London's Other More "Alternative" Fashion Week (Feast Your Eyes on These Wacky Fashions)

London’s Other More “Alternative” Fashion Week (Feast Your Eyes on These Wacky Fashions)

What’s this?  London had another fashion week?!  It seems that while we were busy peeping Rita Ora’s London street style, somewhere else in the city “Alternative Fashion Week”  was going on strong last week.

The event, sponsored by Alternative Arts—a group that invests in new artists and new ideas, is by no means a re-run of the city’s regular annual Fashion Week.  Alternative Fashion Week, as the name suggests, does everything a little different by featuring 14 runway shows per day; free admission to the shows; a fee-less entry for designers; and volunteer models who take a free six-week modeling course.  No selective admission, no showing fees, and volunteer models?  You already know those runways were going to be something to see.

Check out London’s six-day Alternative Fashion Week extravaganza highlights in the gallery below.



Design by Chloe Hayward

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