From VA with Style: Introducing Audra The Rapper

From VA with Style: Rocking with Audra The Rapper

Audra The Rapper is a young, fashionable and very talented artist from Richmond, VA guaranteed to make a lot of noise in the Hip-Hop industry in the years to come. She has claimed her stake in the underground circuit for being a pretty face with ferocious rhyme skills that can slay any sucker MC into neat square cubes. Her buzz got so strong in the last couple of months that Rick Ross sought her out and signed him to his surging Maybach Music Group label. Rhyme skills aside, Audra also possesses a unique and very individual sense of style. So we decided to seek her out and find out more about her music, style tips and industry takeover plans .

Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself – your name, your age, where you’re from?
I’m 21 yrs young from Richmond, VA and I go by Audra The Rapper. Even though that’s my stage name…I’m Audra The Songwriter, Audra The Student, Audra The Chef, and Audra The Trendsetter…that would have to be my favorite.

When did you first fully realize that you wanted to be a music artist?
I knew from a super young age that music would be my life.. I started off in the choir at church at 5 yrs old and by age 6, I had my first solo and not too long after that I was begging my mom to put me in singing lessons. I was 13 when I started taking music seriously and actively pursuing it. That’s when I started getting in the studio with producers around Richmond and really trying to find myself as a rapper.

Who were some of the artists (male and female) you looked up to as inspiration coming up?
I loved loved LOVED Destiny’s Child. I thought I was a 5th member. SWV..Pink.. a lot of female singers, because when I was younger I was convinced I would be a singer. Then there was Lil Kim of course.. her verse on Usher’s “Just Like Me” off his My Way CD did it for me. And of course Lauryn Hill. She was, still is, and will always be my favorite artist and greatest musical inspiration. But my infatuation with The Diplomats helped me realize I wanted to rap. When they released their 2 disk CD I thought I was Jha-Jha. Cam’ron made it seem so fun and easy. I’m still a huge Cam’ron fan to this day.