9 Reality Stars Who Broke Into Real Fame & Fortune (They're Making Buku Bucks!)

9 Reality Stars Who Broke Into Real Fame & Fortune (They’re Making Buku Bucks!)

Reality stars were always regarded as C or D-list level celebrities with a shelf life of exactly 15 minutes.  With the world changing and reality shows becoming the main fix on most TV sets, those reality stars are laughing straight to the bank and really becoming the celebrities they always wanted to be.  Some actually have talent, some don’t, but it doesn’t matter because the public is interested in their lives pass their allotted screen time.

Check out these … reality stars who actually turned into real celebrities.



Lauren Conrad

The Laguna Beach and The Hills star became a household name.  Now 3 fashion lines, 2 books and a highly successful beauty blog later, there’s no stopping Lauren.


Nene Leakes

The realest Atlanta Housewife has always been a charmer from season one.  She’s now very rich and very much a re-occuring character on Glee, with countless business endeavors in the works as well.


Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has totally transformed into her own since being in Paris Hilton’s shadow. The mom, wife, fashion designer, and now judge of Fashion Star, has become a fashion industry power weight.


Jennifer Hudson

Oscar winner, Grammy winner, and multi-million dollar Weight Watchers spokesperson Jennifer Hudson is also currently planning a wedding with her happy family.  Not many A-List celebrities have accomplished what J-Hud did in record breaking time.


Kim Kardashian

Of course reality royalty Kim Kardashian would be on this list. Love it or not, Kim and Kim’s family are the modern day Osmond’s sans the talent but all the chutzpah!


Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel of Housewives NY won us over with her sharp tongue.  The celebrity natural food chef went on to become a New York Times best-selling author and has her own spinoff show on Bravo.  She will also be hosting her own talk show rumored to be airing this Fall all.  Go girl!





Kelly Clarkson


The American Idol winner went on to became a big hit with several platinum and multi-platinum singles, and tons of awards.


Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has racks and racks on racks at this point.  The original Idol host still has his gig, plus being the host of a nationally syndicated top 40 radio show in LA—On Air With Ryan Seacrest, the host of E! News, and the producer of all the Kardashian clan’s hit shows.


  • Beaucoup

    Buku? Seriously?

  • Ange248

    Jennifer Hudson is beyond fabulous. Amazing and beautiful woman!!

  • Paparelleno

    Kudos to Nicole Richie. Beauty , creativity and brains.

  • How can you leave Anderson Cooper off this list??

  • Chris CA

    What “reality”s how was Ryan Seacrest on?

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