Big Release of Coldplay & Rihanna's "Princess of China" Vid Hits (...And Leaves Little Impression on Us)

Teaser of Coldplay And Rihanna’s “Princess of China” Vid Hits Web (…And Leaves Little Impression on Us)

In this short clip for “Princess of China”—the entire clip clocks in at 2:38—Rihanna dresses and moves in strangely hybridized Asian clothing and manners.  RiRi sports two looks—a  black tube dress with a thigh-high slit paired with creepers and a colorblocked robe.  Both were paired with mile-high piles of jet black hair, and talon-like nails which made her play with her hands a lot.

Sadly, this preview clip isn’t half as moving or epic as RiRi’s Instgram pictures led us to believe.  Musically, the song never seems to climax, and we never get to see Chris Martin and the Coldplay band.  As is with most of Rihanna’s music, this song deals with a destined love gone wrong, while “Princess of China” seems more of a destined song gone wrong so far.  Hopefully, the real video is bigger and better.

Watch the “Princess of China” teaser video here.




-Deidre Dyer


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    Im going to see Coldplay tomorrow and if you did your home work this is not a teaser but it is the video they show at the concert when she is not there performing.  The real video I’m, sure will be a hit just like ALL of Coldplays work.