Chris Brown Turns it Up Down Unda Rockin' A New Look for Spring (Blazin' or Blasé)

StyleBlazer Survey: Chris Brown Turns it Up Down Unda Rockin’ A New Look for Spring (Blazin’ or Blasé)

While we were here obsessing over spring’s ombré hair trend for the ladies, the men folk were else where taking to barbershop lines for their own spring makeovers.  And one in particular, Chris Brown, has emerged with an intriguing new look.

Breezy is currently on tour and has been partying it up ‘down unda’ with the Aussies and boo Karrueche in Australia.  New season, new tour and new country definitely called for a new Chris.  He’s been spotted rocking slightly longer-than-usual waved hair up top with a fade, as well as a newly grown handle bar mustache.

At first glance we were a little alarmed.  But like a bad song, we looked at it long enough until it started to make sense.  And next thing you know, we were digging it; especially when he rocked it all with Rx lenses in 7o’s style frames!  As for the nose ring a la Tupac, however, we’ll have to pass.

Peep these next few pages of pics to see more of CB’s new spring style.


  • Unconditional22

    Chris Brown looks more edgy.
    A lot more mature.

    Maybe he’s preparing for a movie role
    Or going into modeling .

  • Nobody should be rocking a nose ring in 2012 but Tupac hologram

  • lola_718

    still fine in whatever he’s wearin…C-Breezy can get it..yumm! 😉

  • bishop

    Been there done that in the 90’s youngin’…

  • Denise Jenkins

    He looks great to me.  Wish him well.  Overcome the hate.