StyleBlazer Beauty: 2 Crazy Creative DIY Spring Nail Art Tricks to Try (Just 5 Easy Steps!)

We recently let you in on 9 Sizzling Summer Nail Art Trends for you to try your hand at.  Now, we want to take it up a notch with two extremely creative nail art DIY’s.  Whether you consider yourself a beauty queen or not, we think you owe it to yourself to try them out.  Got access to fresh leaves?  Got scotch tape?  Then we’ve got you covered!  Anyone from a green girl to a kooky creative can appreciate these easy tricks.

Here are two nail art DIY must-tries…


Terrarium Nail Art



What you’ll need:

• Small scissors
• Tweezers
• Small leaves (clovers or mint are suggested)
• Clear nail polish
• Clean unpainted fingernails

What to do:

1. Using fingers or small scissors, detach leaves from the stems (can be left on depending on the look desired).

2. Figure out what arrangement or design you want to do!  That way you don’t have to keep doing them over.

3. Paint you nails with a coat of clear polish.  As fast as you can, put the leaves in place with your tweezers and flatten them gently.

4. Paint another generous coat of clear polish over the leaves, also using your brush to flatten the leaves in place.

5. Repeat 9x for rest of your digits!

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