StyleBlazer Survey: Solange Is All Dressed Up With No Makeup On (Bold Statement or Big Mistake?)

  • tesha

    she looks ugly with no make-up she shouldnt have did that

  • Cmarie43

    A fab dress, so amazing and it fits her well but she so terrible. Someone should photoshop her face and replace it with beyonce’s

    • Esther

      I hit ” like” mistakenly. She is beautiful. Her goal was to focus on the dress so I understand the understated no-make-up look. The only thing I think she should have added was lip gloss and a smile. STUNNING DRESS!

  • Tiffanyj

    she look good for 50 lol

    • Cj91957

      She is not 50

      • Cj91957

        She is 26 years old.

  • Tulani

    She has on makeup! It’s so subtle and the focus is the DRESS! Her brows are the strongest feature Something new. I like it!.

  • Dhicks1962

    I love no make-up….I have not worn make-up since I was 17 and I am 50 now….

  • Face full of makeup

    She most definitely has on makeup- it is just in nude/bronze tones that are close to hr natural skin color…. the author of this article should really KNOW what makeup looks like vs a bare face.


  • Rudie588

    She is beautiful with or without it. I love her boldness and the statement she makes wearing like she wants to.

  • Guest

    The dress and cuff are stunning. A warm inviting smile may have been the piece de resistance.

  • Trisha_B

    She looks tired. If she wanted the natural look, she could have at least covered the dark circles around her eyes so she wouldn’t look tired. She should have on a nice lip gloss. The bare face look doesn’t work for her on the red carpet. 

  • Bri Mei

    There is a time and place for everything..making a stand against makeup at a high end charity event…not one of them! 

  • Goldenladyp

    she just looks ashy

  • ARock76

    I think she looks beautiful.  Solange tends to go for brighter lipsticks.  I think that that would have been a mistake in this dress.  Surprisingly this color makes her natural skin glow.  The only think she could have used was a focal point on her face like a nice stud in her ears.

  • The Truth

    I seen this pic before….it’s not the no makeup I don’t like…it’s the dumb look she got on her face!

  • Karren Clark

    she look restless,, a smile would’ve done the trick…

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