Victoria Beckham Designs $128K Range Rover Dipped in Rose Gold (Luxurious or Ludicrous?!)

Back in the summer of 2010 Victora Beckham was named Creative Design Executive at Range Rover.  It made sense, for the most part.  She designs luxury clothes…that she wears when she travels in luxury cars… But that’s just about all we got from it, and quietly put are heads back down to our desks.  Well, check this out!  Victoria’s reportedly designed a $128,000 rose gold-plated Range Rover called the Evoque!



If it sounds a little ridiculous, that’s maybe because it is.  But if you’re looking for design creatives to “make sense “then you’ll be waiting a long time.  Meanwhile, 200 lucky customers, with enough clout, will be rolling off in Vic Beck’s first designed Range Rover which features rose gold-plated grill and wheel accents; tan vintage-inspired leather seats; mohair floor mats; a four piece leather luggage set; an owner’s manual signed by Beckham, which comes in a hand-sewn leather wallet.  The first releases will be available in China.


StyleBlazers, is Victoria’s $128K Range Rover luxurious or ludicrous?



-Tameika Lawrence




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