Blazin' Arm Candy: Aurélie Bidermann 'Do Brazil' Bracelets (Worth The Splurge?)

Blazin’ Arm Candy: Aurélie Bidermann ‘Do Brazil’ Bracelets (Worth The Splurge?)

Fashion is aspirational. We spot pieces, try them on and immediately fall in love; but when our eyes meet the price tag, that love turns in to lust, need turns in to want, and if your smart, you return the item to its temporary home and walk away.

Before you roll your eyes at the exuberant price attached to Parisian designer, Aurélie Bidermann’s crafty Do Brazil wrist wear, do note that the woven bracelets boast 18k gold-plating, paperclip fastenings, mother of pearl charms and then some. But who really cares when the cheapest style will run you an easy 4 bills. Right?

Indulge in a few of our favorites from current and past collections.  Really, what’s so wrong with dreaming?


Aurélie Bidermann Copacabana Bracelet