Fatima Siad And More Fabulous Brown Models Featured In The Latest “Flaunt” Magazine (Former ANTM Vet Rocks It!)


In the latest issue of  Flaunt Magazine, Fatima Siad, as well as model sisters  Kelly and Cora Emmanuel, are featured in “Isolation Tank,” a pictorial shot by fashion photographer David Balmore. The gorgeous models spring into summer in pastels and neons, and rock luxe fabrics fit for a queen. They wear minimal makeup, to play up the dresses, it seems like they’re only glowing with bronzer.

Take a look at the full photo shoot here.



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  1. says:

    Brown models?

  2. says:

    loved it. Fathima is killing it in that aqua gown

  3. says:

    Loved it. Fatima killed it in that aqua gown. Gorgeous ladies.

  4. says:

    She looks like Jamie Fox sister.

  5. says:

    Beautiful I love being a black bombshell… We come from kings and queens.

    • says:

      bahahaha!!!!!! so delusional. ya, every one of ur nekkid tribesman with bows and arrows claims to be a king. that pile of cow sh!t is an awesome throne! so good that all those l0sers immigrate out asap to whyt countries. but kings and queens, whooo!

  6. says:

    My God these women are beautiful.  I loved the Beyoncé gown the best.

  7. says:

    I Don’t get how their photos are trying to be white. These girls are natural beauties. Fatima is Somali and obviously her characteristics are somewhat different than most of us African Americans .

  8. says:

    are u serious? their bodies are identical to typical euro models. idi0t.

    • says:

      Since you already answered my question fool….why don’t you ask your self why am I here, because you certainly aren’t too bright…THINK!!  before you reply to someone with a stupid answer.

  9. says:

    People always hatin on the darker skin breed…if they were lightskin it would be no hate…they r a beautiful representation of real sisters….kill the noise…hate is another form of love lol

  10. says:

    Smell a hater sniff sniff

  11. says:

    Is this the Fatima that was in ANTM? Fantastic work, Fatima!

  12. says:

    Fatima not that  pretty !!

  13. says:

    Im completely surprised. I’ve never seen an ANTM do a Couture Editorial, for any magazine. I think Fatima looks utterly amazing!!

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