It’s Official: KimYe Is Upon Us (10 Of Kim Kardashian’s Best Style Moments Since Stepping Out With Kanye West)

  • Jwilliams

    Kim already has style…if anything she makes Kanye look better!!

  • Trisha_B

    Him & Amber use to always wear matching shoes (timbs & Jordans). Kim just matches Kanye’s look for the moment. She’s basically his mannequin. He probably picks out her outfits. I don’t see this whole “Kimye” thing lasting, but if its Love…then i guess

  • Sabrina Akacem Ferdjani

    She looks gorgeous as usual… but their couple is all about PR and making money! and they are doing it right…

  • Marier

    Not a fan but that yellow dress fits like a glove! Looks good

  • Ped_kia82

    I had to comment b4 I even look @ the pics…Kim has always had style way b4 kanye…

  • Root truth

    Why is this the swirl you choose to be down with? Don’t say she isn’t white, because for all intensive purposes, she is. And, Kanye is running her unlike what she did to poor Kris. She wants to be in his AA world. She has A+ money, but c- rep.

    • Amurphy8

      It’s “intents and purposes” not intensive purposes.

      • Tata10

        LOL!! you’re wrong for that!!!

  • joclo


  • MsMe

    No I don’t. We’ve seen her in those same CL’s and black liquid leggings. So no, she hasn’t stepped upvher fashion game. If anything, it’s been a downgrade.


    They are both looking for media attention because that’s what they do.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    who cares.. im out..

  • Big BakedApple

    she is so put together. yeah im a fan of this bubble head. im talking about kanye btw.

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  • MsShay Knight

    I like her style. 

  • Superfly

    She’s always had a good fashion sense

  • Miss I stay 100

    Little do some people know, Kim was a stylist before she hopped on the 15 minutes of fame train so she’s always had a sense for fashion, I won’t give Kanye credit for that. Other than that, I feel like this is the longest episode of Punk’d I’ve ever watched. LOL! Congratulations for pairing up 2 of the most “stuck on themselves” people in the universe

  • Lala

    I like both of them together actually.  She and ther other guys in her past, no matter how good they looked or not looked, she just didn’t look good with them.  Well i hope he is growing up big time cause i would like to see her settle down like her other sisters but this be a good relationship for her more so than all the rest.

  • Craig

    lets see how long this ones last…i dont know whos worst in keeping men kim kardashian or jennifer lopez

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