See 9 of The Most Fashionable Music Videos To Date (Did We Include Your Favorite?)

Over the years, music videos have given some of the most outrageous and classic fashion ideas. From unforgettable zombie romances to femme fatale spikes, musicians often turn themselves into fashion icons with these mini films. We love to watch and just like movies, music videos often inspire what we wear. Check out 9 of the most fashionable music videos to date! Did we include your favorite?

Vogue by Madonna, 1990


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  1. says:

    This list is a bleeping joke! Lmoa where is Envouge Some Prince videos Ro pauls supermodel!

    • says:

      Right? Free Your Mind, Closer, classic Mark Romanek videos! I would’ve even taken Right Said Fred’s video. Sheesh, y’all…

  2. says:

    All I saw was Beyoncé and Beyoncé.

  3. says:

    Brandy and Monica, It All Belongs To Me.  The song wasn’t the best, but the fashion was insane!

  4. says:

    This list was pretty on point. The only thing I think didn’t need to be there was the Rihanna. Good job, SB.

  5. says:

    Not a fan of Beyonce but i think that Why Don’t You Love Me video was one her best and one of my fav videos ever

  6. says:

    M.I.A is always fashionable to me. 

  7. says:

    More Than a Woman by Aaliyah. Almost eleven years later and I *still* haven’t seen that Chanel catsuit anywhere else. 

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