7 Celebrities Who Successfully Stepped Out of Their Sibling's Shadows (Solange, Janet, Khloe and More!)

7 Celebrities Who Successfully Stepped Out of Their Siblings’ Shadows (Solange, Janet, Khloe and More!)

When you have a famous sibling, it can be hard not to feel like you’re  in their shadow. They’re the A-lister, paparazzi scream their name, while you’re virtually unknown or only referred to as the brother or sister of “such-and-such” celebrity. But some siblings have managed to use their talents, or in some cases good publicity, to create an identity that separates them from the other famous family member.

Check out 7 celebs who stepped out of their siblings’ enormous shadows.

Solange Knowles

Once upon a time, Solange couldn’t escape the title, “Beyonce’s Younger Sister.” She will always be, but she’s now known more as a style influencer and DJ.

Khloe Kardashian

Kim is certainly the most famous of the crew, but Khloe is definitely the most well-liked Kardashian (gotta love her “no holds barred” attitude), and she even has her own reality show with husband Lamar.

Diggy Simmons

When Run’s House aired on MTV, Diggy was just one of the little brothers, while sisters Vanessa and Angela got most of the shine. But now he’s carving his own path with a hip hop career.

Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson was the biggest pop star of the ’80s and ’90s, but that didn’t stop Janet from becoming a chart-topping singer and actress.

Marlon Wayans

The Wayans are comedic royalty, but baby bro Marlon isn’t afraid to flex his dramatic acting chops in films like Requiem for a Dream, and the highly anticipated Richard Pryor biopic.

Serena Williams

There was a time when Venus was the only tennis-playing Williams we knew about, but that was before her sister Serena became the number one player.

  • Michal Jackson Biggest Fan

    The best one up there is Janet cuz that was nearly impossible to do but she did it

  • Jackieo Perkins

    yeah;JANET AND SOLANGE ARE THE ONES…that reaiiy would have gotten lost like the JACKSON BROTHERS DID…its there time now lets see what happens…I DONT CARE FOR BRANDY OR RAY J…she a better actersses then singer to me and her brother can do both ????

  • TheAudacityOfDope

    Solange?!? Pfft

  • Hannah

    I didn’t know Beyonce had a sister…

  • he he he

    Is Khloe the ogre-looking one?

  • asdfghjkl

    Janet Jackson, Serena Williams, and Khloe Kardashian are the only ones I’ve heard of. And I don’t even know anything about Khloe besides she’s from that trashy rich family and she’s ugly as sin.

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