Rebellious Rihanna Made The TIME’s Most Influential List (Do We Love Her Pretty Pink Evening Wear?)

It’s kind of ironic that Rihanna would attend the Time’s Most Influential People reception dressed like a uber goody girl (sans the newly black shaved head) in a pretty in pink Marchesa gown and black Christian Louboutins when we ALL know she’s a total firecracker.

Rumored to have started a bit of an uproar when it was announced that she was being acknowledged for being a pop culture influence by ┬áTime Magazine, the original rebel fleur, didn’t let that stop her. She enjoyed the night in her girly girl attire and perfectly positioned hair. Rihanna chose darker make up for a more grunge beauty moment to play down her whimsical dress choice. But the question is StyleBlazers, are we feeling it?


See a few more snapshots below…


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