7 Celebrities Who Successfully Stepped Out of Their Siblings’ Shadows (Solange, Janet, Khloe and More!)

When you have a famous sibling, it can be hard not to feel like you’re  in their shadow. They’re the A-lister, paparazzi scream their name, while you’re virtually unknown or only referred to as the brother or sister of “such-and-such” celebrity. But some siblings have managed to use their talents, or in some cases good publicity, to create an identity that separates them from the other famous family member.

Check out 7 celebs who stepped out of their siblings’ enormous shadows.

Solange Knowles

Once upon a time, Solange couldn’t escape the title, “Beyonce’s Younger Sister.” She will always be, but she’s now known more as a style influencer and DJ.


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  • Michal Jackson Biggest Fan

    The best one up there is Janet cuz that was nearly impossible to do but she did it

  • Jackieo Perkins

    yeah;JANET AND SOLANGE ARE THE ONES…that reaiiy would have gotten lost like the JACKSON BROTHERS DID…its there time now lets see what happens…I DONT CARE FOR BRANDY OR RAY J…she a better actersses then singer to me and her brother can do both ????

  • TheAudacityOfDope

    Solange?!? Pfft

  • Hannah

    I didn’t know Beyonce had a sister…

  • he he he

    Is Khloe the ogre-looking one?

  • asdfghjkl

    Janet Jackson, Serena Williams, and Khloe Kardashian are the only ones I’ve heard of. And I don’t even know anything about Khloe besides she’s from that trashy rich family and she’s ugly as sin.