StyleBlazer Survey: Does Christina Milian Need A New Stylist? (Trying to Digest This Questionable Look…)

Christina Milian stepped out for NBC Universal’s Summer Press Day in Pasadena. The new mom rocked an interesting look comprised of a belted blazer, skinny Guess jeans and white Gucci high tops with a popping pink manicure.


The blazer seemed office appropriate while the jeans and kicks were quite casual. Business up top, party down below? We’re a bit confused.

StyleBlazers, did Dream’s baby mama get it right or lose it with this look?




Qimmah A. Saafir-Dobaria

  • Jasmine Moore313

    Maybe I need a stylist too. It seems like a cute outfit if your just hanging out a the mall or going to a casual brunch with the girls or something.

  • Courtneyhilton52

    its cute except for the shoes its a lil to casual for the shirt

  • Sofie A.A.

    she’s not dreams’ baby momma, she’s the dream’s EX-WIFE. stop being degrading to black single women please.

  • my_my

    I want that blazer

  • Sabrina Akacem Ferdjani

    Those wannabe Gucci sneakers are a mess! the shirt and blazer are nice tho! darker jeans with ballerinas would be perfect… So yeah she does need a stylist asap :s

  • Georgia D.

    Yes she please help her find a stylist asap.   Gorgeous girl, but the look wrongfully screams “I’m wearing knock-offs”.  Jacket and tank are great; but I would ditch the jeans and the shoes.  Instead add:  Skinny denim in Fuschia to match her nail polish.  Tan flats with a hint of gold bling… an open toe wedge would also work.  

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