be of help to them…..

          • cavpilot67

            you must be one of those that is convinced that the government has a hidden pot of money that they dig into. while I am happy to give to the charities (plural) of my choice, feeding other people and their kids because they are too stupid/selfish to keep their legs together or consider filling out welfare forms and standing in line for free cheese a full time job do not qualify for that.

          • Amber Ellis

            Granted, there are people on welfare that are lazy and SHOULD NOT BE ON IT. But I just wanted to comment because you seem to be saying that EVERYONE on welfare is stupid and they don’t want to work. Have you ever heard of lay-offs? People losing jobs? In those instances, is the person still STUPID?

          • cavpilot67

            my reply was to Louie
            and no, I have been one of those who had the misfortune of being on government assistance for 5 weeks (and I wasn’t even eligible for the first 12 weeks after I lost my job because I had been prudent and had too much money in savings). So I do not feel that everyone on government assistance is stupid. I was lucky enough to find a new job before our finances became desperate.
            I take great umbrage to the idea that I should feel “privileged” because I have a job and “get to” pay the expenses of those that don’t. I don’t mind “helping” but when that “help” comes with a multi-generational commitment, It tells me that it is the taxpayer that is “stupid” for being willing to work to pay the living expenses, and dare I say, luxuries of those that don’t.
            and by the way. I compliment you on raising your family. I am the oldest of 7 boys. My wife and I would have had more than the 5 children we had if medical issues had not prevented it. And now we are enjoying our first two grand children, even though all of our kids are currently in college or grad school.

    • well.. it seems your reasoning are based on yourself, and yourself, and more of yourself madam… we need to curve the population, not just our family… and beside, the comfortable zone to manage any number of people is eight…. more than that would be a headache even for a headmaster…..anyway, we are five children… we are poor, yet we are happy… and my dad and mom dont regret having us …. they dont believe in family control, for them, we are GOD’S GIFT…

      • NoFaithInHumanity

        You can be “God’s” gift when you’re not being raised on government assistance buddy.

      • Dum Dude

        I think you mean ‘curb’ the population.

    • theblueknight

      These ghetto rats can at least afford their children. It’s the ghetto rats on welfare who have a dozen kids and expect the taxpayer to support them that I have an issue with. And that’s far too common in our culture.

      • Ms. Susan

        You call him a pig why??????? Cause he is sick of working to support the welfare rats?????????

      • Dum Dude

        Yeah. Not all people in the ghetto are of one race. And you don’t know what race Scott Young is either. Maybe he’s referring to people of his own race.

      • Why is everyone in this article black if it isn’t rascism! Where are the other races of people that SHOULD NOT REPRODUCE! I am sure there is a lot of them they are such hateful people!

        • No not really! it would just educate other nationally that their is baby makers in All not just some in other race /cultures as well!

    • Dum Dude

      You’re dumb. There are too many people in the world as it is. So when we quadruple the size of our family, it’s ridiculous. It was different a hundred years ago when half your kids would die before they were two, but now nearly all kids in the US live much longer. And I apologize for calling you dumb. I’m sure you speak just fine.

    • Rascalflattsgirl

      Awesome comment! Good for you.

    • Agree totally. Most of the people they mentioned in the article are muti millionaires and from what the public can see are responsible fathers and parents… referring to children as “litters” or women needing to be spayed..i mean wth…

      • They are saying this because this a subtle form of rascist to EXTERMINATE ALL BLACK PEOPLE! RASCISM at it’s BEST!

        • Kathy

          Regina, the world sees racism where there is none, and it honestly diminishes our ability to end true racism. Unfortunately there are those that see any woman that has over her 2.5 children as producing a litter. I have heard this kind of idiocy before myself. FYI, I’m a mother of 7 and white. So moronic as this article is, and as ignorant the author is, this is not racism.

          • “White Liberals are the most racist
            people there are, because they put all black people in a box, and
            insist they all think one way—and if they don’t, they attack them,
            and call them illegitimate, all the while denying their policies are
            destroying black people.” – Dr. Ben Carson

        • flymetothemoo

          It’s not the author’s fault that rappers tend to breed at an alarming rate. And what color are the religious morons like the Duggar family (who have 19 kids!)

    • Scruffy Nerfherder

      Actually, the article seems to address people, mainly men, who go about (seemingly) procreating haphazardly, with more than one person. While I am not the least bit mired in the myopic mindset of the traditional marriage, it is undeniable that such familial instability, as is presented here, is not physiologically healthy for the children involved.

      Jagger had long ”admired” McKenzie Phillips ever since she was 14. On the day of her 18th birthday, her father found she and Jagger in bed together – stellar dad, on both counts, there!

      Elise, as with most people who can’t see the forest for the trees, you allow your personal feelings to cloud your judgment to the crux of the issue(s) so plainly laid before you: It’s not the least bit about animalizing women, or people, but about the fact that there simply are a number of people who absolutely fail at fulfilling a positive paternal role and should not be allowed to perpetuate their progeny on the world. It’s a fact: The apple never falls far from the tree.

    • Thank U I concur! and Y does it appear that other nationally can populate but not the darker nation of ppl. we’ve been killed, died off and more. We suppose to be fruitful and multiply if your being responsible these men apparently are! BLK. men

    • I agree with your comment. It seems that today those that have specific jobs like writers, teachers and sometimes doctors have the right to criticize what a person does or does not do simply because it does not fall within their beliefs. These gives them the right to label people. Or to impose their beliefs and their behavior on others. What makes the world so beautiful is that we are all individuals that come with their own beliefs their own culture and their own creativity. If we were all cut out of the same mold it would be a sad sad world. I do agree with you though that if they cannot take care of their children or if they abuse them they should not have the privilege of having them, but then again life is very unfair. We have coulples that would love their kids to death that cannot have any and then we have those that could not care less for their children that have them.

    • I second all of that Elise, as long as ALL the kids are cared for, who cares how many kids they have. I didn’t go through the list, but all the people I saw are millionaires and can afford it…more power to them.

  • Mitt Romney? Seriously? He’s a grandfather. His kids are all successful adults.

    • Why? Because this is a typical liberal rag and needed to take a shot at the leading Republican.

      • Jameel Rahman

        The overwhelmingly positive response to yarply12’s comment should put to rest any misconception that this is a “liberal rag”. 10 of the 14 people singled out for criticism are black men, not the sort of people a “liberal rag” goes after.

        This entire list is in stunningly poor taste, and transcends “liberal” or “conservative”. Agree with them or not, all of the men listed in this article have stepped up to their duties as fathers.

        • Amber Ellis

          I don’t think that this article has ANYTHING to do with a man (or woman) being black, white, red, pink or purple has a DANG thing to do with ANYTHING! It’s the people COMMENTING that are trying to turn it into a black/white thing… WHY are we still doing this??? It’s 2012 people.

      • OBloodyHell

        Unlike liberals, conservatives do actually pay attention to the positions of the opposition so they can fisk them to death, rather than trying to shut them up by shouting them down or censoring them.

        Now go look up the word “fisk”.

        • MAL

          The term fisking is blogosphere slang describing a point-by-point criticism that highlights perceived errors, or disputes the analysis in a statement, article, or essay.[1]
          Eric S. Raymond, in the Jargon File, defined the term as:
          A point-by-point refutation of a blog entry or (especially) news story. A really stylish fisking is witty, logical, sarcastic and ruthlessly factual; flaming or handwaving is considered poor form.[2]

      • MamaOfTwo

        Look, I’m a liberal and I don’t agree with many of Mitt Romney’s policies. However, he is a family man and has raised five good boys. Why on Earth should we pick on that? I chose to only have two children – my choice. But many of my friends have chosen to have three, four, or even five children and they love them all and provide for all of them. Leave people’s family choices alone. This is not a liberal or a conservative issue – it’s a family issue and just about everyone is in favor of family.

      • theblueknight

        Agree. People is a Hollywood rag devoted to ongoing liberalism like most of Hollywood. Mitt Romney can afford to support his family which is more than I can say for the ghetto rat population in this country spitting out countless children while living on welfare.

    • ironiclad

      Romney is educated and very financially stable, as are his children. The men pictured here have and will make fortunes. Some of them are already on the skids. What happens to their women and kids? This is simply poor judgment – but not a surprise.

      • Patriot Lady

        It’s a wonderful thing for 2 great parents to have children. They make strong families and raise good children who contribute to society. These idiots who never marry but just have children with 1 woman after the next raise children who have a negative impact on our world. How many of this people truly support their kids and are actually involved in their lives as a real parent. The Romney family is an example of a good family with good values. They are a success in every way.

        • Brandy

          If you consider corporate greed a good value to have.

          • Amber Ellis

            Thank you Brandy! Why on EARTH some people refuse to see the Snake that Romney is! GREED! (This has NOTHING to do with his kids! BTW… Before you all start attacking!)

  • AF Flyr

    Last time I checked, Mitt Romney and Brad Pitt are white and Octomom is a white female. Please stop throwing the race card out there and look at the facts….or head to Wal-Mart on the first of the month.

    • Amber Ellis

      Seriously! WHY is EVERTHING that has NOTHING t do with race ALWAYS turned into SOMETHING TO DO WITH RACE! Let’s DROP the freakin RACE card now, people! Jeez!

  • chuck

    It doesn’t matter whether the kids are from wealthy or poor parents, doting or neglectful. The population of the earth is over 7 billion now and growing at an increasing rate. We are using up too many resources, too fast. At this rate, the earth will not be able to sustain the human race in the near future. When it’s gone, that’s the end. Irresponsible propagation can’t be tolerated. Just because you can do a thing, doesn’t mean you should do it!!!

  • Generalist

    You need to look through all fifteen. Mitt Romney and Mick Jagger aren’t exactly what I would call black. And what is wrong with having a large family, especially if you keep the offspring within a single marriage or even sequential marriages? (It is the one man having kids with multiple women, all out of wedlock, that gets to be a problem.)

  • Well, how very one sided, biased and discrimanatory of this author. I notice all the people listed here are black and of other ethnic and cultural groups. The article also strongly sends the message people who are not in a married relationship should not have children together. It is very judgmental and biased. Styleblazer is making a judgmental remark about these celebrities based not on the amount of children they have, but rather on the following: Their race, marital status, serial versus monogamous relationships, religious and political affiliations. Shame on the editor for allowing this article to be posted.

    All the men and women in the list earn income enough to be able to support their offsprings. I checked the entire list and did not see that “famous” family from the TV show “19 and counting”. I suppose this is because this couple is the right religion, color, race and are in a married relationship. Off course, for them to be able to support all 19 of their offsprings, they have to parade them in front of the TV cameras.

  • I am White, was raised with 5 siblings with 2 parents good for me right. MY take on this is, If these kids are financially all taken care of and they have the support and love of their fathers, What is wrong with that??.. The Lord said to Adam and Eve, Go forth be fruitful and multiply. I have not seen any of these kids named in the news as being trouble makers and they all seem to be happy in the pics. Sorry I am not for this type of article. Now if they want to report on deadbeat dads who father kids and leave them wards of the state then you have an article otherwise, this is pointless to even bring up.

  • Where’s Michelle Duggar?? (21 Kids and Counting)

  • A quartet is 4. I count five kids.

  • Issa

    Well as long as they’re supporting their children and treating them right, I think this article’s considered a waste of time! It’s their choice to have a lot of kids, as long as they’re willing to take up the responsibilities, unlike most other parents out there.

  • katenkids

    Everyone is right – stupid article! Waste of time reading it! Never again!

  • Jackie

    This has got to be the most the MOST reprehensible thing concerning human beings I’ve ever laid eyes on. I didn’t know there was a law against procreation. No one has the right or moral authority to tell another human being they should STOP procreating. And to refer to Lauryn Hill’s children as a “litter” absolutely despicable.

    • jillannemarie

      Not reprehensible at all. These men impregnate women and move on. Maybe they marry the women, maybe not. The kids are the ones that end up with an absentee dad, so no, the article is right on. The behavior is what is reprehensible. Look at Eddie Murphy who has at least 7 kids by assorted women. Get real. He needs to grow up and get that thing neuterized!

    • levinegirl

      I have the right to tell someone to stop procreating!! If they cant take of the children and expect someone else to do it, hell yeah they shouldn’t have anymore!! I know someone with SIX children and the oldest 2 are being raised by the grandparents. How is that acceptable? If you cant afford the first ones you have, you damn for sure SHOULD NOT have anymore!

  • DonHarvey52806

    This company should be ashamed of them selves

  • us_of_a

    derrick thomas (decieced football PLAYER) had so many they started a school for all of them in KCMO. notice his title (player)…all my babies mommas’ started a club

  • Myopinionismyopinion

    The number of children is not as important as taking responsibility for their kids. In this day and age where some parents abandon their own kids, we should leave these guys alone as long as they take responsibility for their children. It’s obvious they are owning it. If not, the mothers of these children in the article should go after them for child support. Otherwise, leave them alone!

  • mylife

    I say neuter time for this one

  • mylife

    who the heck is traveis nevery heard of him obviously an idoit having that many cen

  • us_of_a

    so your ability to choose a lifetime spouse sucks……boo hoo….you spread ’em to wed ‘um, you got what you wanted,apparently your’e just not woman enough to keep him

  • mylife

    who is travis?????? oh never mind just someone who has children by baby momas

  • Eugenics anyone? OR Misanthropy

  • RavenHoney

    I kind of don’t get the point of this article. As long as the dads acknowledge their kids, spend time with them and support them financially, what is the big deal? Yeah, I get it that some of them have multiple kids from multiple women and that in and of itself is maybe not a good thing, but you are going after intact families as well. I don’t get it.

  • Derek New-Peurasaari

    I find it quite disturbing that the author of this article has the audacity to even state in the captions that the concept of having multiple children by different women is “unacceptable”.

  • marlou

    … and the top 7 are all blacks… geeshh……

  • Confused

    I thought Octomom was a woman.

  • Dazed

    And yet Mitt Romney manages to maintain a pristine hairdo. Amazing.

  • Confused

    I also thought Lauryn Hill was a woman. I am terribly confused now.

  • Nuh Uh

    You have GOT to add DMX to this list!!!

  • The ONLY one I can agree with is octomom but she’s NOT A CELEBRITY!

  • Jeffrey Fields

    Nadya Suleman is a celebrity? Fail!

  • beyondliberal

    Where are those rabbits, the Duggars?

  • poototoy

    Ever heard of our late King of Comedy – Dolphy? He has 18 kids from several women.. yet he was able to raise them all successfully

  • observer123

    I am surprised that the Duggars didn’t make this list. 19 kids and counting… that is just crazy.

  • NorthernWhiskey

    If they support them, why do you care?

  • squashmom

    flavs kids dont look happy-their eyes tell tew story….

  • dumponchest

    soooooo basically neuter the blacks and romney? the octomom doesnt count because shes not a man, brad and angelina adopted most and kris jenners kids arent all his soo basically neuter black people? why would a black woman make this public.

  • cliffcummings

    Octomom – aka – Welfare mom – no argument here.
    Most of the others I don’t know enough to know if they are providing for their children (I suspect they are), so hard to make the argument.
    Angelina and Brad adopted most of their kids from destitute circumstances and are trying to give them a loving home. Bad call!
    Romney’s – best I can figure is you just don’t like Republicans because the Romney’s have been married to each other for 40+ years, raised each son in a loving home, put them through college and each seems to be an asset to society.
    For adding these last two families to your list, I would argue that your parents should have practiced better birth control.

  • Wednesday

    Anyone notice how the first seven candidates are black men??? Thank you, LBJ and your Great Society. The worst thing to ever happen to the black family.

  • Steven

    Why aren’t the Duggar’s on this list, if having so many kids is offensive to the author of this?

  • Dave

    I agree that this is a stupid article. Pointing out Mitt Romney-well, you might as well blame the LDS church, which is one of several faiths that encourage it’s members to procreate. Why are the Duggar’s not on the list for trying to singlehandedly populate their own church. And why are Pitt and Jolie included? I didn’t know that adopting 3rd world children counted against the parents for being unable to keep pants zipped.

  • Mommi

    The parents of the person who wrote this article should have been sterilized, even if they only had one child, it was one too many.

  • CTMotownGirl

    Eddie Murphy takes care of his kids, emotionally and financially. If you don’t support your kids in both ways, THAT is when you need to quit. The octo-mom is COMPLETELY different. She has NO father for her children and NO income. HUGE difference!

  • xyxo lovo

    Philippine actor Ramon Revilla has 76 kids from several women.

  • Sammy

    As long as people don’t get government aid of any sort, the number of children they have is no one’s business. With the exception of Octomom, I would guess that none of these “families” qualify for food stamps, Medicaid, tuition assistance, etc. Octomom, on the other hand, has received financial assistance and now is resorting to “stripping” to earn money. She is a disgrace.

  • I think this would have been fun if it were labeled “Which Celeb Dad is winning the baby race?” Instead of a little fun fluff it just seems inappropriate.

  • A fan of large families

    Seriously? This author is clearly against large families. If I think a man should stop producing children, it’s because he can’t or won’t take care of them financially, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes, yes, a large family may LOOK extreme, but there are MANY good reasons that they happen. What if, like somebody I know, the wife cannot take birth control for medical reasons, and has developed a latex allergy? No pills, no condoms. No abortion for religious and ethical reasons. And they are young, so they don’t want to take a permanent step. If they end up with 10 kids should they be condemned? Sheesh. And yes, I think is a ‘liberal rag’ even though the majority of the men listed are African American. I think the author just googled large celebrity families to compile this list. Reason for thinking it’s liberal? The anti-Romney ad wallpaper as I flipped through the slideshow. And even a conservative person can read a liberal page.

  • Plantamura Marie

    It is obvious that this writer doesn’t like people of color. We all love large families. Thats why we all watched the Waltons, the Brady Bunch and alike.

  • In the grand sceme of things, the statistics show that the average American couple has 2-3 kids, while most foreign couples have 5-8. leave these guys alone if they can feed them let
    them have as many as they want….

  • simply disgusted

    oh yea, how many pups did your mom spit out? I wonder if you realize how ignorant you sound with all of your inaccurate references. You should read more and write a whole lot less.

  • cece

    Dennis Rodman’s father has 28 kids with 18 different women…Top that!!!!!

  • Meg

    Ahem….The Duggars??

  • By media design…..
    to keep the mainstream population distracted from the real issues like fighting wars, social injustices, and increasing income gaps..

  • Sunshine

    All Black??? I think it has to do with values….some cultures simply abort babies…others choose to keep them. Go figure…

  • Here is the deal idiots in case you don’t know Bruce can’t reproduce and Chris is at menopause stage.. Jesus whoever came up with this article is pathetic….least these people can afford their children unlike half of the world!!!! Smh

  • I don’t understand why multimillionaires like Brad and Angelina, and Mitt Romney , and Eddie Murphy are included on this list. Brad and Angelina have only 3 biological children and they have taken on 3 unwanted children. Their net social impact seems to me to be very positive. The only person I agree needs to stop procreating is the Octomom who is single, has no money, apparently no marketable skills and whose 14 children will be a drag on society for years to come, the handicapped ones will likely have to be taxpayer supported their entire lives. I don’t see the point of this article. When you see all of the millions of women who have children with men who provide zero support, it is not at all surprising to me that there is no shortage of women who want to have children with men who are millionaires.

  • ironiclad

    Let’s see … other than attracting fertile women, what do all these “gentlemen” have in common? Yes, I bet you knew that before their identites were revealed. In a couple of years, about half of them will be broke.

  • Dee

    why are the Duggars not inccluded in this list? 19 or 20 and still counting. I would love to know what his job pays.

  • Jenn1980

    That’s bc they cannot control themselves and they don’t have the mental capacity or patience to use birth control.

    This is why you see so many blacks and mexicans with huge litters of kids. They are also usually on welfare and have very unstable troubled families and homes.

    Why do you think Asian-Americans don’t reproduce so freely? Because they tend to be more self-controlled, responsible and disciplined.

    • furfinder

      you are right on target

  • usa807

    I just hope that all these celebrities STAY celebrites….otherwise WE’LL be paying for all the kids.

  • You all seriously need to chill OUT! Sites like this only posts stuff like this for fun, not because they actually care whether you’re offended or no

  • justice

    Sorry to say bu lt they do need to stop making babies.. but there is a tax law that states if you have ten kida you can no longer be taxed.. i think that’s what most of them are aiming for.

  • nlg

    Fun fact these are celebrities with their own money, raising their families if you agree or not doesnt matter you are paying to feed, clothe,or educated these kids. Mind your business and stop forcing your ideals on others.

  • It is no one business to decide how many children are to many. If you want to decide how many children a couple are allowed to have, move to China!

  • zooots


  • zooots

    barely anyone commenting here mentions the fact that one of the biggest causes of climate change (notice the drought conditions in the US – which have caused record breaking fires and are about to send food prices rocketing – any of you ignoramuses?) and environmental degradation is OVER POPULATION!! wake up. one or two kids is plenty so stop breeding like bloody rabbits!

  • Jen

    Angelina and Brad have 3 biological children- twins and a singleton. The other children were adopted from countries where adoption is DESPERATELY needed.

    P Diddy taking legal responsibility for his child? You mean stepping up and being a man?

    Also, as far as octo-mom is concerned- as a person, she’s horrible. However, she had a procedure done and those children she had were NOT supposed to all take in the beginning stages. She was supposed to, let me guess, abort some, right? I won’t go there- it’s a subject I won’t touch, as I DON’T BELIEVE IN IT.

    Elise, very well said- and the correction needed to happen as well.

  • Jerry

    To be fair, the Jolie-Pitts adopted three of their six and had twins naturally. You didn’t include Shawn Kemp and Antonio Cromartie, who famously have double-digit kids and the Gosselins and the 19 Kids and Counting people.

  • staceys162000

    lets not forget kate gosling!

  • mamabear

    What makes me angry is that Travis Henry appears to be impregnating multiple women simultaneously. He is pictured with 6 boys who appear VERY close in age. I find it reprehensible. and what happened to wrapping the trouser worm against STDs? I’m appalled at the careless attitude toward procreation that is on display these days. I’m not saying anyone shouldn’t have a certain number of children, but that they need to be responsible about it, make it a choice, be in a committed relationship. at least MOST of the time!

  • knowUglyWheniSeeIt

    Ginuwine should have been aborted himself. ug

  • ana

    Mitt and Ann have raised 5 responsible adults – why is he even on this list?

    • Reality Check

      Because he pays for his kids unlike Flavo flav or Bobbi Brown or any number of idiots who spit out kids and move on

  • kill

    seriously??? 4 or 5 children isn’t that many and as long as they can support them not only financially but also emotionally who cares…besides in some countries a celeb or two even have 18 children…so I don’t get the fuss with all these less than 10 children

  • That’s the cool thing about children. See, God set it up so that you get to have as many as you want, as long as you can find a willing partner. That holds true even for those who disobey his command to marry your partner first, then raise the kids together. Being a good father is a separate issue; it’s nobody’s business how many kids you have, unless you want to live in Red China.

  • If you are able to provide for these children and are not neglectful or abusive then whose business is it how many kids a person has.

  • scarletdove

    Hilarious article…….

  • I agree with this. Not just for famous people, but for everyone. While having kids is a beautiful thing, if you want more than two or three, why not start adopting? Give kids a home, a loving place to live, as opposed to adding to the world’s overpopulation? No one needs to have 7, 8, or 19 kids. We don’t have to pop them out to help with them farm anymore. Combine too many children with the increased longevity of the human race, and the world will run out of resources before we know it. Not to mention that I am tired of paying for the welfare that supports these families who have large amounts of children just to het a paycheck.

  • This was stupid….and not funny…. If you’re going to make these silly lists at least be funny about it.

  • Reality Check

    What they need to do is spay & neuter the ones spitting out kids just to get more taxpayers $$$ instead of getting a job. One guy 26 yrs. old in Detroit has 33 children from 9 women and he wants to get out of or relief of paying child support and not go to jail too “working is to stressful… Same Judge told him in prior hearing (jailed for failure to provide child support) he’ll release him from jail “If he works & stays employed and told him to stop procreating”. Since that court day, his hoe’s spit out 4 more kids and he has 2 more pregnant. I guess those court ordered at taxpayer expense parenting classes he took didn’t take…

  • One of my last grand uncles has 20 children. 3 girls, the rest are boys. Youngest one is my elder by a couple of years.

  • I notice that you did not include the family that has a reality TV show and have 19 doggone children!!! Why not mention them first. She even had pics of her miscarried child online from the funeral. Give me a break. They should have stopped years ago. That is a true horror. None of those featured here have that many children. Let’s be fair. Most of the people you featured are providing and some are married. What is wrong if you can care for them? I just don’t get how you decided to pick these individuals. Like Elise said, get a life!

  • Keith Richard

    These “stars” only have children to get yet more publicity and continue their narcisstic lives…people who have 6+ children have some kind of emotional void they think children will fill.


    First of all, how is K-Fed not on this list given the criteria they seemed to have used (he has 5 kids with 3 different women.) Also, and more puzzling, is that Ryan Seacrest in the Jenner-Kardashian photo?

  • Julie

    Including families that have several adopted children is wrong. These families have taken in society’s lost souls and should be commended. Also, If a family is large but the children are loved, cared for properly, and happy, they don’t belong on this list. These families should be commended for doing the best for these children. I am a teacher and see the difference a loving family can have on the children. Being a parent is a full time job and lumping good parents who happen to have several children to parents who are neglectful and abusing is wrong. Of course that is also true with comparing a tabloid gossip columnist to a true news reporter.

  • confused

    i’m really not understanding the point of this slide show….why should these people stop having kids? is it only cuz they have more than a couple??

  • Sure blame the guys. But the women had to spread their legs to get pregnant so they should be held accountable and maybe get neutered as well.

  • I made a mistake and almost married a man when I was 19. I slept with him b/c i thought he was going to be my husband. it didn’t work out. I went to college when I was pregnant and still after I had the baby and got my degree. I am not a dumb chickenhead people refuse to believe that I had a baby so young b/c I am not dumb and simple minded. you don’t have to be that type of person to end up pregnant in non ideal circumstances.

  • My parents had eight children, but luckily neither my mom or dad are celebrities — just great parents — so they’ve evaded the keen and critical eye of Style Blazer.

  • jessicat

    y r we just displaying the afri. amer??? wht abt hispan n white people that breed compounds full of kids

    • bjorn stad

      rfk had 11 kids?

  • Lamar

    To put Romney in the same list with octomom or debarge is ridiculous. The point is not how many kids you have but whether you can afford them or do you want taxpayers to subsidize your breeding like most of the rappers on your list do. If Romney has 100 kids who cares, if however you can’t afford kids (like most of the people who visit your site) one child is too many. Learn to say no to food stamps and welfare.

    • bjorn stad

      more than two kids per couple is too many even if you can support them!

  • Shannon

    I don’t think that we should tell anyone how many babies they can have. If they are able to take care of their children and not have to always ask for help then who are we to be their judge? It’s up to them not us!

  • Sandra

    So what if they have lots of children? Having 5 kids isn’t a lot. Some people like big families! People should learn to mind their own business! It’s their private life and it’s the husband and wife’s choice how many kids they want. Not the media’s! The only thing we should be worried about is if they can actually support their families. If they can’t and keep on having kids, that’s when we should stop them. But, most of these people are normal everyday people, who probably like big families. Seeing their photos, I believe they ‘can’ support their families.

  • Why does it matter? These celebs are married to their babies’ mama and have the financial means to care for them. So as long as we’re not paying for them or raising them (*cough* octomom), why should we care?

  • Cherbando

    If you can give your children a good life I don’t care how many you have. This is not China where you are allowed only one. However, if you want add to your family, think about adoption.There are a lot of unwanted kids who really need the love of a family. Not just children over seas either!

  • AW

    Mitt Romney is 60 years old and was able to support his family, so that one was a poor example. Also, as irritating as Kris Jenner is, she was in the same boat as Romney. They don’t quite fit the bill the same as some of your other choices.

  • fulosers

    disgusting monkies exterminate them all

  • Thalia in Jamaica

    Why wasn’t Quincy Jones on this list?? Seven children with 5 women. Yet, Elise said it right when she identified the ‘deadbeat fathers’ vs those raising them well….
    And you said these MEN need to be neutured then included so many women…

  • Msgenevabrown

    Why is Lauren Hills family considered a ‘litter’? Really? Seriously?

  • FIRST OF ALL: Ocotomom couldn’t help that she had 8 kids at once! That’s something that’s out of her control! And secondly, people can have as many kids as they want as long as they’re doing what they need to do for them. And who gives a flying monkey’s hairnet if they have different kids by different women/men???

  • Oh, and Angelina and Brad are doing a good thing by giving those kids a good home.

  • nno

    What about Mel Gibson? Be Fair and include more whites. Why are the majority people of color. How about that couple who have 2o plus kids? Where is the fair and balanced?

  • quicksilverph

    Being a mom to many children…is not a disgrace. 🙂
    As long as parents could support their children and provide at least their basic needs, then having many children is not an issue at all.

  • can we say RASISM? get a life hater! at least these succesful black en (majority were black) can support ALL there kids!

  • lol- god made condoms? can i get a scripture ch and verse on that 1?

  • TeaJae

    as long as they can care for the kids properly adult couples can do what they want to

  • dopper0189

    TI having a bunch of kids with HIS WIFE is 100% different than the people on this list who have a bunch of kids with different woman! TI is married, he and Tiny are together, and if they want to have 9 kids that’s their business because he can financially support them!

  • Mrs.K

    ugh, this is why I no longer waste my precious time reading garbage magazines on or offline. You do not get to say how many kids is too many for any family. That said, I believe a married couple can go on a procreate as much as they want, the children are not the ones who need to be stopped. The fornicating needs to be stopped, the unmarried men need to stop sleeping around.

  • just sayin’

    Add Rod Stewart to this bunch too.

  • I get what a lot of people are saying about most of the parents providing for their children, but out of 10 kids, how many do you think will actually try to become succesfull, and not breed on their own and when mommy and daddy are tired of paying for them as they are adults… then the state has to step in. So its great that the parents have kids, but eventually kids become adults, and not all are responsible like their parents, and some become more responsible then their parents or siblings.

  • I don’t get why they included Angelina and Brad, yes they have 6 kids now, but only 3 are biologically theres. They took on three other children who were brought into this world by other people who could not care for them. They took on a responsibility they didn’t have to. That’s the only thing I found really annoying about the article. Other then all the annoying adds.

  • Darleen

    El Debarge, why? So there can be another band called De Barge in the future. Where’s Mel Gibson on this list?

  • Too many…just too, too many!

  • Sei

    I don’t think it’s anyone’s business to tell anyone to stop having kids. How is four too many kids? Now, I have no proof of how they support these kids or not but if they ARE taking care of their children then I suggest people back off. I know a few mention were not the best people out there but there are PLENTY of women that, too, should stop having children but it is no one’s business to tell people to “stop breeding”.

  • Nikki

    Where are the Duggars who gained fame by having 21 or whatever kids? *shakes heads* no one thinks THEY should stop but people that have 4 or 6 should stop? ridiculous.

  • Ricky

    First of all 10 of 15 were of a certain race which screams racism. Secondly, using the term neutered toward any human is very disgraceful. Third, since when having 3 or 4 children excessive? Then, it’s inconsistent to include women in the article. Also, Mitt Romney is not a celeb, nor who they call octomom. Brad & Angie adopted most of their children. This is one of the worst things i’ve seen on the internet. As to some of the comments, there is scienific research which concludes that there is enough rescource that there should not be any one hungry or starving on earth. In addition as far as overpopulation is concernced – that problem is only relative to how people live together in masses. For example – i have famly on a popular island who live on over 250 acres of land. In the major tourist area it appears to be crowded but overall that island alone has habital land. So just think about major continents.

  • winlea78

    You should rename this arrival “mostly black families that should stop procreating”. Seeing that its mostly Black families that you covered. oh , and when did you start paying their bills again?

  • TheArtfulDodger

    If you can afford to be fruitful and multiply, why not! This is America! If you can afford a large family, kudos to you! Big families are beautiful! I mean, if the site of these large families bother you so much, why don’t you ask these stars to sacrifice a couple and guess what, you can choose who gets to live. Haters gonna HATE!!!! Why hates kids this much??? THAT is unnatural!

    • TheArtfulDodger

      *Who hates kids that much??? lol

  • FIE

    I guess in Elise N Hoffman’s world it is okay to spray your seed across the surface of the earth as long as you make child support payments. Sorry to dissapoint you but it takes more than child support payments to be a good parent. Having children by multiple partners is irresponsible and ignorant.

  • MamaBuno

    I don’t see how 4 kids is too many. I think this is silly.

  • MamaBuno

    And since when do we call children a litter of six? They aren’t puppies

  • oc mom

    why are the majority of these celebs black? I think your article depiction is racial. Wheres Mel Gibson? I think this article is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oc mom

      oh ya, where are the Duggards, who’s second to last baby’s health, was directly affected by the number of children they have chose to have. It took natural selection to stop the last child from being here. There were other crazy families that were also
      on the show for more examples of people with two many kids.

      If you are pregnant with your children, while your children are pregnant with your grandchildren, its probably time to stop.

      As for Brad and Angelina, they adopted most of their children, so are you saying that an orphanage in a third world country, is a better option than a multi-children house hold?

  • ARMYOF69

    All illegal aliens need to be neutered too.

  • mamacita

    why do Angelina Jolie’s legs look so different? one is noticeably larger and darker

  • Guest-person

    You forgot the Duggars

  • Wendee Richmond

    of the “celebs” listed, only two, IMO even remotely qualified to be on this list- and that’s “Octomom” and Flava Flav! I think it’s completely out of line, as well as disrespectful to refer to children as a “litter”, as they ARE people! every last one of these people, are taking care of their kids, sans public assistance (yes, even “Octomom”!) so who are WE to tell ANYONE how many kids they should have?!?!

  • anchorite

    WTH? Why should they stop having kids? They can obviously afford them. If they are good parents, so much the better.

  • Brandy

    also a lot of churches are against birth control and abortion. nevermind that there weren’t any in wedlock children until churches came and brought the concept of marriage.

  • Brandy

    problem there is your only white if you are ALL white, you can be any mixture at all but any bit of black in you and you’re black. Lived in the ghetto in London, Ontario, Canada while going to school. Plenty of out-of-wedlock black children living with their single white moms.

  • Michele

    If they are all supporting their kids and not living on Welfare who are we to judge how many children someone should have. Seems like the person who wrote this would rather live in communist country.

  • Dion


  • disturbed

    sooo…..these are ALL african american!!! f-n realllly?????? what is the deal here???? I am embarrassed for them….seriously!!!!! c’mon to the 21st century! U R not stupid…..right????

  • Why has it become such a bad thing to have many children? I remember that my grandmother got a medal for giving birth to 10 children. My aunt gace birth to 5. It’s common in my family to get a lot of kids and I see nothing wrong with that. Now you need to “stop procreating” if you have more than 3 children? That is just weird. From what I learned in school we have way to many old people and far to few children.
    I certainly know nothing about the person who wrote this article but it seems to me as if that person is so embittered.

  • Hmmmmm I see a pattern here. LOL

  • Anon

    I guess I’m a little confused. All but a few on this list are people who are financially sound and support their children and spend time with them. So why is it a problem for them to have four, five or nine kids? The ones that need to stop procreating are the ones who can’t afford them, don’t care for their kids or (like Octomom) had them to use a props for their proposed TV series. Brad and Angie, P.Diddy, Eddie Murphy, Mick Jagger, even Mitt Romney (who I can’t stand as a human being), etc. have shown themselves to be good fathers and providers. So what’s your problem?

  • CLC

    in MItt’s family where did that BLONDE KID COME FROM????????

  • Summer

    So how come the Duggars didn’t make the list? They complain how much 5 or 6 kids is to anyone, but that family has got what like 20 kids?

  • You know, THESE people have the MONEY to support their kids. And, personally, I feel that P.Diddy and others make far better parents than those so called “Christians” that have a brood that A. they cannot raise, and B. homeschool, in an environment that says that education is far less important than teaching what their cult preacher pushes, and they cannot AFFORD the kids!! UNREAL! Leave these people alone… This is just assinine…

  • Ok… THIS I can get onboard with. But, IMHO, EVERY republican should be neutered… Those people are SCARY!

  • This is now getting to the line of BS. These people have the financial resources. AND THEY ARE ADOPTING KIDS WHO WOULD PROBABLY BE DEAD BEFORE 15!!! WTF is wrong with this writer??? Is this person BRAIN DEAD???? Seriously, how STUPID can you be? Brad and Angie have MORE money than they know what to do with. So , they adopt very needy children, and better their lives. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? This person is an idiot. Seriously.

  • mph

    Odd that 10 of the 15 are black. Hmmm. Does someone really think rich, successful black men need to be neutered? Wow.

  • Mel

    I’ll admit I got suckered in because I was curious to see what responses would be showing up, and really, it’s becoming nauseating, how -obsessed- people are with “celebity” status.
    (besides wat the article was about)
    And people keep abreviating the word celebrity, into “celebs” which sounds incredibly stupid, and trendy, like the sheep they are becoming. Switch-off your cable TV and plan a trip to the local Library people. You’ll be better off in the long run.

  • Rendiggy

    Three of Brad and Angie’s kids are adopted. So spaying and neutering them wouldn’t have anything to do with it. And I think it’s utterly heinous to imply that those kids should have been left in orphanages because it’s a scandal to have more than 2 kids.

  • Michelle

    Why did this writer label anyone’s children…A LITTER???? That is beyond insulting, regardless of how many children one has. And if these people have the means of taking care of their children, it’s nobody’s business how many they have. For the ones who aren’t able to take care of them, that’s still none of my business because I don’t have to support them!

  • Gemini Di

    Are these celerbrities egos so big that they have to claim other mens kids as their own?!!!! None of these kids look like their so-called dads!!!!!!

  • THIS article is what is wrong with America! Great response Elise. I am the mother of EIGHT living children…ages 21 to 16 days old today! I homeschool, stay home and raise them myself and they are all from ONE committed, monogamous marriage. Children are a gift and if you are taking care of them, loving them what is the problem? How many THINGS can a rich person own? Children are eternal and are NEEDED to continue to fuel the economy of America. The next time you are out and start counting how many kids a family has (yes we DO see you!), walk up and thank them for contributing to your future social security, your future medicare and your future retirement. It is LARGE families who will make sure our “social programs” continue in America because we are providing future consumers and future workers.

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  • *_*

    Um yeah, a quartet is 4. Do you get paid for this? 5 kids = quintet. And children are a gift from God, for the most part, these people can afford to and support their kids, are the Duggars on this list? ‘Cuz they have 19. They’re some that only have one and do nothing for him/her. So what’s your point? So you won’t have to see whoever and their brood? Don’t friggin’ look!

  • *_*

    Where did you go to journalism school? That’s the longest, most redundant sentence I’ve heard in a while! Eddie has five girls and three boys. Simple and succinct. I guess I won’t see you collecting a Pulitzer any time soon. Do you even know what that is?

  • *_*

    Though what? OMG…this is painful!

  • *_*

    I’m sorry what? Are your parents siblings? Unacceptable to whom? ‘Cuz really, you don’t matter.

  • *_*

    You mean a quartet don’t you? Hahaha. Wait, do these people come begging you for money to help feed their kids? ‘Cuz you sound a bit disgruntled…I think it’s misplaced.

  • *_*

    And how many of them are you supporting? Right. None.

  • *_*

    Are you barren/sterile/a eunuch or something?

  • *_*

    I’m not a fan of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and the problem isn’t them procreating, it’s them being on TV. Turn it off and guess what? They go away.

  • *_*

    Why not? The Lord said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” And since he is the most high, omnipotent ruler of all that stands, I hardly think your opinion counts. Nimrod.

  • levinegirl

    Considering it seems the average number in this list is about 5, since when did this become a large number?? Did most of your parents and grandparents not come from families that had 8, 10, 12 kids? Or is that just the south? Also a few on the list adopted or were stepchildren, so now they are at fault for taking responsibility for kids with no parents? Children should just sit in the orphanages for the gov to take care of? My only problem with that is that all these celebs with money should get children from AMERICA and not some other country. Kris Jenner actually has 10, she gave birth to 6 and 4 step, but ya know what~and this is hard for me b/c I cant stand her~ she can support them so WHO CARES! Some people need to get a life and stay out of others lives, this should have been a list about parents who had alot of children and don’t take care of them!!

  • faya1

    I dont see why having more than 2.5 kids is a disgrace! If they can take care of them they should be able to be have as many as they want!

  • ihateghettorats

    Bunch of ghetto rats with too much time and way too much money.

  • whiteguilt

    Wow. So when you mention a person of color, it’s a statement of fact. But when they are white, you comment on how disgraceful it is? Reverse racism much?

  • Dana Sullivan

    I really can’t understand why Brad and Angelina are on this list: they’ve done more adopting than procreating AND are perfectly capable of providing for them.

  • Mike LO

    So of the “15 people who need to stop having kids” only 3 of them are white? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Danielle Gray (the author of this hard-hitting article) is white.

  • Well said! The majority of the developed world is actually in population decline. Those countries that aren’t are usually only increasing due to immigration. Trying to decrease the population can be catastrophic and lead to atrocities. Think of forced abortions, gender selective abortions and infanticide in China. Many more people choose to have no children or few children in the US. This helps to offset those that have many. If these people are good parents and can afford to care for their children, then good for them. Oh, and when is 4-5 children excessive? I can see the Duggars or Octomom being on this list, but Eddie Murphy and Mitt Romney?

  • How could the Duggers not be the #1 family on this list!

  • I think the author of this article should be fired.

  • Maggs

    There’s nothing wrong with having many kids if you can adequately support them. It’s different when the parents are having multiple kids they cannot afford and the welfare system has to support them.

  • This has got to be the stupidest, most misleading headline and article. I too thought it was gonna be about deadbeat dads and families with lots of kids that “we” all have to chip in to support. Excuse me? About the only two that belong on this list are OctoMom and Flava Flav. Everyone else supports their own families. And good grief! Neuter Brad PItt? He certainly didn’t father all the kids but has done what he could along with Angie to adopt and provide support and a home for numerous kids.

    I think the author of the article has a problem with kids. Possibly they can’t have kids are are jealous??

  • Ashley

    hahahahahaha…more than 3/4 of these people are african americans…mmmmm I would like to know why??? Simple..They are stupid

  • allan cooper

    Thank God the majority of America don’t think like the author of this article. Who in the H*ll do you think you are trying to decide how many kids a person should have? especially when they can well afford to raise them. Granted many more fathers and mothers should be responsible or more responsible for their child/children, but self declared dictators of humanity is NOT a qualifier. Greedy, extremely greedy people like you think the world will run out of resources, as if you’re a better judge than God on exactly what we will need to sustain us. God knows all and have provided the earth with all that humans will need, quit hoarding all the land and all the resources and you will find that we actually have plenty and more than we’d ever need. I used to kinda think like you, but I thankfully realized the truth; that we’re here to recreate life and in abundance. Now I have two wonderful children and being very responsible for raising them and loving God for the chance. People like you are sad…sad.

  • Seriously?!

    Seriously?! So, the author of this article is entitled to tell these people or anyone else how many children they are allowed to have without it being “too many” and them needing to be neutered? Talk about offensive! I get it, with the guys that have ya know 20 kids with 18 different women and take care of none of them, that reasoning might make sense….but Eddie Murphy? Seriously? T.I? men who take care of their kids, and are more than able to support them….ridiculous. How about we chastise the people with 20 kids with 18 different people on welfare who’s kids are living in poverty? There is nothing wrong with someone needing help, as long as they are helping themselves get back in the saddle and prepare to work…but there ARE those people (I know one myself, and it makes me sick) who have kids just for a check, and abuse it. THOSE are the people we should be talking about neutering/spaying. Or the people who treat their kids badly or hurt them, and make no effort to take care of them, or the ones who abandon their children….those people, yeah, neuter em. This article is ludicrous. To the author….you may want to consider another line or work.

  • Beth

    I fail to see how 3 biological and 3 adopted kids is cause for Brad and Angelina to quit “having kids”.

  • I think that five or six children, while a lot, isn’t TOO much. As long as the children are taken care of, but you just know that with +7 children and only two parents it’d be awful hard to get any one-on-one time, and isn’t that the best part of parenthood? Getting to know these zany little people you brought into this world?

  • BigBlack

    Man, those darkies can really shoot out the kids!

  • This is a stupid article. Other than Octomom everyone listed here makes more than enough money to properly pay for and raise their children. it must be one hell of a slow news day to be posting this tripe.
    That “Kate Plus 8” woman should be on here however. She is right up there with that octomom idiot. Attention wh0res pumping out units to get paid now THAT is what needs to stop.

  • Spade and neuter Spades

    Better yet, ALL their mothers should have had ABORTIONS!!!

  • You might want to actually ATTEND a tea party before you make such an outrageous, completely false accusation! What a load, lady. I have been to many, and never heard one iota of “hate” for anyone! We’re too busy trying to get this nation back on track and away from the “giveaway” president to conduct any hate! Wow, to some people, making the obvious statement that we are not able to continue to support kuhbillions of people who don’t contribute, is equal to hate. Scary.

    • Bob

      Yes!! Please go to a Tea Party event
      so you can see for your self that the Goverment is lying to you
      once you see that you will start to see the rest of the lies

    • Which has nothing to do with the article. But what is your solution

    • Kheru

      how much is KUHBILLION exactly?

  • AlphaDad

    This article is just plain stupid and offensive. To think someone gets paid for producing this kind of crap. Wow.

  • Artishere

    I just hope I’m not paying for their children, like octo moms kids.

  • swephy77

    It is not your business how many children these people have…none.

  • fanny

    What about the Diggerman’s or whatever their name is – 20 kids last I watched.

  • sick and tired

    this person needs to get a life ,5 kids is not that many if you can take care of them properly ,especially if it is with just with one person

  • Shelia Davis

    Well I have several issues with this article. I agree with the person who said they expected a list of deadbeats. Other issues include; you can’t throw in a family with adopted children since they are taking on the responsibility of someone else, you can’t say “Men who need to stop” and then throw in women or make statements like “between” him and his wife or count step- children since once again that man is taking on the resposibility of another mans child ; I also noticed that over half of the list was black men or men with 4 children that are finacially provding for their children. I think if you make 50 million a year you can provide for and have as many kids as you want. Now if a celebrity makes big bucks a year and are thousands of dollars behind on child support …that’s a list we’d like to see. ….and not just men, women are not always the best of parents.

  • tracy

    This is the most insulting article. Who ever wrote this article speaks of these people as if they are animals. Judge not lest you be judged. I think this person should worry about his own household and not others.

  • why is there a predominance of black males on your list . . I didn’t hear you mention the Duggars, the Osmonds, or that one man wrecking crew Rod Stewart . . .

  • Amber Ellis

    I happen to have 8 children with my husband of 15 years. All of my children have all their “needs” met and they all receive personal one on one attention from myself and my husband as well as family time. All of our childen LOVE being in such a big family ALL the ones that are old enough to talk have said that they all want to grow up and have big families like ours. Why? Because they LOVE having a big family. And NO. I’m NOT on welfare of ANY kind. So let’s just go ahead and get that out of the way. I have 6 kids in school, one who is still in lower elementary so he is not yet talking about college, but ALL of the older ones plan to go to college and they are ALL HIGHLY involved in church, Christian children who are well rounded, not on drugs, sneaking out and are ALL still virgins! And I have TWO teenagers, one of driving age who is very popular in school. They all are. They are all well liked, good students and HAPPY! We live on a BUDGET and they STILL all have the things they want but MORE IMPORTANT… the things they NEED. Some people can’t handle a LARGE family, but others, like my huband and myself, CAN. Apparently, you must be one of the few that CAN’T. I am replinished. Of course I have my “tired” days, but that doesn’t have anything to do with my children. Single people get tired. We’re human. But I am OFTEN complimented by other parents and friends on how well put together, taken care of and clean my children are all the time. So please think before you start going on and on about how someone with more than two or three children can’t “pull it off”.

  • Amber Ellis

    Have you READ the article?? Lol Wow.

  • pohakulua

    Who in the heck made you the family size police?

  • hatetoregister

    OK. The person who put this article together needs to remove TI from the list. He is a married man. He has children with his WIFE and he has taken responsibility for her child from a prior relationship. WHY would a man who is married and having children with his wife need to be neutered? That is a ridiculous statement. He isn’t out there running around with a bunch of women having a bunch of kids. He isn’t like some of the other men on the list who have never been married and who are just having kids with various women.

    However, the bigger issue isn’t even a man having children – it is whether or not he takes care of them. Diddy has been taking care of his own biological child and a child that wasn’t even his (Al B. Sure’s son). How can you fault a guy who takes care of his children? Eddie Murphy had the majority of his children with his ex-wife Nicole. He had one child prior to their relationship and one child after the divorce. However, he takes care of ALL of them.

    I think the person who wrote this article has issues.

  • guest

    black douche bag men don’t know how to use contraception! all a bunch of low life scum that keep putting more and more thugs out into the world. that’s why our prisons are filled with mostly black and hispanics.

  • drjim1959

    No coincidence that most of these families are black.


  • answer

    Mitt Romney – seriously? The guy had one wife, took care of his kids and has beautiful grand kids These are the people we need having kids.

    I guess the left’s idea of who should procreate are the fathers of these 80% of black kids born to single mothers.

  • valerie

    Mick is NOT the King of Rock and Roll Idiots!! ELVIS WILL ALWAYS BE THE KING!!!!

  • Gbarron

    First off -Nobody should be told to stop having children. Period.
    Secondly- Women whom choose to get involved with someone who has other children shouldn’t be penalized for the ‘mans’ relationship record, nor how many children he has…She should be conceerned about hers/ ‘theirs’ ..
    Third- I seriously don’t see how you can saw 4-6 kids is too many…Maybe living in L.A, La Land it may seem to much due to the high prices of living/ surviving…But in most places, incl: NorthWest it can be the norm in many areas….But these fathers are not economically-strapped and i’m sure they are fine.
    Fourth– It is NOT our business, Never should be…..If the kids become a nuasince “then” local cival law will intervene….Otherwise leave them alone.

  • this reporter has too much time and not enough control over the thought process. Bring some real information to the page. Those people are taking care of their children with the exception of Octo Mom and that is because she is mentally challenged and needs a lot of assistance at this time.

  • After reading the hate filled spew about God’s children that didn’t deserve to be born, I can only think of two people that spaying or neutering might have been useful for some years back. YOURS. Then again, if given the choice, I would still say you have as much right to live as the next “unwanted” (unwanted as in who gets to decide which human being is worthwhile and which human being isn’t)

  • Since WHEN is is anyone else’s business as to how many kids we have or don’t? Since WHEN is it ok to judge others… about ANYTHING??? Brad and Angelina ADOPTED KIDS FROM HORRIFIC conditions, and they CAN AFFORD TO TAKE CARE OF THEM!!! So WHO’S business is it, and WHO is so all powerful and ALL knowing as to be able to DICTATE to others what they can and cannot have???
    Granted, I agree that some people shouldn’t be reproducing, (Flavo Flav is a jerk, personally, but.. still) Is it MY business? No. It is HIS. And the quicker we adjust to the fact that we do NOT have the RIGHT to tell others to adjust to OUR believe systems (Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely). the better this world will be.
    Too many people telling too many other people to believe the way THEY do. This is insanity.
    Personally, I feel that if people concerned themselves with their own pitiful lives, and didn’t fixate upon the stupidity and nonsense of so-called celebrities. These people are only famous because of shallow deeds. They are neither hero nor villain, just shallow people basking in their 15 minutes of fame. They aren’t even real people. Just an illusion. Nothing to emulate.
    The world is descending into insanity.

  • Spanner

    These celebs can afford to look after their kids. I’d much prefer these people to breed than the inbred miscreants living off welfare who require constant top-ups for their lifestyle from my taxes!

  • Saul K

    I don’t know about the others, but Jolie and Pitt? Really? Adopting foreign (war) orphans is a bad thing now? Article sounds like its written by someone who’s had several miscarriages.


  • Lisa

    More than half these entries are black men, wtf

  • Who are you to dictate these people need to stop procreating, as far as I can see these people have the physical, mental, and financial means to care fore their children, so if they want to have 50 kids, that’s their prerogative. Who you need to tell to stop procreating is all these welfare broodmares collecting money off the backs of tax payers. It is not the responsibilty of the tax payers to support these promiscuous women that can’t say no to a stiff penis.

  • It’s 100k, not 600k, and thats 1 out of 15. Just because 1 shouldn’t procreate any more, doesn’t mean the others should be told to stop.

    • Yenski

      Actually, having more than one or two is a bit outrageous. The world is over-populated enough as is.

      • Harry Lee Hedgecock

        Nobody has the right to dictate how many kids someone can have if they have the means of supporting all of them. The ones that need to get their tubes tied are the welfare broodmares that continuously pop out kids to increase their welfare check.

        • Yenski

          I didn’t say to dictate, just that it’s outrageous. I myself have 5, and a sixth on the way. I know it sounds quite a bit off, but I feel justified when protection, “of multiple types” was used for each one. I support my children, and raise them all to be kind and understanding, but the fact that I have so many is still pretentious, as I myself know that the world can’t handle it in the end.

  • I am White, and I noticed that only 4 of the 15 were white people, whats wrong you couldn’t find more white people worthy of your procreation assault. Theres Mick Jagger, The Kardasian’s, Mitt Romney, of course the millionair republican has to be attacked by the leftwing website. Then we have Angelina, and Brad, who adopted their children, to me people that raise children that aren’t theirs like their own, are people worthy of praise, not attacks. I feel this article is an affront to me, and any intelligent person that reads it. The writer, and editor responsible for posting such an atrocious piece of trash should be forced to see the inside of a foodstamp office, and stand in an unemployment line, because a simple apology for tripe of this magnitude will not suffice. Posting this type of twaddle is the rantings of a bitter judgemental person, and requires audacity, and hubris of an astounding level. It also demonstrates contempt, and jealousy for these individuals, and their fellow man in general. However I’m sure you will circle the wagons to protect them, pat them on the back, and continue posting any piece of mindless blather they drop on your desk.

  • christy

    Its no ones business but yours how many children you have unless you live in china or japan. I forgot which one. I thought T.I. had 2 daughters as well??

  • kim bunchalastnames

    why is seven children from four women “unacceptable” for mick jagger? he’s stepped up to the plate as a father for each and all of them.

  • Ashley Skywalker

    Sooo It’s Wrong For Mick Jagger To Have Kids With 4 Different Women. But It’s Perfectly Fine For White Trash Women To Go On The Maury Show And Have 20 Different Guys Tested To See If They Are The Father Of One Child. Really?

  • poemoate

    this article discriminates against man, why not tell those bimbos to also close their legs to avoid making babies for this guys!AND where are women who are also baby makers????

  • none of your business jack

    What do you eman Lauryn Hill has a litter of six? Are you trying to call her and her children dogs?

  • Guest


  • Mary Lewis


  • Mary Lewis

    Let’s not forget 19 and counting. That’s excessive. now the daughters is starting her litter.

  • Mary Lewis

    Whomever wrote this article and decided to play God is the one who shouldn’t procreate.

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