7 of The Best Male Celebrity Weight Transformations

7 of The Best Male Celebrity Weight Transformations (See How Their Style Changed Too)


You can have style at any size and weight.  It seems however, that these seven celebrity men needed entire wardrobe overhauls once they dropped some serious pounds.  If you worked your butt off to come down several sizes, wouldn’t you treat yourself to a new look?  And it’s usually very visible how their styles changed after they shed their unwanted weight.  Check out seven celebrity man who had the best slimdowns and then switched their style up.


Fat Joe

He lost weight THEN decided to cover up.


Charles Barkley


From clothes that fit his beer belly, to clothes that fit his flat abs.


Al Roker


The tacky ties seemed to have left with the weight.




More muscle; less clothes.

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Randy Jackson


The XXXL Rocawear got replaced with tailored blazers.


Seth Rogen

Same amount of funny. New level of $exy.


  • Althea James


  • dontcare4uatall

    No Jonah Hill?

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