Age Aint Nothin' But a Number: 15 Comparisons of Celebs That Are The Same Age, But Don't Look It

Age Aint Nothin’ But a Number: 15 Comparisons of Celebs That Are The Same Age, But Don’t Look It

Whether you like to believe it or not, celebrities are people too. And there are always some people who don’t quite look their age. A person make look a bit older than they actually are or be more mature than most others their age and visa versa. This is particularly interesting when it comes to celebrities. With some of the best beauty and style experts around, we often forget the actual age of some of our favorite starlets and which among them are peers. You’d be shocked to know who is the same age, but we’re here to tell you!



Dakota Fanning & Melodie Monrose


Adele & Zoe Kravitz


Rihanna & Jessie J


Katy Perry & Avril Lavigne



Lil Kim & M.I.A.




Beyoncé & Meagan Good



Jennifer Lopez & Gwen Stefani


Miranda Cosgrove & Taylor Momsen


  Amanda Bynes & Megan Fox

Heidi Montag & Camilla Bell—26

Jason Segel & Ryan Gosling—32

Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Watson—22

Nick Cannon & Kevin Hart—32

Rutina Wesley & Keshia Knight Pulliam—33

  • Rbazaldua_2000

    lil kim looks gorgeous!

    • Sunshine


    • Sassynhot

      She does?

    • Thominonose

      What u talkin bout Willis!

    • MsC

      alrighty then Ray Charles….

    •  are you for real?

  • UsherJustYou

    Lol you blind fool . I’m JOKING ; BUT SERIOUSLY . Lil Kim WAS a stunner ; BEFORE the surgery :O

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    I cant believe that fat woman adele is the same age as zoe kravitz..

    • The Truth

      Ya mamma fat!

    •  i will NEVA believe she is 23. she looks my age.

      • Jessica, yoo rook mahvelous. Absorootly mahvelous.

  • Lis

    I thought MIA was in her late twenties

  • Stephen Grayer

    Avril Lavigne Cant Be 27, and No Way In Hell J-Lo and Gwen Stefani Are 42

    • I thought J-Lo was older than that. I am 41 and I know she got me by 3 years. 

    • Waffleavenger

       Nope, Avril is 27. I know because she’s the same age as me.

  • Tender Roni

    Ummm the only one I was surprised by was MIA, she doesnt look a day over 23. Add 7yrs to Beyonce, this chic is not thirty, thirsty, but not 30!!!

    • Not throwing shade but…

      That made me laugh, but it’s so true. It was unfair putting Mia against Kim, Kim doesn’t even look human let alone 37!

  • diva

    Gwen Stafani may be close to 42 but jennifer lopez is every bit of 45yrs old so they need to stop with the industry ages and beyonce will never see 30yrs old agin she is every bit of 37-38 so she can get off the i’m 30yrs old bandwagon please if she is really 30 then she really had a baby not. Adele looks older and i can believe little kim 38 right along with nikki minaj in age.

    • Ruby Reed

      Of course Beyonce is 30. She was like 15 or 16 when she first started singing… I mean come on now! kelly jsut turned thirty… quitting critcizing these ladies and look in the mirror.

    • Beyonce actually looks younger without all the makeup on but I dont believe she’s 37

      • Twany

        Oh yes she is, Wendy Williams said this a while back when she was on radio in New York. Also, one of my classmates in high school became famous and fortunately for him he looked rather young for his age and his age was pushed back 8 yrs. so there is a such thing as REAL age & HOLLYWOOD age…..

        • Thominonose

          Yes, because Wendy Williams is soooooooo reliable!!! Wendy Williams is a MAN, maybe i’ll start listening to something he has to say when she admits that she is as much a female as Tyler Perry is when dressed as Medea! So your trying to say that Beyonce and Destiny Child were 26 passing as 15? Really? She cant get pregnant, she’s 49, she worships the devil and whats next? No one says this kind of stuff about successful white people. The hate has to stop! You wanna know why she looks so old ??? Maybe it is because of all the constant hate she gets from people is stressful!

          • Achica89

             LMAO. I’ve been saying forever that Wendy Williams used to be a man. Something about “him” seems a little off. Glad to know i’m not the only one that noticed.

          •  Frank Sinatra came in here and sat in this chair. I said Frank ‘you hang
            out with Joe Louis, just between me and you, how old is Joe Louis?’ You
            know what Frank told me, he said “Hey, Joe Louis is 137 years old.” A
            hundred and thirty-seven years old!

          • LOL!!!

          • I agree.  “He”  looks like a straight up drag queen. LOL.

      • BestGuest

         I agree. You can’t get away with faking age these days with records being as easily verifiable as they are. Beyonce was 12 when she did Star Search in 1993. She didn’t look 22 faking 12, she looked 12. That would make her 31 sometime in 2012.

    • Sassynhot

      I’ve always thought Adele looks at least 10 yrs older than her age, maybe it’s the tons of makeup she wears.  Lil Kim on the other hand needs to stop messing with what God gave her, now she’s hardly recognizable.

      • BloodyTired

         Adele looks older due to genes. Most overweight or obese women tend to look younger since fine lines and wrinkles are stretched and smoothed by fat.

        • RealityCheck

           Adele is obese? Spare me. I’ll take her over any skinny twig in a heartbeat. BloodyTired? More like BloodyBlind.

        • Thats a lie, plus you just contradicted yourself w/the whole adele thing..

    • guest

      I don’t know how Jennifer Lopez could be 45yrs old when she was born july 24th 1969…

      • Okash05

        wow, it says 42 up there. how’d ya miss that? witch means that she will be 43 in july

    • guest

      diva,did you miss all of your math classes? Jennifer Lopez was born  july24th 1969 and I may be wrong but where I come from that would make her 42yrs old and this july 24th 2012 she will turn 43.Beyonce was born sept.4th 1981, wouldn’t that mean she will be 31yrs old this sept..Now I could be wrong but I don’t think so…..

    • guest

      Jen is going to be 43, this year; she and my sister graduated from Holy Family Elementary school the same year. 

    •  agree with all but Beyonce. she doesn’t even look thirty to me. but she was born the same year as my baby sister. i was 11.

    • you know this how?

  • Guest

    the beauty of diversity. get a group of friends together who are the same age and you will see the same thing. also, heavy makeup and curly hair make younger people look older. i had to learn that!          
    some people also have youthful faces and bodies, while others have more mature faces and stature. if you’re short and small, you will probably appear younger even if you don’t look it in the face. the women in the photos, however, do look younger than their real age facially. 

    • Guest

      i mean the women over 25 look younger than their age. adele, for example, just looks older. zoe kravitz, rihanna, and that child actress look their ages. 

  • Miss_Eva

    MIA looks like 25

  • Shannon

    Okay, please already…Beyonce is hitting 40 and hard!  She’s a beautiful woman….just way past 30.  Does no one remember when she performed on Star Search back in the day (in the mid 80’s.)  She AND Kellie were both 12 or 13.  Do the math people.  And lil Kim, her face doesn’t even look human anymore, regardless of the age.  ijs

    • Shannon

      …..and J-LO is closer to 46.  I’m old enough to remember when this ladies got started.  You ain’t fooling me.  Be thankful for your age and keep it real!

      • Guest

        Why are you trying to make everybody as old as you? Lol. These people have classmates, former associates, and well-documented lives. It’s not as easy to lie about your age now, as it was back in the day. It would be easy to dig up childhood friends or birth certificates, for that matter, if these people were lying about their age. 

    • EW

       Um, dont you mean mid 90s, it was in 1993 when Beyonce appeared on Star Search.

      •  I remember watching them on Star Search, when I was stationed in Vilseck, Germany. That was 1991 – 1993.



      • anonymité

         Bcs Kelly turned 31 in february and Beyonce will turn 31 in september so for now she’s still 30 do some maths instead of embarrasing yourself on the net like this idiot



    • JustMe

      That was in 1993 , NOT the mid 80’s . Get your facts straight .

    • Guest

      Shannon how can you let people see that you can’t “DO THE MATH”  Beyonce was born Sept.4th 1981 now you “DO THE MATH”…….

    • Chringr

      Beyonce is not hitting 40

    • guest

      She was on Star Search in 1993…

  • KalifaWilliams

    jealousy in women is a sad pathetic thing
    most of you hating on beyonce look like sh!t but have the gall to call her old and ugly

    get a life….and cut the bitterness out….it reflects the ugliness of your soul

    • ScottieP

      i’d like ur comment but ur profile pic is gross

      • Rich

        Yea, thats naaaaaasty.

    • Yvettelopez300

      are u dumb?? if men and the media didnt give women such a high bar to try to reach then women wouldnt be so jealous of each other all the time besides none of these women really look like this anyway its all make up and nice clothes all this just goes to show people what u can look like if u have enough money so why dont u and all of the other men in america take beyonce and all these other celebrity women off the extremely high pedestals u put them on and remember the fact that no woman really looks like this

    • LOL amen!

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion BTW…WE’RE not ROBOTS you know..

    •  No one said she’s ugly. She just looks older than 30. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it has been suspected forever that she isn’t really the age she says.


      Your picture reminds me of a National Geographic spread.

  • This was terrible.  A lot of the celebs listed in the same category both looked the same age.

  • Ria


  • Guest

    Gwen and J-Lo look the same age, so does Megan Good and Beyonce, also Avril and Katy Perry — they look in the same bracket, this list is a fail.

    • Sassynhot

      Totally agree, I thought the same thing too.

    • Cms2713

      Agreed.  There were only two pairing in which I thought they two looked to be different ages.  

    • Rs1179

       I was about to make the exact comment. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • AC22

       Yea but neither of them look 42. Maybe that’s what they were trying to imply idk

    • GMJ

      Agreed – total waste of time and fail. Most pairs I couldn’t tell who was supposed to look older.

  • Sassynhot

    Beyonce was born in 1981.  Because she’s been in the biz from Satan was a boy it seems longer than that.  When Destiny’s Child hit the big times they were teenagers.  JLo was born in 1969, but remember she’s rich and can afford all the skin care treatments known to man.

  • quest

    MIA looks good and Megan looks to old. Too much make-up and over drawn eyebrows. Lil Kim just has issue’s. She should not even be a comparison.

    • Laila

      tattooed eyebrows for Meghan! She will have that look for awhile unless she covers them with makeup!

  • Ange248

    I find it hard to believe Beyonce is 30. Not that she looks older, far from it, but she could very easily be 35! Whatever, she looks fab. MIA looks like she is her twenties. Lil Kim looked better before she had surgery etc.

  • Laila

    MIA def looks better than lil Kim…anyone does… Meghan and Beyonce both look their age. Avril def looks young.

  • I think Katy Perry looks way older than her age, especially with no makeup. Gwen looks incredible and younger than her age. Lil’ Kim I just feel bad for.

  • Memphisstar

    I oddly remember a late thirties Gabrielle union mistakenly talking about being friend with bey once and them doing slumber parties sleep over when she was in performing art school and everybody was like WTF you doing sleepover with someone who would be 10 when you 18 or 19 and then of course their was some people out of Houston that leaked her vital records or whatever that showed she should be about 37 or 38 that all got swept under the rug. Celebs are known for changing their age and I think Bey one.

    • Twany

       Ur right she is!!! Wendy Williams said the same thing as well LOL!!!!

  • coco1love

    I had no idea that Gwen was 42, she looks great!

    • JustAnOpinion14

       I think JLo looks better…she’s absolutely beautiful!

      • larry

         they are both absolutely beautiful. and they have teams of people to make them that way.

        • JustAnOpinion14

           I’d love a team 🙂

      • You are out of your mind, Gwen Stefani is much better looking. I’d leave my wife for a shot at her. J-Lo I would do if she begged me. Of neither would happen, but thats just my opinion

      • Jlo is beautiful, but in this photo, you can tell there’s a lot of make up and photoshop put into it.

    • Guest

      I knew Gwen was 42, but only because I have had a 20+ years long crush on her, lol. I probably have had one for JLo all the way back to her fly girl days as well, so about as long for her too.

    • She looks so much younger than JLo and her attitude and fashion make her seem much younger as well!

      • yeah I think she looks younger than JLO too, it’s her eyes I think lol …

  • jamaicanchica

    This article is weak at most

  • Yahoo

    Should have put gabielle union she’s almost 40 but looks really young

  • Rhonda Pope

    I must agree with most of the comments this article was horrible.  Most of these people look the same age.  The only somewhat of a shocker was MIA and that was a good shock because she actually look younger.  I clicked on this thinking to see a real difference.  Most of these ladies look nice.

  • No

    I thought Adele was in her 40’s . Bey is cute, but she does looks old. 

  • Starr1crenshaw

    Megan you would look just as young if you would do something with that horrible hairstyle! This is 2012!

  • Guest

    MIA is 37?!! No way!

  • Rmb18queen

    M.I.A and Gwen Stefani look 10 to 15 years younger than they really are!! Go girls 🙂

  • who does Megan’s make-up??? She looks real from the neck down and plastic and shiny from the neck up. 

  • Sapphire

    The only reason Lil Kim looks more like the mom of one of her peers is because of all the ridiculous surgeries she’s had.  Looking at her reminds me of just how fragile the mind is.

  • LovelyGal

    had no idea MIA was 37-she looks fab!!!

    i didn’t know Gwen was in her 40’s-she has a very young face.

    I still refuse to belive Bey is only 30-im thinking like 32/33.

    • Clarissajgarza

      Because you age SO much in two years. get real

  • ONE question… who designed this story?  Who creates a up/down comparison on a web page. Any GOOD designer knows that side by side comparisons are the correct format.  NOBODY like to compare things going up and down because you can’t see both items at the same time.  Next time hire someone who knows what they are doing

  • ONE question… who designed this story?  Who creates a up/down comparison on a web page. Any GOOD designer knows that side by side comparisons are the correct format.  NOBODY like to compare things going up and down because you can’t see both items at the same time.  Next time hire someone who knows what they are doing

    • Hoosiernewman

      Yep- it’s goofy as hell, Plus I don’t count 7, I count 4 on this page.  Poor Editing and oversight.

      • guest

         It is just the cover page.

      • ilovecondiments

        You have to scfroll down to the row that shows 1 2 3 4 5 6 etc and the Next and buttons to go to the next page – all their pages are like this.

    • Okash05

      not everyone’s as perfect as you apparently, and what do you do again?

      • Fironstag

         Interesting rebuttal.  Not only is it completely off topic, you seem to have misplaced your shift key.

    • TruthfullyReally?

      100% agree! I thought the same exact thing when I had to scroll down to COMPARE. Who doe that? Rookie…lol

    • Paul Treiber

      Adblock is awesome for killing ads. But the page is definitely atrocious.

    • Ashley

      Okay your an idiot if you think Adele looks like she is 23.

      • What are you 3?  “you are an idiot neener neener”. 

        She does look 23.

        • instantphoebe

          She definitely does not look 23. As a 24 year old, I think she honestly looks like she’s in her early 30s.

          • Prcaregirl

            she looks older because of the way her makeup is done and adele is more mature for her age, she probaly chooses to look more mature so she has her makeup done that way and dresses that way, think about it have u ever seen her dress like a normal 23 yr old shes plus she looks nice no matter what age

          • She still looks older, which is the whole point. lol.

          • Tup

            she dont dress like a 23yr old cause shes fat.

          • Ninja2890

            You, sir or madam, are an arse.

          • DAR_IN_NY


          • Tiabrooks1

            Tup, You are exactly right. She has to dress in what clothes that can fit her. Loose some weight Adele.

          • Britt

            now, you are calling her loose? someone is jelly…

          • Good old schooling. The word is LOSE. If you are going to blog, use words people can understand -lest they realize you are ignorant.

          • Myserie6018

            I see new photos of here and she did lose a quite a bit of weight. Her clothes look fine. You’re ignorant.

          • Myserie6018


          • howtogrowgoddesses

            You do realize that clothing comes in more than one size, yeah? Like.. you have purchased your own clothing before, correct?

            She would probably look as old or older if she were underweight. Most women do.
            I’ll admit that I also thought she was a lot older, but maybe I wrongly assumed that you have to be at least in your 30’s to emulate Ricky Lake in “Hairspray”.

          • hotnoodles

            she’s not a model, she’s a singer, and her voice is magnificent. too bad we can’t all be perfect like YOU, right?

          • j;lkj

            ha ha you are so clever! I bet making fun of her weight makes you feel really good about all your faults.

          • hotnoodles

            too bad your “witty” comment was ruined by your atrocious grammar.

          • Fat people tend to look younger than thin people of the same age. Find and compare pics of any celebrity who suddenly lost a lot of weight when they were in their 40s/50s and you’ll see

          • Jaimarai

            I agree she looks like she’s in her 30s.

          • lol please, I am in my thirties… and I thought the chick was older than me LOL I about fell over when I learned she is in her EARLY 20’s

        • Andrea

          The 23-year-olds you know look really old then. I’m 24 and if I saw someone like Adele on the street, I’d assume she was in her late 20s/early 30s. It’s the makeup, hairdo and the way she dresses that ages her, not so much her weight.

      • KC

        It’s “you’re”, not “your”. Embarrassing mistake when used with “idiot”.

      • I’m 29 and if I were to guess without reading this I’d have said Adele was older than me. 

      • Lori Payne

        Adele looks like she’s 40 years old.

      • she isnt fat y’all brainwahed..from false advertisement

      • jon

        well she IS, so thinking she is not is very idiotic.

    •  I was going to say the same thing!  lol I’m 23 so maybe I’m biased but they both look great in those pics to me…

      • they do both look good, but adele looks way older

    • babystreat

      They also might want to find a writer who speaks English as a first language. I really hope they didn’t pay someone to write that.

      • PennyDreadful

        Yes, it’s distressing that, from the very title, she can’t even choose the proper pronoun for a person: it’s “who”–not “that.” What a waste of bandwidth.

      • Judith

        Wait, wait…hold it just a moment. English is my second language and my grammar, punctuation, and spelling are better than most native speakers. I also know more U.S.history, geography, and literature than most people educated here in the good US of A. Oh, and I came to this country in my 30s, having been educated in my native schools. So there!

        Also, I am not a xenophobe.

    • Ann_maxter

      I was just getting frustrated over that very same thing. Plus, some DO look the same age, anyway. 

    •  Yeah, too many ads, crappy design, slow loading. I only stayed here to add comments and move on. I wouldn’t come back to this site.

      • Guest

        I agree with you.  My 7 year old grandson could do a more professional job.

      • omg i thought i was the only one that had a really laggy page!

      • Yeah. Unprofessional design. They should copy Wonderwall or something.

    • Who makes a comment without reading prior comments? We already covered this, dude. It’s old news.

    • Sam_Sonite

      Plus the celebs look about the same age.

    • That Guy

      Not to mention the pics used are HORRIBLE for comparison! This whole website exudes failure!

    • Tesla

      Not to mention that the aspect ratio of the photos has been compromised.

    • nothanksimok

      If they posted them side-by-side, there would be no room for their bajillion ads…

    • Rocco

      But then we couldn’t notice Kim Kimble’s mustache.

    • ali

      Its the I-Watched-Hair-One-Too-Many-Times hair that makes Adele look like she is in her 40s… if she would just change the hair I think she could pull off a sophisticated late twenties-mature for her age look…

    • Wow. Way to many advertisements while I just want to read the story.

    • gewwwe

      What he or she said.

    • Jille

      Haha, you are totally right and they are all on separate pages. Annoying!

      Also, I dont think any of these are outlandish outside of Lil Kim looking old compared to MIA who looks great for her age.

    • Judah Lau

      They’re side by side on my screen. But yes, layout is still unwieldy.

  • Ms. Cateye I mean Lil Kim you need a different surgeon… You used to be cute and phat now you’re just fat and need lessons from MIA on how to maintain your looks. 

  • ssimonds

    What was the point of this story?

  • Kellyknorth

    Well, that was five wasted minutes that I’ll never get back!

    • mc

      oh, shut up.  it was obviously a waste-of-time read just from the title.  it’s your fault if you decided to view it, jesus christ.

      • Donna Desfosses

        over react much?!

  • TheReal_ScottPilgrim

    Why is everyone gettin hype ovr these photos??? Calm down! You don’t know them, they don’t know you and no matter what you all say they’re still rich and your still sittin in front of a computer screen doing what again…? oh, right…. nada

  • datgirl

    What’s the difference b/w jlo and gwen stefani?….i don’t get it. Probably because i’m their age too. They both look good. If your saying you can’t believe they’re both 42 then i definitely agree. if it’s something else ur comparing then i would have to say that i don’t agree.

  • she looks great for 37

  •  yep. 

  • Gwyn, MIA, and Dakota win. Article fail.

  • Casey

    How are Jessie J and Rihanna so different? They have different careers, but both women are on a similar track and both look about the same age. This article is pointless.

  • I would like to travel back to the day before Avril and Katy Perry were conceived and sterilize both their mothers

    • DC


  • Whoever wrote and designed this is probably going to be paid but they shouldn’t be.  Everything about this was terrible from the fact that I had to scroll to compare to the fact that a lot of the celebrities still looked like they were the same age despite the fact that they had different looks.

  • Jay S.

    Paging your freshman English teacher…you mean WHO are the same age, not THAT are the same age.

  • JoeDeleon

    At first glance it looks like Lil Kim has her panties down at her ankles.

  • DC

    Lil Kim looks like she was rode hard and put away wet.

  • Mgh_ajg

    Lil Kim just looks crazy cuz of all the surgery she has had! Eek she gets scaryier everytime I see a new pic

  • mustbepbs

    Dakota is finally 18? Daaaaang…

  • MyNameIsTed

    “Age Aint Nothin’ But a Number: 7 Celebs That Are The Same Age, But Don’t Look It”

    Or, for those of you who didn’t fail second grade math, “7 celebrity PAIRS that are the same age and may or may not look it.”

    • LOL.  Who wrote and designed this story?  They need classes!  Also, older celebrities would have been more dramatic.

  • HoboGreed

    Total crap

  • just a hunch but i bet the people leaving negative comments also moonlight as grammar nazis  …

  • Findmissingsoul

    This is a fail because Melodie Monrose is 20.

  • GurlTalk

    this is dumb…most of them look very much the same age…bad examples

  • Adele looks terrible for her age.  Gwen looks great!

  • Everybody looked the same age as the person they were compared to. Also the formatting of this article was terrible. Way to go. 

  • RealityCheck

    Avril looks like Rocky Racoon.

  • Like another poster said, only a couple of these pairs looked much different at all. This was dumb.

  • RealityCheck

    Lil Kim and M.I.A. both look M.I.A. at least 50 years ago.

  • Bobdeloyd

    The only on I recognized was Avril Lavigne. The identities of other ones are a mystery to me 🙁
    Yes Rebel62, a side by side should’ve been done…

  • Makebahester

    Adele is NOT 23!!!! Really…. More like 33

    • I’m really thinking 43!

  • Makebahester

    Beyonce is NOT 30 more like 37

  • Erock

    They all look the same age??? I dont get it???

    • Larry

       The only one that was ok was the lil’Kim one but that’s just cause she looks busted. All the other comparisons were just stupid.

    • Plantkiller

      MAYBE Lil Kim looks older than M.I.A.  But the rest of them all look about equal – and quite good, all of them.

      •  Agreed. This was a waste of time.

      •  So true!  And Dakota Fanning’s comparison to the model was just silly.  The model had a ton of makeup on and Dakota was fresh faced. 

      • kim probably would not look as crazy as she does without all the surgery … smdh

    • Tiger_c316

       Dakota Fanning still  looks like a 15 year old and Lil Kim looks older.

      But the rest of them (Mainly the ones in their 20’s) I was just ended up being more focused on how I’m starting to become older than the stars out there. I remember when I was younger than the stars out there….

      • Mpo 1986

         im older than adele, howd that happen? and imo adele does not look 23 she looks 43.

        • SnarkysMachine

          Seriously. She looks like an attractive older soccer mom. Zoe K. looks much younger than 23 and Adele looks much much older. 

          • you guys are so nosy, what is a celeb anyway, rich people watched by sheep who want to be someone else, some people cannot stand who they are..

          • lol but you decided to look and respond, classic!

    • Tiabrooks1

      Not true, Zoe and Adele do not look the same age.

  • 123

    buti still love you

  • Of the Seven pairs of “Celebes”  I only knew 4 of them:  Dakota Fanning,  Jo Lo,  Gwen, and Avril

    Have no ideal who anyone else was,

    • Propoet86

       You seriously haven’t heard of Adele…do you live under a rock? Even my 80 year old grandmother knows who Adele is…and what about Rhianna?

  • Admission82

    Absolutely zero shockers here.

  • Bsandman89

    I just hate it for lil Kim. Believe it or not she used to be hot. Before the surgeries, she WAS fine, a natural beauty

  • Nobisquit

    hmmm…I though Adele was 40ish,,,

  • Nobisquit

    M.I.A. looks 19…Lil Kim looks her age…

    • AnaRoW

       Lil Kim doesn’t look human.

    •  Yikes!  I hope you don’t think that’s what a 37 year old should look like!  If they would have compared Gwen Stefani or J.Lo to Lil Kim, she would have still looked older then the both of them.

  • Threemee2003

    just stay out of the sun and other elements , like too much wind in your face and too much time in water. 

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  • Goingundergone

    When I clicked article it said “Paid Distrubution” so does that mean they were paid to write this and mention these people?

  • NarutoFriendOmoi

    Nice they should do a male version too.

  • cdmsr

    If you could stuff one more piece of crap on a page, maybe it wouldn’t load at all. That’s  your goal, right?

  • nichash

    It’s sad that everyone talks so badly about how beyonce looks…come on, not one person can say she is not beautiful and actually mean it. She’s 30 and if she’s not, at least she looks it!

    • I think she is 30.  But I don’t think she looks 30 (maybe without the silly weaves and cake of makeup).   Most 30 year olds I know (including me), look 24. 

  • JustAnOpinion14

    the best looking one on the page is JLo… the rest look like tramps

  • JustAnOpinion14

     maybe they will after you and Marc Anthony take a roll in the hay… pervert!

  • Nonya

    Are you guys serious? When I first saw Adele I thought she was in her 40’s. Zoe Kravits looks like a teenager.

    • SnarkysMachine


  • Pipes

     This is a lousy article.  Poorly done layout (photos should be next to each other).  And, other than Lil Kim, all these woman look very good for their age.  I don’t see the point of this article.

  • pat m

    Of course all the celebs are female.  Because the concept of ‘looking your age’ and age in general is almost always exclusively a ‘female problem’.  Age and looks will always be the number one issue for a woman – not talent, education, or accomplishments.  Typical patriarchal rubbish.  

  • hey apathy

    I think with being a 27 year old divorcee, Avril should stop dressing like an angsty Hot Topic employee.

  • They actually do mostly look the same age.

  • I will admit I thought Adele was older, but she just has a mature face, she doesn’t “look” terrible as other comments suggested. Her skin is beautiful it is not old or haggard looking, she just looks older because of her features. Stop being so judgemental

  • Ben Noel

    It’s vice-versa, you twit

  • PC Modem

    The 2 best-looking women in this article!

  • Connie

    The only comparison that showed a real difference was lil kim and MIA.  What a stupid piece.

  • Phliphlip

    Made it to page 2 and gave up. Takes way to long and way to much work.

  • 4U1962

    I cannot believe Gwen Stefani if 42…it makes sense chronologically, but she is amazing.  JLO & Madonna do well too, but they just make it look so darn complicated!

  • 4U1962

    Do you think that’s a current photo??

    • She still looks that good whether its a current photo or not. Have you not see her new video or video with Madonna. She looks the same.

  • They all look it,

  • This was an awful list. In most cases the celebrities DO look about the same age, and I have no idea who the author thinks looks older or younger

  • This is the most horrible website ever. Spread the story out over 7 pages, and restart the SAME VIDEO AD EVERY TIME. And they wonder why people install adblock.

    Won’t be back to this site again. Morons. Get a real web designer in here.

  • Both Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stephani look great at 42!!

  • spreadluvpeace

    WOW!! Huuuuuuuge…..
    and I do agree with Rebel – side by side would have been more effective, but it still did blow me away!!

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  • Pakhunter_010

    Sure, if you cake on the make up, and a heavy spritzing of photoshop, and just look at the face it can be tough to know someone’s age.  Or if they’re even an actual person. Jennifer Lopez may not have the artificial face of a 42 year old, but I bet those hands are a dead giveaway.

  • Most of the comparisons made no sense.  I would say a good deal of your picks did look like they were a similar age.

    Now that Lil’ Kim pic, did you have to search hard to find one where she looked like a 60 year old drag queen?

  • IDK Mary-Kate is looking a bit old compared to Ashley.  

  • Then explain why Lil’ Kim looks that way?  

    • SnarkysMachine

      too much cosmetic surgery. 

  • Kl858

    Ive never heard of some of these “celebrities” and the ones i have heard of its not shocking they are the same age as the others they all look abt the same age as the ones u compared them to.  heck one of them looks like the same person in both pics!

  • Zoe

    People in entertainment lie about their age.  Duh.  This post looks like it was written and designed by a 7 year old stuck in the office of their parent on bring your child to work day.   I guess whether I believe it or not, crappy blog writers are people too.  Probably the dumbest opening sentence I’ve ever seen. People must not get paid who work here.  That, I can believe.

    • Peacetoallandtoallagoodnight

      I totally agree with you, Zoe. Even though the author cannot write to save her life, you would think she would use spell check!  Check out this sentence: “A
      person make look a bit older than they actually are….”  she
      meant: “may look a bit older…”  Then there’s this one: “and visa versa.”  She obviously meant “vice
      versa” but she couldn’t look these things up before she writes a column!  Pathetic.

  • SnarkysMachine

    Look at Zoe K and Adele again. Sorry, but Adele does not look 23 when compared to Zoe K. 

    • mss

      She’s just heavily made up and “coiffed”, for the event where she was photographed.

  • Jack King

    I thought Adele was in he forties!!

  • Jack King

    What REALLY gets you in trouble is when 15 year olds look 25. LOL

  • Dh

    Wow, I’m at a loss for which pissed me off more:

    1) The horrific, jittery, horribly laid out web page

    2) Four of the seven look like their the same age

    Last time I click on a “sponsored” story

  • Scully

    This story sucks. Not only did I have to scroll DOWN (WTF?) to compare the celebs, but I had to keep clicking to the next page, too… Everyone knows comparisons go side by side, and should be in a slideshow format, not paginated like this. What kind of designer/writer are you?


  • AzulAzul

    Absolutely agreed, Rebel62; poor design!  But one more thing: if the point is to show contrast, JLo & Gwen Stafani look exactly the same age-wise. They look much younger than their years…that one’s not a good example at all.

  • The first one is wrong right off the bat! Melodie Monrose is 20, not 18!

  • Jane

    Why no male celebrities in this scrutiny fest?

  • Melodie Monrose0 is 20

  • Lil Kim looks like she is 60. 

  • pamelakae

    Wow you guys are brutal!  If you don’t like the layout don’t read it!

  • Skwasnik

    I was hoping to see Lindsey compared to someone her age.

  • Lois Murray

    First of all, what’s up with calling these women “starlets”?  Are you kidding me?  What century is the writer from?  That term is both gender-biased and inaccurate.  The women pictured are, respectively, famous and respected singers and/or actresses. 

    Starlet is a mid-20th century term that means actresses who might or might not be on their way up, but are more than likely to remain on the C-list indefinitely.  Adele, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez hardly fit that profile. 

    You should learn to be more accurate and less anti-women

  • Cclawnj

    I count 14 celebs, not 7.

  • bangxbangxtrain

    unlike others here, i can say that i really enjoyed that article. it’s the social phenomenom of hearing a certain name around your house for a while but not thinking about age affecting them. i was really surprised to hear meagan good is 30 since she’s always looked 19 to me, I was also surprised to hear M.I.A. and gwen stefani’s age. i dunno what you guys are talking about lol this was a good article

  • lovelisa

    I had no idea Gwen Stefani is that old.  I thought she was a lot younger.  And, I always thought Adele was in her 40’s…one of those stars found late in life (like Bonnie Raitt.)  Interesting.  I really don’t follow pop culture crap like what these people are doing…or wearing…or who they’re dating…I’m sure I’ll forget who half these people are in the next 5 minutes.

  • Yvonneoliea

    What a wast if time.

    • CamelSpyder

      Yet, you wasted time to look at the photos and comment. Some people are wast (with an e) of time.

  • Stewart Wolmark

    This is fascinating.

  • iwantmymommy

    I want to see tan mom with anybody else her age!!

    • TheGoodFaery

      Tan…or charred?

  • Bboo

    Wow, that was terrible.  

  • Ruthy27

    Terrible comparisons, the only one I saw that seemed crazy was Adele, I thought she was well into her 30’s. but weight will do that to you.

    • TheGoodFaery

      Her styling is very much of a different era.  I think she’s quite beautiful, but doesn’t dress in a contemporary manner at all.  

  • Katy and Avril look like train wrecks in their photos.

  • Dbertelo

    …ummm  seven pages with two celebs each would be FOURTEEN

  • asadosiopao

    sorrry but dakota fanning is freaking HOTTTTT! 

  • Nepospisilova

    OMG !!!! its like well unbelievable

  • CamelSpyder

    M.I.A. looks great for 37. She does not look a day over 20. She’ s either making effort to keep her youthful looks or she’s got absurdly good genes like Stacy Dash.

  • Guest

    I seed I’m not the only one lost here.  What is the point of this story??  MOST of these people DO look the same age. 

  • Guest

    seed…ha ha…talk about a typo that makes me sound illiterate

  • Sparkledahlin

    okay most of these people look exactly the same age… wtf.

  • tim


  • MIA IS THIRTY SEVEN?! Good God I thought she was more around mid-twenties…

  • Addadasqwd

    first of all. i have trouble determining who is “supposed” to be the old looking one and who is supposed to be the young looking one.  secondly, at least one person from each couple compared is NOT a celebrity…who is JesseJ and Zoe Kravitz????possibly being a famous person’s kid DOES NOT make you a celebrity.  I can’t believe some vapid, borderline illiterate person got paid money to write this…well, i don’t even know what to call it, but it’s not an article.

    • MDA

      Zoe Kravitz is a celebrity, not an A-list celebrity, but a celebrity nonetheless. She’s currently featured on the cover of NYLON magazine and if you check her IMDB page, you’ll see that she’s spent the past couple of years developing an acting career. She’s not just featured here because she’s the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. She has an actual career. 
      Jessie J is a budding, UK-based pop star and she has performed on popular shows such as Saturday Night Live. So, no, she’s not a barely-known singer as your comment seemingly suggests. Just because she doesn’t possess Beyonce/Rihanna-level popularity doesn’t means she’s not a celebrity. I think, more than anything, your comment speaks to your limited scope of what’s buzzing right now in terms of music, film and pop culture. Perhaps you should consider checking out some recording artists and movies that don’t always feature A-listers.As for this article as a whole, I agree that a side-by-side comparison would have worked better. In some of these profiles it’s clear who looks older; in others, not so much…perhaps some descriptions would have made the author’s opinions clear to readers. #YallCouldHaveDoneABetterJob

      • Autrement

        So are you an agent for one of these people or somebody who writes for this website?  Maybe the designer of this terrible gallery? 

        Just a suspicion.

        • MDA

          Your suspicions are BS, dear reader. Funny this is, I don’t even listen to Jessie J; I just happened to follow people on Twitter who talk about her on occasion. I found out about her on Bassey Ikpi’s timeline and on a friend’s Tumblr.  As for Zoe, she’s featured on enough blogs so it’s easy to keep up with her. *shrugs*

          • Autrement

            “She’s currently featured on the cover of NYLON magazine and if you check her IMDB page, you’ll see that she’s spent the past couple of years developing an acting career.”
            “Jessie J is a budding, UK-based pop star and she has performed on popular shows such as Saturday Night Live.”

            Well you might consider a career as a publicist, because you sure write more like a publicist than an actual human being.

            This stuff sounds like it comes straight out of Tiger Beat or something.

    •  She’s been in quite a few movies I’ve seen with…*gasp*….actual lines from a script.  I suppose you didn’t see “X-Men: First Class.”

  • Sanrand

    Yes the format is annoying and I moved on ………………..

  • just me

    M.I.A. You look like an idiot !! do us a favor,stop teasing us and pull that trigger !!

  • This was a really dumb article. Complete wasted of my time!!

  • Dave Chait

    dumbest story idea ever.

  • Whoo

    The story’s facts are wrong too…. Because Avril Lavigne is thirty, 30, 3-0. It says so on IMDB, allmusic, etc.

  • Autrement

    This would probably be more interesting if I knew who these people were….

    Jessie J?  Melodie Monrose?  Meagan Good?  Would anyone know Zoe Kravitz if not for her dad?

    I mean I’m not like a cultural hermit or something …. are these really household names?

    • Scott Nwatu

      You don’t know who meagan good is? 

      • Autrement

        Em…. no.

         I looked at her wiki filmography…. I might have seen her on House.  Afraid I missed such classics as “Saw V” and “The Love Guru”

  • Guest

    I couldn’t figure out who was supposed to look “older” or “younger” in most of the comparisons.  Dakota Fanning  vs. Unknown and M.I.A. vs. Lil Kim were the sole exceptions.  And I agree wholeheartedly with the other posters that you have some work to do on the “page loading” efficiency….it takes way too long and is not worth the wait.

  • Phil

    I was a little confused by the J-Lo / Gwen one.  Who was supposed to look older in this pair?  Both look amazing in their pics.  The Beyonce one confused me as well.  Interesting idea, but terrible execution.

  •  lol!  I think Gwen looks really good (in that photo anyway).  But I think people base J.Lo’s looks on her body.  Because to me, she looks no younger then 38.  So 42 isn’t a stretch. 

  • who’s melodie monrose-never heard of her

  • who is zoe kravitz-never heard of her

    • TheGoodFaery

      Daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz.  Acted in an X-men movie.

  • Lil kim looks like a hefty grandma

  • The women who are 42 don’t look like the real-world 42. Where are the neck wrinkles? We know they have money so you know what they used it for.

  • JennyBenny318


  • JennyBenny318

    The one that shocks me the most is Adele. She does not look like she’s 24! She looks more like late 30’s.

  • Leighabc123

    How can Lil Kim be 37 when she wasn’t born until July 1976?

  • God, that Lil Kim looks more and more like a hag—I thought she was in her late 40s!

  • Rihanna and Jessie J look the same age, lol

  • So, when did Katy Perry decide that purple looked great in her hair?

  • WTF.  Middle Easterners must age well.

  • Why the eff does everyone keep saying Adele looks like she is 40? It’s just because she always wears lots of makeup and mature outfits.  When you have the money to look good, it can usually make you look older too.  Plus, she isn’t skinny and starving herself like most women in the public eye – she has curves, so she looks like a woman.  You should look like a woman when you’re 23, not 16. 

  • Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number total Aaliyah reference I love it. Glad to see she isn’t forgotten 

  • aint , is not a word

  • Blazer1224

    Age ain’t nothing but a number… And the number I’m thinking of is $100.00 >slap<

  • This page has the worst design for viewing comparative pics I’ve ever seen. Every single page has to be scrolled down to compare the two images of the celebrity. Horrible work. Place the two side by side idiot. Thumbs down to your web designer for a crappy job. 
    I’d say the frames wouldn’t allow for side by side placement because of all the crappy ads on the right. It would have offset the left. He could have at least re-sized the pictures and made them match and fit the frame. Pics were all different sizes as well. Shoddy work.

    • GuestPatriot

      Get a life. LOL

      • caz

        GuestPatriot – You get a life. This UI sucks big time. Maybe you are a sucker for bad taste.

      • Anonymous

         I’d have more time to get a life if I didn’t waste time scrolling due to incompetent page design.

    • What?

      No scrolling here on my 30″ monitor. 😉

    • Anthony Cable

       Become more technically savvy.

      CTRL+Mousewheel and zooom out the page. I haven’t had to scroll at all =D

      • AZRANGER

        That still doesn’t fix the problem, just makes it smaller. Poor web design on the page, but anymore the most important part is to make sure the ads are nice and big. That they did well!!

      • Jay

        it’s poorly designed and frustrating to go thru, that’s it. Nothing else to be said about, it sucks.

    • They did place them side by side but the size of the images forced the format. Their pictures are too large and the brains of their web designers are too small. Anyone, especially people who don’t bother to check their work, can be a web designer, apparently.

      • tinny

        the images were definitely not placed side by, because there is writing separating them and if it were supposed to be horizontal that would still be nestled between. Meaning they very consciously (and stupidly) stacked it. Confirmed by checking the page source coding (thus proving that I am a nerd – sigh)

    • Diatta Rachel

       Your criticisms are very honest and true but you could be less rude about it.

      • Deanbob

        it shows her level of distates for the way content was delivered, I on the other hand see no merit to the disbelief, as most of the same-aged celebs look very much similar in age, but not in fashion-sense…. the 2 that seem dis-similar are Dakota & Melodie, and perhaps Lil Kim and MIAm because  DF and MIA have not worn themselves out living the hard life

      • Nothing’s more stupid and pointless than tone trolling.

        • jeffkaylor51

          well said

    • Anon

       Then you’re invited to create your own site to show us how it’s done, or simply STFU.  🙂

    • Mario

      It’s not difficult to scroll down.

  • Susanlynnanders

    what an odd story… I do not get it

  • VaVaVoom

    This is more like who looks their age and who looks worn out. I was really REALLY shocked at the age of some of these people. Ick. I thought living a more “posh” lifestyle would preserve them a bit…I was wrong.

  • rridiculous.i didn’t see one pair who didn’t look the same age

  • Ana

    Wow, I thought Adele was in her 30’s. I wish the pictures were side-by-side. Oh well.

    • I can’t believe she’s only 23 either.  Wow. 

    • DiamondDNice

      i think it’s cause she dresses like an old lady too. Granted where i live all the 40 year olds look and dress about 25 so that’s part of it. lucky me!!!

  • bella

    how can you really compare since most of the photos are photoshop!

  • WOW Gwen Stefani is 42?  Whatever you’re doing keep it up. 

  • Scott

    How about this one: Keaneu Reeves and Russell Crowe. (Born in 64)

  • Kgal1298

    I’d like to say that all these celebs look way younger than they should and that’s probably because they are all successful and can afford really expensive stuff that most normal folk can’t. : / as for them not looking the same age as the other in the photo not really they all look great in my opinion. 

  • jujubee

    this list is a big fail.. they all look very similar in age, bad comparisons

    • Pinewalker

      I thought so too except for Dakot…..all the others I was like huh?  They could have put Lindsay Lohan in there….she looks 50 already, but no they brain farted that one

  • Greenapple

    worst article ever. no sh*t they’re people like anyone else. OBVIOUSLY some people look younger or older given their age. stupid article.

  • lovingparentof2

    I hate these new video ads that you can’t exit out of. This is a complete violation of our space. You think you’re going to read an email, instead a gawdy ad BLASTS onto you and you have no idea where it came from and there’s no option to exit out of it. So frustrating! These ads are crossing the line.

  • Guest

    7? i count 14

  • Who really cares.

  • Jconifer

    I gave up trying to see the photos but continued to fight this site for about 15 minutes just so I could tell you how poorly it was made.  all of the ads took forever to load so I no longer cared about anything but hating every advertiser listed on the side of the page, especially that video that played over and over on every page and multiple times when the page would freeze and I would have to reload.  VERY badly done.

    • Pinewalker

      exactly!  Thank you!

  • ticonb

    Except for the Lil Kim vs. MIA example I did not think the celebs pictured looked like they were of different ages. And Lil Kim only looks old because of all the botched plastic surgery.

  • Rebecca Chan

    Beyonce and Megan good both DO look their age, actually..

    • DiamondDNice


  • Guiggy

    Zoe is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet.

  • Ahaha


  • P. Smith

    Most look the same age- just a matter of makeup application. Would be a fairer comparison if we could see what they actually look like without the makeup.

  • Waverlycampbell21

    Wow. That was the least surprising article I’ve read in a long time. A lot of the comparisons sucked because they did look the same age… Lame. 

  • Tiabrooks1

    Zoe is Lenny Kravits and Lisa Bonet’s daughter google them.

  • Whoever chose these comparisons sucks as their job. With the exception of Lil Kim and MIA they all look their age and look like the same age as the person their being compared to. Isn’t the point supposed to be that one either looks much younger or much older than the other? Lame and disappointing. 

  • I have to concur with all of the negative comments.  A waste of cyberspace.  Adele does look a bit older than Zoe Kravitz and Li’l Kim definitely looks older than MIA, but for the other pairs, they all look to be about the same age.  They should have paired Tyne Daly with Sally Field.

  • joeschmoehohoho

    I guess Lil Kim been partyin’ hard…She looks like 10 miles of bad road, got butt ugly!!!

  • Notqaben

     esta panocha

  • doobeedoobeedoo

    Avril’s eyes can’t seem to agree on where to look.

  • stoneyfromnc

    where are the differences? except for the disfigured looking black chick.

  • Twade

    No big surprises here. Just Adele looks much older than 23.

  • Duh..hate to say it guy, but with the exception of Dakota Fanning and whoever the first one was these women all look the same age. Look past the makeup and the facial expressions and you will see young women who look chronologically very much alike. 

  • Kachinadreamer

    These are supposedly professionals putting together these pages. Clearly someone does not understand the very basics of usability statistics. I will say this bluntly, I agree this page was done in the shabbiest way possible. An elementary student could and has produced better work. i would say her criticism is more of an observation and considering the majority of people who bothered to reply, were so distrubed by the usability of a link and pages that are on a major media outlets site, it is well deserved. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If someone is looking for better comments, they could have taken the time to improve the HTML code.

  • This was a good read. Who know Adele was so young? She’s an old soul… With an “old” look to match.

  • rian

    the only two who don’t look their ages are Dakota Fanning and MIA

  • benen


    Most of them look the same age. Like the last one… JLo and Gwen are both young looking 42 year olds. Which one are we supposed to think is the hag and which one is the young looking one?

  • Jennifer

    some of these people aren’t even the same age -_-

  • lula

    I’d say most of these aren’t shocking, except for dakota fanning and MIA. I mean, most of these women look exactly the same age

  • Emjay2345

    i’m sure it’s been said on here a few times, but almost every pairing look about the same age.  This is weak

  • IMO, Lil Kim looks used up compared to MIA

  • Looks are a matter of makeup and photoshop.

  • I can’t say I agree with all of these. Like for instance,
    Jennifer Lopez & Gwen Stefani they look the same age, but they don’t look 42… maybe want to revise the name of the article… and also yes, if you are going to a photo article, then you need a better way to view the photos.

  • Gini

    Sorry, I don’t see it! In addition to the very poor layout, I really didnt see any pair who looked very different- I had a hard time picking which the editors thought looked older. Must be a slow “news” day….

  • I like Lil Kim but that was the worst pic I have seen of her- could not even recognize her!

  • CG

    M.I.A. actually doesn’t turn 37 until July 18. They jumped the gun a little bit on that one.

  • guest

    I think it says something bad about me that I scrolled to the third pair before realizing this was a total waste of time. Shame on me.

  • annonym

    one cannot do any accurate comparisons when the images of the subject are not equal in size, pixels, and aspect ratios. for example, when you have a subject in a wide shot being compared to another person in a tight close-up one there is no proper comparison. at the very least there should have been an attempt to similarly crop each set of photos being used for such comparisons. i further question the fairness of these comparisons based on the subject’s ethnicities. when you have one subject possessing more melanin compared to that of another subject who is noticeably lacking pigmentation, it will be an easy win for the one possessing melanin. science tells us that darker pigmented people tend to look younger than people with paler complexions. as for excessive degrees of partying and drugging this becomes another sort of comparison, eh? thus, leading one to realise not much thought and planning seems to have gone into this “comparative test.” hence, the most obvious speculative reasoning for this “test” was merely to supply ads and to obtain everyone’s email address for spamming solicitations.

  • annonym

    …and, let me add to my previous post noting that each of the subject’s used also have varying degrees of thickness as to make-up being piled onto their faces. the purpose of makeup is to alter one’s true “identity” (age). remove the makeup and you have a more honest view of what the subject actually looks like; this includes being able to gauge better one’s age.

    finally, i hope all the photos of those celebrities were taking in the very same year as were their opposing counterparts.

    all this is to shed light on the many problems in this “test” possessing any merit whatsoever.

    lastly, i hope people used a bogus email address as did i to submit comments to protect yourself from being spammed because of their comments, which are my beliefs as to the main purposes of the hastily compiled “test” being done here.

  • the only shocking ones were Dakota Fanning and whoever that other 18 year old was, and the fact that ADELE is 23! I thought she was at least 30!

  • So, apparently these folks are supposed to look like they are different ages? …a couple kinda do.

  • dorrie54

    It has nothing to do with how you party…I did a lot in my life and I still look a lot younger than people my I went to school with…It has to do with the GENES…Either you get good ones or you don’t…Beside isn’t this the way bullying starts.

  • Annie

    MIA looks good for her age compared to who was picked to compare too! There must have been someone else 37 that hasn’t had many plastic surgeries to ruin her face.

  • jfcarro

    Actually that person was speaking against a generalization, if YOU had done some proper reading yourself. You should be saving that comment for the people who make incessant claims of precisely what that poster was debunking…that all black people age gracefully and white people don’t. I bet you never say a word against those people, though. This person wasn’t saying anything about everyone in a group.

  • Me2

    Both 27.. Let’s see if Katy and Avril can booth join the 27 club.. Please.

  • Wow, Adele looks 35.

  • Todd

    Chloe Kravitz is a celebrity?

  • AH75

    Why did they use stylized, photoshopped pictures of JLo and Gwen for comparison? They don’t look like that in the morning. Guaranteed. This article is stupid and a waste of time!!

  • CentralParkTarzan

    …that’s the whole purpose of making advertising money… web time spent…and more clicks…so make it difficult for you…

  • Lam3

    Also, it’d be nice to see the AGE of the celebrities we’re comparing since that’s generally what this article is about……

  • The only people i was surprised about was Gwen, Beyonce, and MIA. The rest look their age to me so this article was kinda dumb…

  • SnarkyLibrarian

    Vice versa. The phrase is vice versa. It has nothing to do with visa (nor mastercard for that matter). You need a literate proofreader.


    This is the most ridiculously laid out site I’ve ever come across. Too many ads, too many different stories being shoved in your face. All of this makes the page slow as hell to load and completely not worth the time. I stopped looking at the story after 2 pages and decided that I should probably make a comment on how horrible this place is (for the record I don’t usually care enough to do this but Jesus get with the program because it seems like i’m not the only one.)

  • Gina

    I think these celebrities look around the same age. Except for Lil Kim and Mia but that’s cause of lil kim’s extensive work done.

  • Beyonce been saying shes 30 for like 6 years………..

  • auraxoxo

    The only decent on was
    Lil Kim & M.I.A.

  • Gwen Stefani is 42?????????

  • jasiland

    this is the worst design for a website I’ve seen in a long while. Please hire someone who can build a page correctly.

  • BansheeMilk

    I think it is weird that Stallone is older than Jeff Bridges and that Paul Rudd is older than Jason Statham.

  • Justsayin00

    What happened to Lil Kim? She used to be good looking. I know she spent time in the big house, but man oh man, she looks like a very tired old lady. MIA looks soooooooo young.
    OMG, Lil Kim, you lost your mojo!

  • AAA

    Four main problems with this article:
    1. The layout is horrific, as many posters have already pointed out. Side by side photos are essential in this type of article.
    2. Many of these comparisons are not shocking. Jessie J and Rhianna both might not look 24, but rather they both look like they could be the same age (which they are, it’s just younger than you thought). Wasn’t the point of the article to compare people who are the same age, but one looks dramatically younger/older than the other?
    3. ADS, ADS, ADS. I almost left the page out of loading/scrolling frustration, but stayed to see how ridiculous the celebrity comparisons continued to be. And I wasn’t let down.
    4. Ummm, there aren’t “7 celebrities” in this article. There are 14. The title should read “7 celebrity pairs” or “14 celebrities.” In addition to everything else this author got wrong, that’s the crown jewel of mistakes in this article.

  • M.I.A. looks a lot like Britney Spears, at least in the pic here. I thought that was Britney with a dark wig or something at first.

  • kjl[k’l

    agree with everyone else, crappy site. takes forever to load,no content. waste of time goodbye

  • whocares1234

    Waste of time

  • Ugh. This page sucks, and this feature sucks. Scrolling about to see pictures of celebrities who . . . .look about the same age.

  • bbb

    Adele is only 23 i though she was like 42 lmao

  • creid

    I have no clue who half these people are. And yes.. that does make me feel superior

  • eLmon

    I couldn’t pick so many pairs of celebs who look the EXACT same age if I tried!

  • Jon

    Most of these people look exactly the age that is stated for them. Try harder please.

  • many of these celebs LOOK the same age! fail article

  • Actually I thought Gwen Stefani was closer to 50.

  • Plastic surgeries. Plastic surgeries everywhere.

  • guest

    The first and second ones were the only ones that looked like they were different ages

  • hma

    agree agree agree. this format made me angry.
    angry enough to actually post a comment about format.
    and yes i would believe they are the same age because they look the same age (except for lil kim. sorry kim)
    heads should roll tomorrow!

  • gigi

    They all looked the same age as the other being compared….this was lame.

  • kjoy

    well…this was somewhat disappointing…when it comes to critiquing beauty/age the editors of this piece evidently only associate such judgements with female celebs. and yeah…there wasn’t really an obvious difference between the individuals in most of the comparisons.

  • theTsaritsa

    Is the point of this post that these stars are the same age, and they don’t look like that age, or both these stars are the same age yet one of them looks significantly older than the other?

    Some of these compared looked the same age. MIA looks fabulous for 37– I thought she was in her 20s!

  • Panda47

    This article was created for the sole purpose of advertisement impressions. Everyone would like it better if there were fewer pages. But that would mean that content would run longer vertically, and show less ads.
    That wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t slowing down the page load, and they are obtrusive in-your-face ads. And the site design leaves something to be desired. (At this writing, there is an auto-playing video in the sidebar.)
    This website is dying for ad revenue. I hope they tone it down, or just die. (the site).

  • Marty

    This page and Huff are just impossible to deal with; loading is erratic, way too much crap and the writing sucks. This story about celebrity ages is just so mindless.

  • This website loads so many ads it can barely load the content. I got through 3. Buh bye.

  • M.I.A is 36 and Lil Kim is 38.

  • I switched off my Adblocker just to see what the fuss was about…big mistake…lol

  • A person make look a bit older than they actually are:”….really? Are you a professional writer? Guess I chose the wrong career field. Standards are apparently much lower in the real world than when I was in elementary school.

  • dacox

    this is just stunning. just knowing hw old?

  • Nhf7170

    Is that Amanda Bynes or Jennifer Coolidge?

  • n/a

    lil kim looks like a corpse with bad make-up?!?!?1

  • you mean Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne are the same age?!?!?!? THEY FKN LOOK LIKE THEY’RE THE SAME AGE!

    honestly, which one is supposed to look older?
    1984 represent.

    • *shrug* I though avril looked younger

  • Adele is beautiful and talented, and I really wish she didn’t look fifty with all that makeup, the poufy hair and the Carmela Soprano nails.



  • Gustavo Morales

    Reading your stupid magazine is impossible because of the constant pop-ups and video ads blarring full volume. Got to #2. Get your shite together people. This is not good design.

  • kat

    Dakota’s 18 and Melodie is 20 get your facts straight

  • auret

    they all look the same age as the other on each page… this is idiotic.

  • La La

    do you people really have such boring lives that you have to leave a rude comment?! seriously, like if you dont like the page ; LEAVE! no one wants to hear (or read) about your complaints! and about the format ; are you really THAT lazy that you cant use the freaking energy to SCROLL DOWN!? the maker of this page MADE A MISTAKE! were all human, we ALL do it! and if you thought the story was “awful” why would you even be on this page ? Get a life and STOP criticizing other people !!! Have a nice day, jerks (:

  • JenayNay06

    MIA does NOTTTTTTTTT look 37… Maybe 27 max lol.

  • Loomis G

    HORRIBLE DESIGN, I’m stopping at page 7, can’t take it anymooore.

  • WhatdoItypehere

    Gwen Stafani is one fine looking 42 yr old.

  • Most ridiculous thing I’ve read for an eon. 1 makeup plastered “celeb” looks different from 1 pick or mix makeup plastered or not “celeb”. Should have been headlined “Makeup Miracles”.

  • Becca

    A lot of these celebrities look the same age.

    Minor gripe – Jennifer Lawrence is still 21 (as of July 2012).

  • Brittany

    The Amanda Bynes photo… you can tell it’s old because there’s ‘0_ behind her. Has to be a few years at least. Not so helpful when trying to compare ages.

  • shan bo

    Melodie Monrose probably doesnt look 18 because… She’s not 18! :O

  • Jay

    I don’t get it, they all look fine, except for Jason Segal, he looks old already, he’ll look like crap at 50.

  • Dakota Fanning all grown up. She looks all grown up now, and quite sophisticated.

  • To be eighteen again; that would be nice.

  • Rihanna/Jessie J look about the same to me :S

  • Ari

    These people look the same age to me

  • Andrea

    I’ve always thought both Rihanna and Jessie J looked older than their age.

  • All of these lists have been fails. The few times they looked different ages was due to makeup.

  • Brittany

    i’m so tired of Avril and that smokey eye shadow

  • kaye

    MIA kind of looks like a black anne hathaway.

  • I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your
    website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

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    thus where can i do it please help.

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