Would You Drop 3k on a Leopard-Print Dolce & Gabbana Bike? (If Not, We’ve Shopped More Affordable Options!)

  • im on to u

    Depending on what type of activity ur doing, u can pay 3,000 or more for a bike. I have a mountain bike and so does my husband. They both were expensive. 2500.00 for one and 1,195.00 for mines. But idk if I wld want to spend tht on just a regular old bike just because its painted leopard. My bikes have differant gears and features plus wheels with special rubber to help with traction on rough paths so I get the price. I think this bike is made for celebrities to ride around in Hollywood on rodeo dr.

  • huh1

    I will stick to my workman tricycle, its it’s own name brand.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_INPJG3ZG3OF7HG5MQKJBYXSZAY Tweety_slim

    Is this their last attempt at staying in business? 

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