Would You Drop 3k on a Leopard-Print Dolce & Gabbana Bike? (If Not, We've Shopped More Affordable Options!)

Would You Drop 3k on a Leopard-Print Dolce & Gabbana Bike? (If Not, We’ve Shopped More Affordable Options!)

Did you honestly expect anything less from Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana? Leave it up to the Italian design duo to whip up a luxe 2-wheeler covered in blush leopard print skin. We can’t front, a chic bike would be the perfect summer accessory!  You could cruise around town in a flirty dress, denim cutoffs or cat eye frames, and force onlookers to do a double take when they spot you (and your fly gear) atop a stylish bike.




Decked with a leather seat cover, mesh basket, cargo rack and a girlie bell, the Dolce & Gabbana City Bicycle will be available this summer at boutique locations in Florence, Milan and Rome—sorry stateside StyleBlazers.

The price for this cruiser has yet to be disclosed, but judging from the hefty tags chained to the labels premium accessories, were estimating the damage will be somewhere around $3,000.  Who’s in? (We’re not!)


Shop our more affordable picks…



Delmar’s Women’s Cruiser


  • im on to u

    Depending on what type of activity ur doing, u can pay 3,000 or more for a bike. I have a mountain bike and so does my husband. They both were expensive. 2500.00 for one and 1,195.00 for mines. But idk if I wld want to spend tht on just a regular old bike just because its painted leopard. My bikes have differant gears and features plus wheels with special rubber to help with traction on rough paths so I get the price. I think this bike is made for celebrities to ride around in Hollywood on rodeo dr.

  • huh1

    I will stick to my workman tricycle, its it’s own name brand.

  • Is this their last attempt at staying in business?