15 of the Ugliest Celebrity Feet (You Won’t Believe The Pretty Faces These Ugly Feet Belong To)

When we started out on this journey of the feet, we weren’t really sure what we were going to find.  We knew that while everyone unreasonably expects celebrity women to be perfect from head to toe, that’s unrealistic.  It’s enough for us that they have style and grace, most, if not all, of the time. What we didn’t anticipate, though, was exactly whose feet didn’t seem like they had been so graceful.  We love the celebrities on this list, but we are honestly wondering with all the money and resources that these women have access too, why are their feet so frawked up?!

Check out 10 of the worst celebrity feet walking Hollywood’s red carpets.


 Keri Hilson


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  1. says:

    omg does oprah have 6 toes???!

  2. says:

    Ew they have money get rid of those corns and bunions.

  3. says:

    now you know ciara shoold have been on this

  4. says:

    Naomi’s got such ugly feet????? OMG

  5. says:

    Naomi and Iman need to stick with a closed toe shoe.

  6. says:

    Just shows what wearing stupidly pointed shoes does to your feet in the long run…

  7. says:

    After seeing those grotesque photos of these female celebs feet, three words come to mind… SOCKS AND REEBOKS!!!

  8. says:

    This articles is tasteless. Women criticizing other women on their physical appearance… how original!

    • says:

       Exactly.  And feet are not all that attractive most of the time anyway.  How dare those women have imperfect feet and not be shamed into a cave for their imperfection!  FFS.

      I knew I didn’t want to look at this article, but I was intensely curious as to what someone might consider ugly feet.  These seemed pretty normal.

      • says:

        I’m sorry, but you must have very little idea of what normal feet look like. Check out some cute baby pics: people are usually born with the big toe running relatively straight in the same direction as the foot, not crooked in at a sharp angle towards the other toes. Age has a lot to answer for, as does weight, but the biggest evil is definitely wearing constricting and distorting shoes. 

        The shame, though, lies in the fact that we’re still supposed to consider such shoes as a necessary part of an attractive outfit; and that so many intelligent, successful women buy into that ideal.

        • says:

          Hon, those are babies! Babies of course don’t have corns, callouses, bunions etc., because they are babies. Then they get taller, their bodies weigh on the feet etc. Children as well. I started developing callouses corns around middle school age. I have flat feet, barely wear heels. I used to get shoes just because they fit, no matter what they looked like, because it was hard to find any for my feet that would fit right. Even with the shoes being my size or higher.

      • says:

        I agree, most of these are normal feet- what exactly is ugly about Zellweger or Jolie’s feet, for example?

    • says:

      Couldn’t agree more! Time to evolve. 

      • says:

        Actually, petty as the article is, I think maybe it serves a good purpose.  A lot of women try to imitate these celebrities, and maybe highlighting the toll “fashion” has taken on them will inspire women to be a little smarter than these spotlight hounds.  Those feet have GOT to be painful.

    • says:

      I agree with you Laura; it is shameful to see how women do this to each other; exposing every imperfection as though it were a flaw to be human, rather than finding what is beautiful about each other.
      Also, most of these women’s feet are fine. The ones that are “imperfect” (geez, i never thought i’d try to quantify the beauty of something like a foot…) show the tell tale signs of WORK and WEAR. A high powered woman who walks for hours every day for decades in high fashion foot wear is going to have some problems and probably considerable pain or discomfort and foot surgery can be debilitating for months or years. We’re talking about surgery so painful and debilitating that many people really need it for health concerns put it off for years. Only a nut would have cosmetic foot surgery.

      • says:

        Most of them have bunions, and bunion surgery is neither very painful nor does it take much downtime from a schedule. I dreaded it for years, and was surprised how fast I healed & how little pain was involved. Walking the first day, with both feet done!

        • says:

          Clearly you have NOT had bunion surgery, I did one foot and was in excruciating pain for two weeks!! And if you were walking the first day, your doctor’s an idiot!!!

          • says:

            I’m sure it’s different for everybody. It all depends on the individual. Don’t blame the doctor. Rebecca Rusco Oglesby said she had little pain and she healed very quickly. She’s not you. Everybody’s different, like I said.

          • says:

            I would never want bunion surgery. I watched my mother go through it on both feet about 20 years ago, and she spent the majority of the next six weeks bedridden. I’m sure the surgical procedures have changed for the better in the last 2 decades, but breaking the toes is still breaking the toes, whether you do it with a laser or a saw.

            I wear tennis shoes or nothing at all on most days, and avoid open toed shoes like the plague. I can’t afford to be off my feet for any time at all with small children in the home.

          • says:

            its different now

          • says:

            Have considered the bunion surgery but I do not know if it is worth being in a wheelchair for two to three months. My doctor said that is how long it would take to heal. He also said bunions are heredity. At least we have feet and not those blades.Lighten up foot critics.

      • says:

        You are lieing to yourself…I have had foot surgery and it was one of the best decisions I made.
        It is better than walking around with your bunions running ahead of you.
        That is bullshit!
        You must be one of those women who I have seen in my maniicurist who encouraged me to run not walk to the nearest reputable podiatrist.
        You all should call it like it is.
        This isn’t just about high heels.
        I am not for just judging someone on appearances neither but…
        Oprah and the rest of these women need to be embarrassed to intentionally walk about like this with all that damn money.

    • says:

      I am not sure if this is tasteless because these woman are in the business and are looking to be photographed. I haven’t seen Keri Hilson on any talk shows complaining about how the media is constantly saying she is beautiful. So when they catch her looking crusty, then it is deserved and comes with the territory.

    • says:

      The article should be titled “Women who wear too small of a shoe and it makes their feet look odd”

    • says:

      Listen…I am just against more exploitation of women as anyone but… This truth needed to be told and Oprah and the rest of these women need to be shame for walking about with their feet in this state especially with all that damn money!
      Even I have a great podiatrist and I don’t behold nearly as much cash.

    • says:

      At least there is a lesson learn in this, high heel shoes are bad for ones feet. Despite what article it is, it’s good for young people to take a glace at what could happen to them if they poorly fitted shoes, celebrities set a good example how not to do it, at times.

    • says:

      It seems these days as if these 6 inch heeled platforms have become de rigueur for every celebrity. Then we put down the appearance of their feet because of what these shoes have been proven to do to them??? (Shaking head….)

    • says:

      Since they choose to be in the ‘public eye,’ they are ‘fair game!’

      • says:

        If my feet looked that ugly I would never exposed them. Go bare foot in the house. Some of those feet are actually scary looking to me. I would wear footlets or something. They have the nerve to wear shoes that show and tell.

    • says:

      How do you know that it was all women who wrote the article? It could have been some men, too.

    • says:

      More media bullshit to tell women that there is yet another way for them to feel they aren’t good enough or that they have a fault! What a load of crap! Bite me StyleBlazer! >:-(

    • says:

      It’s about cause and effect…as simple as that. Cram your feet into shoes that are too small and pointed, and this is the effect. It’s not about naturally ugly feet; they were made to become that way.

  9. says:

    This post is disgusting -____- yall couldn’t find nothing else to talk about but these women feet smh.  What you expect their feet to look like when they wear heels 24/7

    • says:

      YEAH, RIGHT!…ALSO, don’t wear sandals or open toed shoes….if mine looked like that I would never, NEVER wear shoes of this design in public.  ijs

      • says:

        It’s none of your business what kind of shoes anyone wears. Who looks at feet anyway? Only shallow-self-involved people who like to feel better than others about SOMETHING. Feet are for walking on, not making a fashion show. Get a life.

  10. says:

    Wow such ugly feet!

  11. says:

    So what….dont u have anything news worthy to post

  12. says:

    Ya’ll wrong for counting models and athletes! How do ya’ll expect their feet to look like??

  13. says:

    look up Steven Tyler’s feet! looks painful.

  14. says:

    My thing is not the condition of their feet, it’s the size of their shoes. Ladies if the shoe doesn’t fit, get a bigger size. The reason these women only wear heels is because heels hide the size of their feet; it makes them less platypuss. Read it somewhere.

  15. says:

    all those celebrities don’t have ugly feet they are wearing the same type of shoe. the sandal heel shoe and most of them are tall so their feet are long. that’s why their feet loook so ugly

  16. says:

    You can determine rather a person worked hard or not in their life…just by looking at their feet and hands….I say these successful strong women had put in some work!!!!!

  17. says:

    Paris wear like a 14

  18. says:

    It look like Oprah has and extra toe. lol!

  19. says:

    Serena is the only one with an “UGLY FOOT” excuse…shes a tennis player…the rest of em r just triflin

  20. says:

    Wow!!  You would think that with all the money that these celebrites have earned, especially oprah, that they would get their feet worked on to look much better than what has been shown because them feet SHO IS UGGLAY!!!!!   and lawd knows theres some worse than others. Why would they even go out with open toed shoes on.  YUCK!!!!!

    • says:

      Part of the problem in fixing those toe/foot problems is the pain and rehab time and even then there is no guarantee the surgeries will work. Some of these problems are hereditary so have a little heart, huh?  My first thoughts as I perused this article is how painful these feet look.  I feel sorry for the ladies.  We shouldnt make fun of them.  That’s just sad.

    • says:

      Most of the time to have your feet corrected involves going under the knife which can lead to keloids, additional scarring that can and will sometimes cause further deformities.  The question is, is the surgery worth the risk?  I’m like, so everything and everybody is not perfect and if you want to wear open-toed shoes with messed up toes, RIGHT ON!  Those with problems with that look into my eyes and see me smile.

      • says:

        kathy not true. Having the bunions cut off and the corns removed wont cause keloids. And these ladies all have money so they are able to get plastic surgery if they dont like the scar. For Oprah, her weight might be why she cant have the surgery. What I dont get is when her bunion first formed why didnt she take action. By doing toe exercises and wearing a bunion brace while sleeping she coulda prevented her toe from drifting and teh huge bunion she has.

        • says:

          I agree Oprah should have had the surgery. I had my left foot done 10 years ago and I am now getting prepared to have my right foot done. My problem is partially an inherited defect but mostly high heeled and pointed toe shoes of the 1980’s.My left foot turned out well and no repeat bunion. I was in three (3) days of really bad pain, so I took the tylenol with codeine and slept for three days except for eating soup and using the bathroom. Yes, I am having the other one done. I live in Florida. Why do women wear shoes that are too little?????

        • says:

          I am a 57 yr old woman who had the bilateral bunionectomy, toes shortened and a neuroma removed 6 years ago. I work standing on my feet. I stayed home for nine weeks. I had pins and screws inserted and my bunions have not come back as they sometimes do when the hardware is not inserted.  It took about a year for my feet to settle in to 1/2 size smaller and I am now able to wear high heels for extended periods of time without bringing along a pair of flats or dancing barefoot!  No more pain.  I weigh close to 200lbs, and I am a diabetic. Anyone who is diabetic knows how important the health and care of your feet are.  If the conditions are not corrected ulcers, blisters etc. can cause amputation.  I say they should go for the surgery 

      • says:

        for crying out loud, with these hooves, what’s to lose?  I think keloids are the least of their problems.

  21. says:

    All I see is millionaires and a billionaire. Who cares what their feet look like.

  22. says:

    after seeing these women’s feet i don’t think i can look at popCORN ever again,, take that popcorn out of the microwave i just lost my appetite

  23. says:

    Cant doctors fix bunions? These women have too much money to be walking around with corns and bunions

    • says:

      Doctors can fix them, but it’s only temporary. If you keep wearing heels, they will come back. It’s a problem with the bone structure in some people’s feet. Not everyone can wear heels without jacking up their toes unfortunately.

      • says:

        Kari: That isnt true. The old bunion surgery was just shaving/cutting off the bunion. That is why the bunion would return. Now the bunion is cut off and the toe realigned(straightened). Post surgery one should do tie exercises. The bunion wont return.

  24. says:

    What i don’t understand is why oh why with all their money don’t they get their feet fixed and if they don’t want to do that don’t wear sandals showing off your crazy feet… They must know their feet aren’t their assets.

  25. says:

    Cuz she do got an extra toe lol

  26. says:

    Is that a sixth toe?

  27. says:

    More proof that no one is perfect. Everyone, regardless to how beautiful the media wants to make them out to be has flaws. It takes social media and a group of haters to exploit those things to make themselves feel better. 

  28. says:

    You forgot Jennifer Lopez

  29. says:

    Lol, this hilarious, however I heard foot surgery is extremely painful. So I guess they think with expensive shoes r a good cover. Idk, lol. ImAn, smh.lol.

    • says:

      So are face lifts, nose jobs and breast implants, and they have no problem with that! I would put up with the pain if my feet looked like Imans’.

  30. says:

    OMG really!!! So what…some stand up all day, walk more than others, dance, exercise etc….

  31. says:

    Bunions can be removed, however it would appear that these ladies aren’t too concerned about that issue.

  32. says:

     Naomi & Iman are still stunning though.  If I look like them at their age with my only flaw being my feet, then so be it.

  33. says:

    You guys forgot to add Posh Spice. She’s a bad chick but her feet are super duper jacked!

  34. says:

    thats what years of wearing heels will do 4 u

    • says:

      Correction Lisa, years of wearing those narrowed front pumps and other designs on heels will do for you!!!  I have always sworn off the style of the daggerpoint pumps cuz you just know this is the price for owning them.

      • says:

        If you look at the kids & adults in some of the Third World countries-that do not wear shoes (or have them to wear)-a lot of their feet are rough- but perfect. 

  35. says:

    GROSS……Can’t you get bunions and corns removed? Ugh, I can’t finish my lunch.

  36. says:

    Stupid, superficial articles like this remind me of the reason I have a handful of female friends.  These bobble heads have nothing better to do than sit and nitpick and pick apart attractive, wealthy women who’ve worked hard to empower themselves financially.   I’m at the point where I can barely stand women, and I’m a woman.   No wonder so many men have so little respect for us.

    • says:

       Totally agree. So, great minds think alike? ;)

    • says:

      True and I agree with you but apparently you and the other critics are just as morbidly intrigued as the rest of us. Here you are on foot model number three. :)

    • says:

      I agree with you Denise. And I’m not at all ashamed to say that I seriously despise women. Women are shallow and down right mean to one another. My friends are all men.

      • says:

        You people are crazy. Most men are immature, drunken, obnoxious. I’m a man and almost all my friends are women.

      • says:

        Most women don’t have two brain cells to rub together.  It’s all in the process of natural selection.  It wasn’t necessary for women to be smart, just to admire and try to attract the “right” kind of male, and be a good enough mother that her children reached adulthood.  How a rare few of us turned out to be reasonably intelligent is beyond me – just another bet at genetic roulette.

        It is nothing but SAD that these women are such slavish followers of fashion that they’d endure such torture to their feet.  The sad reality is that, even though they have the money to take care of their feet, they CHOOSE NOT TO. And then, they choose to display those feet to public scrutiny.  While heredity may have a lot to do with the aging of one’s feet, it has very little to do with what kind of footwear you choose!  These women can easily afford custom-made shoes!

        • says:

          Wow, I can’t even believe your post! Natural selection? It is necessary and always has been necessary for women to be intelligent to propagate. Women have always been strong and intelligent!  It has only been in the past few generations that women have become such slaves to fashion and the need for attention from men that they have done these stupid things to their bodies!

        • says:

          Actually, if what you posted were correct humanity would have gone extinct ages ago. Women are in fact the more cunning of the genders when it comes to managing resources and negotiating to gain cooperation. The pettiness comes from the effects of our current social structure and the lack of equality and recognition for women in the home and workplace.

          The choices of shoes made by these women stem from the need to be seen wearing the products of famous shoe designers as part of the environment these women work in. What we are seeing is an occupational hazard for these celebrities. They would loose status if they were not seen wearing the brightest and fanciest of the designer world.

          Pity that the designers are so narrow minded that they are only able to create shoes that destroy the feet of a woman rather than compliment them. The same can be said for the women that are unable to see that they have the power to force the shoe makers to change. If you really want shoes that fit, demand them. If you want your feet to look like those in the article, go buy the shoes that shaped them.

      • says:

        Does that mean you despise yourself too?

  37. says:

    Oh, and a special “shout out” to the moist,feminized males who have nothing better to do than criticize women’s feet.  

  38. says:

    Corns and bunions.. Mostly from wearing uncomfortable shoes. Opra’s feet are ridiculous, and Paris Hilton is just tall and wears size 11 shoes; looked it up

  39. says:

    Iman had the nerve to call Michelle O ugly……….Really Iman?…..Really

  40. says:

    I heard beyonce has some bad feet too. Honesty read this article thinkin she was on here loll

    • says:

      Nah, for beyonce to wear heels so much, her feet are not THAT bad. The ladies in this article have no excuse

  41. says:

    @ Denice, agreeing with and high fiving you!

  42. says:

    the ones that are complaining must have ugly feet! lmao!

  43. says:

    Iman has a bunion the size of Texas

  44. says:

    SJP’s feet weren’t that bad.

  45. says:

    Wow. Well at least she kept is real! I got one on each pinky-toe, that I don’t mind sporting!

  46. says:

    Do these just get worse as we go along, cause I already had lunch!

  47. says:

    Yep….they do.

  48. says:

    Looks like she had to fight to get that big toe in, didn’t she???? Ladies, heels takes their toll on backs and feet….so if you dont have to wear them, dont.

  49. says:

    stilletos will do that to you–hammer toes, bunions, not cute

  50. says:

    Im suprised tiny isnt on here. her feet are ratched

  51. says:

    The pictures and comments make me laugh,,,,and check my feet.

  52. says:

    Wearing shoes too small for your feet will do this to you. Just look at the toes hanging off the front of some of the sandals they bunch up to hold on. Ladies if you are wearing shoes too small stop or your feet will look the same.

  53. says:

    Paris Hilton could dial 911 with her toes…

  54. says:

    Most of these look self-inflicted. 

  55. says:

    Yes, Iman was quoted saying,”Michelle was not beautiful to her, but interesting to look at.” Iman, listen to Sabrina-Get a grip, your head out of the ’80’s and 90’s, because your feet are no longer supermodel, they are more like scooby-doo.

  56. says:

    its sad that men say that women are jealous and catty when it comes to the appearence of other women and its even more sad that women call each other that as well if women realized that its all of society that makes women act this way and makes women feel that they have to wear these teeny tiny shoes and clothes and if men seriously dont think that they have any fault for the way that women act then they are seriously delusional celebrities and especially celebrity women have no choice cuz they get ragged on no matter what they do not just by other women but by men as well……..just saying

    • says:

      Typical; you still don’t get it. Men invented high heels, and in this male-dominated society, women are pressured to look a certain way from head to toe. When was the last time you saw an article like this making fun of men’s feet?

  57. says:

    These women all wear very high heels. That’s what does it. I now do not wear a shoe with a heel height of more than 1″. Happy feet except for the dropped metatarsals with which I was born.

  58. says:

    It isn’t just about pretty feet, but healthy feet as well, and these aren’t healthy feet; they look like they hurt.

  59. says:

    It would help if the shoes fit

  60. says:

    again, their shoes don’t fit.

  61. says:

    You forgot Brooke Shields.  Foot surgery is extremely painful.  I think that Oprah is afraid of the knife.  Very rarely I wear super high heels now days.  I love them but I will not sacrifice my feet for a pair of heels.  

  62. says:

    feet are definitly not the ugliest part of most women, and we men are kind of partial to those ugly parts, So comes the expression , “bumping uglies”. what shallow people to be concerned about the way peoples feet look. Pehaps that is why davinci cartoonized feet in every painting.

  63. says:

    These are the feet of TRANNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!   STOP THAT LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. says:

    Who knew Paris gave ugly head and has ugly feet?

  65. says:

    Wearing heels that are 2 sizes too small doesn’t help either.

  66. says:

    OH the PRICE of looking cute in those 4 inch HIGH, a size TOO small heels that make your legs look good, and compliment you outfit SO very well.  WEAR THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK, and you know it…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

  67. says:

    KERI, pretty girl rock just doesn’t make sense anymore . . .

  68. says:

    FLOTUS is ugly… get over it.

    • says:

      So are all the other FLOTUS (alive & dead) especially barbara (Quaker box) bush-now get over that!  At least this FLOTUS is athletic & knows how to dress & has what most Black men like- a big butt.

  69. says:

    I would really like to see the feet of this writer.

  70. says:

    you obviously haven’t seen my feet yet! whoa nelly! at least these feet get pampered a little bit!

  71. says:

    I am glad my wife feet a nice looking. Imagine having to lick some of them toes  arrgh!!!!

  72. says:

    Each would have benefited from someone fitting them with appropriate footwear, from early childhood to the present.

    ‘Tis a shame, for all that money and fantastic looks, their feet look terrible.

  73. says:

    Is it just me, or does it look like Oprah’s foot has 6 digits?

    • says:

      No it isn’t just you lol! I counted them like three times :-/

    • says:

      OMG… I had to look 3 times too… and count each time!  Lord help her she has 6 toes on that foot!!!!

      • says:

        you people are so shallow 

        • says:

          We are just jealous we don’t have extra toes.

        • says:

          Not really. They’re the ones who are shallow. If you’re willing to wear shoes that will do that much damage to your feet, you have self-image issues.

          • says:

             Are you kidding? Do you know what shallow means? It means judging a person based strictly on looks, not factoring in their personality whatsoever. Y’all are judging these women based on their feet because they won’t use “all the money” they have to afford better shoes, and because they have “self image issues” because “they’re willing to wear shoes that do that much damage to your feet”. If you had to wear heels to every red carpet event you attended, and talk shoes, and preforming, and whatever, your feet would look pretty bad, too. In fact, I bet your feet look pretty bad right now. They’re human beings, of course their feet aren’t perfect. You’re definitely the shallow one.

          • says:

             People admit that they are shallow. Your argument is null and void. Its not always a term applied to other people but sometimes to ones self. Nobody has made them wear shoes that were painful but themselves. Quit feeling sorry for rich people with superficial issues. They can afford shoes that don’t do that. Everyone else does.

          • says:

            i admit it and will go so far as to say that we’re ALL pretty shallow for even READING an article about ugly celebrity feet…tell the truth, how many people read it so that they can feel better about themselves knowing the richest woman alive might have six toes! hee hee hee!

          • says:

            Um, you read it along with us; so, apparently you’re shallow?

          • says:

            The models are not always able to wear shoes that fit them since they have to wear whatever the designer has chosen for the show regardless of the fit.  As for the rest of them….

          • says:

            Except if they wore shoes that were healthier for their feet people like you might have something to say about that too. Everyone else is not critiqued for every single aesthetic choice as they are. Many men have no clue what a beauty standard means for women.

          • says:

             Oh shut up….we all judge people by their looks. I don’t date fat or ugly chicks….period…so sue me.

          • says:

            What do you look like?

          • says:

             Do you want to hook up and find out?

          • says:

            wowwwww and u must be full of ur self how good looking r u

          • says:

            Ha ha or may be it is that they won’t date you.

          • says:

            Like I care what fat chicks like yourself think…hahaha.

          • says:

            While you want to pick on full figured women be aware that all women are not overweight because of unhealthy choices. Some people will never be a size 6 even if they loose 100. It depends on your bone structure. Have you ever heard of hypothyroidism. If no then look it up but you probably wont because your too narrow minded just by looking at your comments. Having an over active thyroid can cause problems such as weight gain and difficulty loosing weight no mater how much you try to diet and exercise. One of my friends struggle with this and she worksout everyday and eats right. Would probably be the type of person who would divorce your wife if she developed this condition. Looks dont last foever no matter how good looking you are and you might have a pot belly when you get older. If your attractive then open your mou and show your true colors then that attractivenes is not appealing anymore. Its amazing how a good looking person who is ugly on the inside all of sudden becomes physically ugly when it starts to show throw. Just rememer dont assume that someone is solid, thick or how you put it “fat” because they dont exercise or eat right. Take into account certain media conditions. Also, some people have more muscle mass than fat.

          • says:

            The travesty is that all of these women have the financial means to correct these problems… yet they ignore it. serenas feet I understand, as a former tour player, tennis is hell on your feet, but all of them can afford to have surgeries to rectify their problems… as a foot guy, boy what a turn off. Yuck!!!

          • says:

            Their foot conditions are non life threatening.  The pain felt after having the surgery (when it’s cold or rainy) isn’t worth it.  These may be reasons these women have decided not to have the surgery.   

          • says:

            So well said.

          • says:

            I had the surgery 6 years ago and do not suffer from arthritis. The symptoms you describe

          • says:

            Nobody HAS to wear heels to a red carpet event. These women are the trend setters. They can take a stand and wear sane shoes.

          • says:

            your an idiot…shoes didn’t cause that damage heriditary did. My feet are crooked with a bunion and I have never worn heels. It’s easy to criticize. Being nice and non judgemental is much more difficult….Bring yourself here I bet we can find flaws other than your character flaws. YOU ARE THE SHALLOW PERSON HERE AND MISINFORMED ABOUT FEET

          • says:

            anaid9 its called heredity then something is ‘heriditary” bunions are not necessarily caused by heels they are also caused by ill fitting shoes of any kind, as well as being overweight.

          • says:

            I don’t for one minute believe bunions are hereditary.That is not something that is passed down. You don’t need to wear high heels to get crooked/bunions. You are misinformed.

          • says:

            It has only been suggested that they’re caused by tight fitting shoes (not just heels) and they are known to be inherited..especially when they occur in younger people. I just looked it up…my mom had them and had them removed when she was in her 30’s. I’m not 30 and that area of my foot KILLS me but I don’t have any physical signs of a bunion, yet. I don’t wear heels though..in fact, I usually wear flip flops!

          • says:

            I meant I’m *now 30..:)

          • says:

            Flip flops are awful for your feet too. Bunions are caused partially because of a lack of arch support, which flip flops don’t provide at all. Wear Birkenstocks and get arch support inserts for your shoes.

          • says:

            Yeah, actually bunions can “run” in families.  I have a large one on my right foot.  My mom, grandmother and great grandmother all have/had them.  I’m not overweight, don’t wear heels, and have always worn shoes that fit properly.  I’m most likely looking at surgery soon because my podiatrist can’t give me anymore cortisone shots because I’ve already reached the medically-safe limit.  Try looking up some facts before you run your mouth.

          • says:

            So true. My grand has bad bunions and I got mine when I was wearing flats. I had to start wearing heels believe it or not to reel it in. But it stopped my feet  from hurting.

          • says:

            Bunions are caused by wearing shoes that are too small. When the toes can’t stretch out – they case a growth on the side of the feet! 

          • says:

            My best friend had the beginning of bunions at age 13. Her mother had very bad ones. Ill fitting shoes may exascerbate the bunions, corns etc–but  hereditary predispostion is the reason why. Ask your doctor. 

          • says:

             another victim, go collect your government check

          • says:

            well said

          • says:

            Dear Anaid9 – you don’t have to be wearing heels – tight fitting flats can do just as much damage . . .

          • says:

            You sound like you’ve got the “iwannabe” sickness with a side of jealousy and self-insecurity issues.

          • says:

            Really? So we should just excuse all the people here gawking at celebrity feet, actually taking time away from their families and what could be productive lives to put down some famous people they don’t even know about something as petty as the way their feet look… Yeah, that sounds mentally healthy and not at all insecure.

            Not to mention all the people who’ve brought up the fact that it’s hereditary. That is the main determination for whether you will have bunions. Shoes can exacerbate the problem and cause more pain, but you will always have the problem regardless of what shoes you wear.

        • says:

           We are not ignorant…we just speak the truth.

      • says:

        i think its the fat of her feet sticking out. look closer

        • says:

          if they would wear shoes that fit their feet, that wouldn’t happen.  it seems not only do they want to look smaller than they are,but they want their feet to look small too. it’s a shame. they have all this money and they can;t find shoes that fit properly

      • says:

        LOL, yea me and my boyfriend said the same thing..not in a mean way but “OMG, she’s got six toes!” but obviously it’s a growth, like a bunion or whatever?? I really don’t care if they have jacked up feet, they all fat bank accounts and I’m sure they could care less what any of us think about their feet, all in good fun and a chuckle.

        • says:

          She definitely has six toes. I remember years ago this came up but quickly got shut off the news.

          • says:

            Don’t be stupid, she dosen’t have six toes. You can get bunions on the outside of the foot too, it’s more rare but it happens.

      • says:

        Probably Photoshopped her an extra toe, why? Just cause it’s Oprah & even Oprah’s FEET are news!

    • says:

      No, it definitely does. I also had to count multiple times. I don’t know if she actually has too many toes or if it was a really bad Photoshop error, but she totally has six toes on one foot in this picture.

      • says:

        You need to wipe the jelly off your screen .Its five toes. Five very rich but extremely horrible toes.How can a man be expected to look upon any of thees tootsies and keep his sanity? I love feet,strange I know.But except for SJP thees train wreaks need the loving attention of a blind foot masseuse daily. If he is not blind already he’ll wish he was.Sorry Oprah your cool otherwise! 

      • says:

        It may be a bone spur.

    • says:

      I did a quadruple take on dem feet, too and it DOES appear that she has six of ‘em…she just doesn’t paint the last one (baby toe) to detract from it’s existance, lol!

    • says:

      I was wondering the same thing.

    • says:

      who cares ,  does that define her as a  great  woman 

    • says:

      I thought I counted six too! Was thinking my vision was blurred from being on the computer too long….

    • says:

      It dont matter cause her bank has WELLL over 6 digits!

    • says:

      I believe it is called a bunionette – which is  bunion on the 5th metatarsal – or little toe.

    • says:

      no david it looks like she has 4toes. she has her toes curled up thats why it looks like she has extra one but trust me i know because when i wear my high heals that are slides you grip the shoe for life so no go recount and its 4toes so shes missing 1

    • says:

      Actually it looks like she has a bunion on that foot not a 6th toe.

    • says:

       You would be correct my friend…. But I do not believe for a minute that those are her feet…

    • says:

      I saw that too! But I would mind having 6 toes if I had a billion bucks.

    • says:

      In the Bible Samson had six digit fingers. This is a sign of nephilim ancestry.

  74. says:

    I didn’t see anything wrong with SJP’s feet, they just happen to show her age. But all those other feet got that way from wearing shoes that are too small for their feet. And apparently they haven’t learned their lessons, because all these women’s feet were scrunched up trying to keep their toes from touching the red carpet. 

    • says:

      Her feet don’t necessarily reflect age. My feet and hands have always been very “veiny” like that. I just have very thin skin and prominent veins. She is probably the same way. Mine looked like that when I was 16, and they still look the same at 54.

  75. says:

    i dont see anything wrong with Serena’s feet. I dont see hang time or hammertoe or corns or bunions.

  76. says:

    Have you seen dancer’s feet?  Any activity (including wearing stiletto heels daily) that requires the feet to be compressed and molded into the shape of the shoe will do this.  In addition, the alignment of the body will create bunions if the knees and/or shoulders are out of alignment.  Any chiropractor will tell you this.  What a cruel and hateful article.

    • says:

      If you don’t want feet like that, don’t wear shoes like that. I wear tennis shoes, and my feet look great. And if you do have jacked up feet, for goodness sake cover them up. If you are covered in corns and you wear tiny stripy heels in front of a line of photographers, you have to expect this. Duh.

  77. says:

    this article is just dead wrong

  78. says:

    I actually didn’t think that SJP’s feet looked bad. Not compared to the others anyway.

  79. says:

    I-I-I just speant five minutes looking at ugly feet.  I mean, like, I just speant five minutes of my life staring at celebrity’s feet!  And then I went and posted on it!  *Shudders*  Wow, you’d actually think I had no life.  XP

  80. says:

    Iman’s feet are mangled.

    • says:

      Iman was in a nearly fatal car accident many years ago while riding in a taxi.  I know it was reported that her face was smashed (no seat belt) so it’s quite possible that other parts of her were broken as well. That could be the reason for her foot problems.

  81. says:

    I don’t think SJP has bad feet.

  82. says:

    oprah’s feet belong on a caveman.

  83. says:

    my mouth is still open….hanging…

  84. says:

    I have to say that there are some beautiful women who don’t have the loveliest of feet.

    However, in some of these cases I believe that I can see evidence of pathology or perhaps the effects of years of cramming their feet into ill fitting shoes for fashions sake. One might rightfully ask why these women choose to expose their feet at formal occasions, but regardless, it is in extremely poor taste to berate them for their physical attributes, which cannot be rectified.

  85. says:

    Oprah’s toe’s look like they’re tyring to run away from her feet.

  86. says:

    I’m pretty sure those aren’t Sarah Jessica Parker’s feet.  She has hooves.

  87. says:

    It’s no wonder when Oprah wears those high heels she loves so well, she looks very uncomfortable.  Bless her heart and feet  Am thankful she no longer has to wear the high heels each day, she is on camera.  Trust she is enjoying her change  of focus.  Perhaps now she will take the time to get some of the problem corrected.

  88. says:

    I’ll admit…I looked at this because I’ve always felt my feet were ugly.  But after this, I have a new found confidence.  Maybe I’ll listen to the men who say I have nice feet now.  Thank you so MUCH for showing me what ugly feet really are.  And to those of you who feel this is superficial…puleasssee!   It’s no more superficial than teeth whitening, breast implants, butt implants, or face lifts.  Life is superficial or these women wouldn’t be mentioned here.

  89. says:

    I guess those women should not be wearing sandals in public with feet like that, but I have seen worse.

  90. says:

    Give the celebs a break… Most of the feet are at odd angles due to the terrible shoes they are wearing.  Those sandels have no support and the toes are bunched together.

  91. says:

    Just Stop It.
    Otherwise, you end up looking like a troll and guess what – you deserve it for being stupid.

  92. says:

    Just Stop It.
    Otherwise, you end up looking like a troll and guess what – you deserve it for being stupid.

  93. says:

    I am so surprised they don’t have J’Lo’s fugly feet on here.

  94. says:

    She didn’t lie!

  95. says:

    It appears to me that  most of the women need to wear a larger shoe.  All their toes are hanging over the edge, and they’re crunched up so they can look like they have a smaller foot.  Notice every one of the have crunched up toes.  I don’t believe that’s natural.  I think it’s a pose they’ve learned, just like jutting the hip forward when standing.

  96. says:

    why does it look like Oprah has six toes on her left foot, am i the only one who thinks so? These women should wear another style of shoe such as pumps or heels which are just as nice looking as the open toe style.

  97. says:

    I’m not what’s worse—-this idiotic article or the fact that people are commenting about other people’s feet.

  98. says:

    the resut of ultra high heels, and is sad that this year they got higher.  Young girls with high heels look carefully, these could be your future feet, and not only the deformity but with painful health problems

  99. says:

    Are you kidding me? Serena has some of the most rad feet I’ve EVER seen. Jacked feet, for sure.

  100. says:

    Most of the bad feet of celebrities are caused by them shoving their feet into too
    small, too tight , pointed shoes. Most of them have the wandering big toe that points
    toward the other four toes. It also causes bunions and corns that a lot of them have also.
    These are just a few of the worst.

  101. says:

    Another celebrity with ugly feet is Jennifer Aniston.

  102. says:

    So what if Iman called Michelle Obama ugly?  She is!  What because she is Barack’s wife, she is above reproach?  So stupid.  Michelle could not have touched Iman, a world famous supermodel, in her day!  Yet, you focus on feet which are ugly anyway.

  103. says:

    Yipes! Iman’s feet are gross and apparently deformed.

  104. says:

    Wow! Her feet look like they belong to Shaquille O’Neal.

  105. says:

    OMG Oprah> Ugly feet and no ankles. Left foot looks like it has 6 toes.

    • says:

      I was hoping someone else saw the sixth toe. Or i guess it could be her foot fat/skin bubbling out. Haha.

  106. says:

    This comes from wearing high hill shoes. You would think that high priced shoes would protect your feet better

  107. says:

    This is what happens when you wear high heel shoes now i definately know i wont be wearing them. they cute shoes but they mess up your feet really bad i will stick to my flats and pumps

  108. says:

    for more ugly feet check out the April enquirer

  109. says:

    Nothing wrong with Paris Hilton or SJP’s feet. As for the other ladies, it looks like they spent too much time forcing themselves into Jimmy Choos and Blahniks–both KNOWN for tiny pointy toed slippers!  If you look at the curvature of many of the feet the large toe is forced over towards the rest–almost on top of them–similar to the look of a foot crammed into a pointy shoe.  I also noted that they all had rather large feet too.  Ladies, spend some of that cash on pedicures and the podiatrist.

  110. says:

    WHY?  WHY? WHY? Are these women wearing sandals?

  111. says:

    Most of those gals (except for SJP who has tiny feet, and maybe Hilton), have very large feet. Oprah wears an 11…its not easy to have pretty feet when they are so large. But they should go to a good Podiatirst with all their billions instead of getting pedicures…thats just superficial. Some of those girls havd bones out of place and bunions and corns too.

  112. says:

    It’s all the tall women with the undainty feet.  

  113. says:

     I have to agree. There has to be some happy medium where it doesn’t do that kinda stuff to a woman’s feet. My god, it really isn’t worth it to a guy when the results is feet so jacked up it looks like something out of a horror movie.

    I will admit though that some of those captions had me roaring. Katie and the grave digging and Serena’s toes trying to return a serve was funny for sure.

  114. says:

    I don’t know why they would expose their feet publicly like this when they have unattractive problems with them. Don’t tell me it’s because they don’t care about their looks because most of these are glamour event shots where they primped to the nines with the rest of their appearance.

  115. says:

    Stop hateing on every ones feet you probly have weird feet too

  116. says:

    my feet arent the best lookin either, so i groom them xtra well and i still were sandals and flip flops i dont get many stares, they look really nice , b ut they hav the money to fix there feet i dont”

  117. says:

    that last oprah toe needs to sue for neglect,,,

  118. says:

    Ok, now do a flip flop (sorry) of 8 of the prettiest celebrity feet.

  119. says:

    I have painful bone spurs and the only time my feet don’t really hurt is in sandals. I never wear anything higher than a 1 or 1 1/2 in heel, 2 inch heel with a very good shoe. I think people should wear what they want to and not worry about those obsessed with examining body parts of other people. That’s a lot grosser than having bad feet.

  120. says:

    After years of dancing, my feet aren’t exactly ready for prime time, so I don’t wear shoes that throw them out there for the world to see.  Not hiding, just doing for them what I do for the rest of my body – you wear what is most flattering.  Some of these ladies are wearing shoes for fashion, but even at that the shoes should fit.  A pad in the bottom of the shoe would keep their feet from sliding forward, preventing that “hang 10″ problem.  But most of these ladies can afford to have custom made shoes and see a podiatrist to take care of those corns and bunions (which can be hereditary), so this just doesn’t make sense.

  121. says:

    Her feet look like hoofs!!!!!!!!!!

  122. says:

    Serena feet are good. I’ve seen worse.

  123. says:

    Paris’ feet aren’t so bad. At least she moisterizes.

  124. says:

     Womens feet has got to be one of the more debatable parts of a womens body in popularity.  Some people (girls and guys) have foot phobias while others have foot fetishes and a lot in between. These celebs obviously think their feet are very pedestrian and don’t really care how they look or they wouldn’t wear shoes that reveal how incredibly ugly they are (except SJP, don’t see the problem) Or they could afford to get the problem corrected.  Some people think feet are ugly anyways so whats the big deal but it sure stands out when feet are this ugly.

  125. says:

    how is Uma Thurman not on here?

  126. says:

    Does she have 6 toes on one foot?

  127. says:

    So, she doesn’t have the right to her opinion ?

  128. says:

    I don’t think many of us could stand up to a close up of our feet either. That’s why they’re why they’re located where they are. Who gives a rat’s tail? Their feet aren probably all jacked up from luggin’ all those bags of money they have to the bank. IJS!

  129. says:

    oprah’s and naomi’s are arguably the most horriffic feet I have ever seen and will ever see in my life!

  130. says:

    I’m reading all the post and most of the comments are wrong…..bunions and hammertoes are caused by heredity.  There are men with bunions and hammertoes, do they wear high heels.  There are women that always wear heels and their feet don’t look like these womens’…..perfect example is Paris’ sister feet are also ugly.  I just think if you have ugly feet don’t wear sandals…..

  131. says:

    Uh why couldn’t you people show black women with the most beautiful feet?  As if black women aren’t given a bad rep already as being the LEAST attractive enough as it is?  Ridiculous!

  132. says:

    You can’t have it all. Between fame, fortune, notariety, smarts, and beauty from the knees up, these ladies are doing very well.

  133. says:

    Probably hideously ugly between the great toes too.

  134. says:

    SJP’s not really that attractive with the mole or wart or whatever below her lower lip and above her chin on the right side.Why weren’t her hands shown for a comparison of her feet?

  135. says:

    A certain DC Pennsylvania Avenue resident probably has a pair of puddle jumpers that would fit right in with this article.

  136. says:

    Gee for whatever reason they have been “uncovered” by intent, design, or accident.  Once revealed, they should never flaunt them, cover them up with appropriate foot wear to avoid such spectacles as portrayed in this article. Simply, some things are best left unseen.

  137. says:

     And you should be ashamed of reading it shouldn’t you?…It’s a puff piece and you knew from the title that you could stroke your own ego by reading it. You like to watch the ugliness of others and privately revel in their misfortune.

  138. says:

    So Paris has a new name……”Twenty Fingers” !!!

  139. says:

    Shaking my head at society…. Some of these women are more hardworking a philanthropic than many of the ppl HATING on a simple physical feature. So what if they don’t have perfect feet?. Yall ppl really need to get a life a pay attention to more important things going on in the world.  

  140. says:

    I simply do not believe this.  All their coins and their feet look like this?!  No way Jose

  141. says:

    lol i thought of that eddie murphy movie when i saw this.

  142. says:

    I don’t thing Oprah has 6 toes I think it’s the largest corn I’v ever seen

    • says:

       It’s a Taylor’s bunion. It’s from crossing the legs at the heel because you can’t cross your legs. Back in the day taylors that sewed all day in a wooden chair got them.

  143. says:

    Go Serena.  Pretty fly shoes you got on gurlie.

  144. says:

    probably not

  145. says:

    Now I really am not believing that these feet belong to Mz. Thing a/k/a Noemi Campbell!!!

  146. says:

    lol i feel better about my feet now .. :)

  147. says:

    Excuse me if I don’t get all misty-eyed over these pampered, multi-millionaire broads and their unspeakably hideous stump-feet.  Whether they spent too much time squeezing their feet into pixie-sized stilettos or they’re just genetically predisposed toward ugly hooves, there’s no excuse to be parading around in public looking so grotesque.  If you have fee like these, for god’s don’t wear open-toe shoes.  How hard of a concept is that to grasp?  The worst part is that these women all have more than enough money to see a podiatrist and to get any and every possible treatment.  Sorry, there’s no justifying this.  And it has nothing to do with being shallow.  It’s all about common sense and propriety.

  148. says:

    I think feet are the most ugly part of the body. No matter how perfect the toes are. They are just ugly!

  149. says:

    That is a taylor bunion on Oprah’s foot – not a sixth toe.

  150. says:

    High heels are glamorized….but now you can see the effects of wearing them.

  151. says:

    Actually, you are correct. The APMA web site says: “Doctors of podiatric medicine believe such heels are medically unsound and attribute postural and even safety problems to their use. “

  152. says:

    Why would anyone expect Sarah Jessica Parker’s feet to look good? Based on her face, I was expecting hooves.

  153. says:

    Serena the right size shoes would help.

  154. says:

    All the money in the world and they would have their feet corrected, awful ugly sad

  155. says:

     I wore hand-me-down shoes when I was a child and often, they were to tight fitting.  When I got to my teens, I didn’t know what a truly good fitting shoe was because I wore tight shoes as a child.   Although I don’t have any major bunion issues, my big toe on my right and left, lean inwards.  It distresses me and I thought about surgery, but the doctor said that since I don’t experience any pain and can walk well, it would be foolish to go ahead and have the surgery, because it could result in life long pain.  He also said my feet weren’t bad at all.  I’ll just accept & live with my “imperfect” feet.

  156. says:

    Sarah Jessica’s feet match the face… it looks like her face caught fire and someone put it out with a wet chain. 

  157. says:

    The crazy thing is that most of these conditions – hammer toes, bunions, etc – can be easily and permanently repaired with relatively simple outpatient surgery. Walking boots keep the patient mobile, heal time is minimal. These women all have the financial resources to have access to these services without blinking. Post-op ease of walking would be facilitated, shoe fittings a breeze, overall foot comfort improved 100%…why wouldn’t they opt for surgery?? The improvement in the appearance of their feet is the least of the benefits. 

  158. says:

    Hello to everyone on this site… Please stop with your hurtful comments..get a life and look in the mirror cause I know you all are perfect people with perfect bodies and faces…perfect from head to toe..no gray head people, people with straight teeth, clean teeth, no fat belllys or thighs…perfect people judging others….. anyway I am 14 and I have feet that look like these ladies and it hurts really bad to have feet that look like mine. I can’t go to swim parties without wearing swim shoes(real cute)  because people at my school are as mean as all of you are…I cry every summer because I can’t wear all the cute sandals like my friends and it hurts my feelings… never mind the fact I will probably never have a boyfriend because all boys are probably shallow like all of you.. and yes my mom has taken me to the foot doctor because she feels bad for me.. so maybe you all can help my mom pay the $35,000.00 that it will cost to get my feet fixed when my growth plate closes…  thanks for making me feel worse and helping me to know that I will  have to deal with mean people even when I get older……perfect….people

  159. says:

    Aren’t we fortunate that our bodies are not paraded in the media.  I, for one, would not like anyone to see my protruding ears.  Adults need to work on being positive.  Find the good.  It is our responsibility to others, and especially to our children.  Donna

  160. says:

    These women have worn too many stileto heels and too many shoes that don’t fit and now they are paying for it. No thanks. UGLY feet are a turn off!

  161. says:

    They should wear shoes in their SIZE. Cinderella’s step sisters never learn. *runs away*

  162. says:

    No wonder Naomi Campbell is so mean. She’s in torment.

  163. says:

     Her feet are huge, like size 12, I read. That’s drag queen size.

  164. says:

    you forgot to put Steven Tyler’s feet in there, his are disgusting, totally mangled. Check ‘em out at TMZ.com

  165. says:

    That is also what wearing high heels does to your feet.   Bunions are NOT fun and very painful. 

  166. says:

    Lisa Edelstein’s feet would be beautiful if she’d just have bunion surgery. Christina Hendricks could use it too. Ladies, we men do check out your feet!

    PS: Paris’ feet are a lot nicer looking than her face.

  167. says:

    Oh yeah, I dare you to do an item on the hottest celebrity feet. Hint: Salma Hayek’s are up there. 

  168. says:

    Oprah has 6 toes on one foot. I am a colored hispanic and I am ashamed of those toes and feet. All that money their feet should be taken care of I am on medicaid and try to go to the foot doctor to make sure my feet are taken care of no matter if I have to come out of pocket. I am more surprised at the models and actors but still no excuse. Fix those claws YUK!!

  169. says:

    Every single one of these women’s feet show the kind of damage that occurs from high heeled fashion shoes. Proof that fashion not only objectifies women in a bad way – it actually harms us.

    • says:

      they need to have a hammer toe operation for sure!!

      • says:

        Can you believe the in denial comments being made about this issue.
        The bottom line is these particular celebrities have chosen to neglect their feet with all that damn money.
        It’s just as simple as that.
        This isn’t about high heels…lack of funds…women exploitation.
        Stop making excuses these women need surgery and soon!

    • says:

      Dont participate in the harmful fashion objectification and take personal responsibility instead of acting like a stupid victim.

      • says:

        Who said she was “participating”? She was simply pointing out her observation; none of these women in this article are the ones complaining and “acting like a stupid victim.” Maybe you should stop being so defensive, idiot.

      • says:

        Not 1 time did lucy do that, she was making an observation. so stop being such an idiot that’s acting all defensive.

    • says:


    • says:

      Just plain stupid to say.

    • says:

      Oink oink! Do I here a pig on here?

    • says:

      WOW…….SUCH AN EVIL IGNORNANT STATEMENT. You really must be very uneducated to make such a statement.

      • says:

        Agreed.  I was thinking more like the missing link, but, it was so kind of you to just make it a reference on education – or the lack thereof.

    • says:

      Bunions are hereditary, NOT from wearing high heels. My two bros have them and have never worn heels in their lives. Your feet are hereditary just like your hands. Although there’s a cure for corns and hammer toe surgery is a breeze, (along w/ other foot related problems) bunion surgery seems to be the only cure for this problem. It’s very painful and can guarantee you’ll never wear high heels for ore than 5 minutes in your lifetime afterwards. I feel sorry for them, but let’s all take our clothes off and see ugly things mother nature left each of us.

      • says:

         Let’s all take our clothes off and share Ugly’s?  What part of the web have I wandered in????

      • says:

        All it takes is just one bad pair of tight-fitting shoes to give you bunions; and squeezing your feet into too-short shoes will give you hammer-toes.

        • says:

          I never had tight-fitting shoes or wore shoes too-short, and I have had bunions, but they never looked as bad as these women.. I did have surgery to correct this and I will tell you that the surgery is not nearly as painful as the bunions, and I don’t have near the amount of money as they have. I feel their pain, but don’t understand why they don’t or won’t fix these problems.

          • says:

            I agree.  I had bunion surgery twice…so glad I did.  My feet were not only ugly but they hurt.  Why they wouldn’t just do it.  It is not painful..just a bit of a waiting time until you can wear real shoes..but if you live in a warm climate..you can wear flip flops.  DO IT!

          • says:

            Not painful? Bunionectomy surgery can be one of the most painful types of surgery a person can have because the toe is usually broken to straighten it and/or the protruding bone is literally shaved off and then the skin is closed and everything left to heal. I imagine that it must hurt to try to walk on a foot that has gone through that type of trauma. My father had both feet done at the same time and said it was the most painful thing he ever experienced and he was off his feet for a few weeks, AND the bunions eventually ‘grew’ back. There are no guarantees. It does run in our family. I too have flat feet and bunions started forming when I was about 14, and not as a result of tight shoes. It is what it is and I’ve learned to live with it.

          • says:

            One of the most painful types of surgery?? I highly doubt that.

          • says:

            then you should go have it and let us know. i doubt you use your feet for much other than shuffling to the fridge or welfare office anyway

          • says:

            This depends on the individual and the cause and severity of bunions. Like most physical dysfunctions or maladies bunions may be caused either by a hereditary predisposition or lifestyle choices and is usually some combination of both.
            My grandmother had bunion surgery in the 1990’s when she was in her late fifties and could never walk the same afterward having to use at first a cane and after only a few years, a walker. The surgery effectively crippled her and she was never able to be as independent as she liked afterward.
            Conversely, her daughter (my aunt) had a very similiar surgery only approx. 5 years later (in her early thirties) and had a quick recovery and has felt great ever since, she even wears high heels. She is much heavier than my grandmother was so i don’t know if weight plays a factor.
            I was a ballerina for many years and even though my feet look ok (now in my mid twenties) they hurt all the time and I am afraid my feet will look like these because of how mutilating the point slippers were and my obvious hereditary predisposition.

          • says:

            I had the same surgery and it wasn’t bad at all~ I was expecting it to be a lot worse. Either your dad is a wuss, or had no other painful experiences to compare it to. Any womn who’s given birth should have no problem with bunionectomy.

          • says:

            I had bunion surgery, it was not painful at all. I also had scoliosis surgery, now THAT hurt.

          • says:

            Flat feet run in my family, i ad bunions start appearing when i was 9-10. I had two surgeries on one feet (i was 15 yrs old) and one on a another as adult. Neither feet are straight and i have realized, now age 40 = accept your body as is, flaws and all. Unless, you are a shoe or foot model or have severe pain, there is no need for surgery. I first felt pain when jogging at age 15, but now i know shoe orthotics can help with walking & exercising. Also having a good chiropractor because if your low back/vertebrae are misaligned, your hip, knee, ankle and foot will be too. I think a misaligned spine & vertebrae are big contributors with feet bunions, even as kids when mine started.

          • says:

            Flat feet run in my family, i had bunions start appearing when i was 9-10. I had two surgeries on one feet (i was 15 yrs old) and one on a another as adult. Neither feet are straight and i have realized, now age 40 = accept your body as is, flaws and all. Unless, you are a shoe or foot model or have severe pain, there is no need for surgery. I first felt pain when jogging at age 15, but now i know shoe orthotics can help with walking & exercising. Also having a good chiropractor because if your low back/vertebrae are misaligned, your hip, knee, ankle and foot will be too. I think a misaligned spine & vertebrae are big contributors with feet bunions, even as kids when mine started.

          • says:

            Yes, I agree..My Mom has weird toes, so do I and so does my Daughter. We all have had them since birth. Soooooo, it can be heriditary.

        • says:

          I have always gotten around the issue by wearing well-constructed 1-2″ heel sandals as my dress shoes (perks of living in LA!) but I have hammer toes developing on the next -to-the little toe on both feet. My doc says it’s hereditary and I think he’s right, because I’ve always given my feet plenty of room.

      • says:

         corns are from shoes that rub and have too much pressure on spots on your feet. look it up.

        • says:

          Right… because of the way your feet are shaped from birth… which is HEREDITARY!!

          • says:

            If we’re using that logic, then everything is hereditary. I fall and bruise my knee? Hereditary, because my legs bend in the middle from birth. Look at those women’s feet in those shoes and tell me that’s a natural foot shape. Most women’s fashion footwear is narrow and comes to a point in the front. I don’t know about you, but that’s not the way my toes work. So, yeah, the shoes are going to crowd and rub your toes and there will be corns. I spend as much time as I can barefoot and wear comfortable shoes unless there’s a formal occasion. I have flat feet. I have no corns or hammer toes. No bunions, for that matter.

          • says:

            The point is only that bunions/ hammer toe / whatever is hereditary and not CAUSED by the shoes, simply aggravated. Non-supportive shoes (like flip-flops or sneakers like chucks) aren’t good either. I used to wear moderate heels to work and had no problems. I was home with the kids for a year and wore a pair of chucks nearly every day. The pain in my feet was agonizing. A trip to the foot doc confirmed the above. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying high heels are necessary or good for your feet.

          • says:

            Once again, you’re wrong. They are caused by the shoes. If properly fitted shoes are worn, these problems never occur.

          • says:

            These feet are ugly? Really? Lame article.

          • says:

            Guest – no, your feet are not the shape now that you were born with. Babies arent born with corns on their feet and you do not have infant size feet, do you? Most corns come from wearing the wrong shoes.

          • says:

            You all are making excuses again. These women have decided to neglect their feet with all that damn money.
            It’s ridiculous!
            Even I have had successful surgery and I don’t have nearly as much money as Oprah or any of the rest of them.
            If they tended to their feet as much as their weaves they could get somewhere with less complications.

          • says:

            No, not hereditary. I am 45 and have been wearing shoes my entire life (LOL) but only recently developed corns after repeatedly wearing an ill-fitting pair of flats. By the way, they were $95.00 Bjorn brand, so not cheap shoes by any stretch.

      • says:

        Uuuh… bunion surgery does NOT guarantee “you’ll only be able to wear heels for five minutes”. Almost every woman on my Mom’s side has or has had bunions. Some have had the surgery and of those who have had it, all wear high heels to this day with no problems. Who was your surgeon???

      • says:

        According to traditional hereditary, Bunions ar not hereditary. I have them an done of the CEOs of a holistic arts/massage school read my feet and said not hereditary. I went home an researched my past and I could only find Flat feet, no bunions. But, apparently flat feed are related to bunions. But, that’s the closest i could find with grandparents etc. I had bunions start at age 9-10. I lived in comfy shoes, not heels.

      • says:

        Bunions are hereditary, but CAN be aggravated by high heels. If bunions run in your family, don’t fast-forward the possibility of having bunions by shoving them into shoes that are too tight, too small, or too narrow. Hammertoes are not hereditary, but due to faulty foot mechanics, which can be aggravated by shoes. Pump bump is directly caused by high heels, as is heel pain, Achilles tendonitis pain, etc.

      • says:

        Paris – bunions are not always hereditary and some are caused by heels. Sucks for your brothers but most bunions come from wearing shoes that are too small. I dont think any one of these ladies needs surgery unless they want it.

        • says:

          Funny my daughter got a bunion at 7 years of age..she’s 17 now. The surgeon will not fix her feet until she’s done growing so they will not damage the growth plate in her foot. It is hereditary because my grandma had them. My daughter doesn’t wear heels. You are right shoes can cause them.

          • says:

            Many of these women have hammer toes. My sister had perfectly nice, attractive feet before she started wearing heels. She had to have surgery to correct her toes.

          • says:

            I guess bicycles are also hereditary, since my grandfather had one and I do too.

      • says:

        breeze? Why dont you try the breeze surgery yourself…you’ll have a different opinion.. I guarantee! …as I hobble(not breeze) into my sixth week …recovering from bunion and hammer toe surgery…..and btw and fyi…the hammer toe is much more painful than the bunion….

      • says:

        aye … true… but @facebook-1388912761:disqus ‘s point is true too

      • says:

        My husband has bunions from wearing cowboy boots the the first 12 years of his life. It was all his parents would buy him. He has terrible foot problems. Those pointed toes deformed his feet. Now he wears cushioned soles, with wide toed shoes. Anything else hurts his feet so much he can’t walk.

      • says:

        Unlike a number of other commenters, you are correct. As someone with bunions, I’ve researched a lot about them – the cause, the solution, etc. I’ve had bunions for as long as I can remember. My mom has them too – it’s hereditary. However, the extent to which they develop depends on the person and their choice of footwear. And though heels are the most common perpetrator, it’s not really heels themselves, but ill-fitting ones. With that said, if you don’t have the genetic disposition for bunions, it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear – you will never develop them.

      • says:

        I also had inherited bunions, but found the surgery much less painful than I expected. Just a hard ache, but nothing unbearable, and was walking in soft orthopedic sandals the first day. I can’t wear high heels now, of course, but I don’t miss them. These celebrities have the funds; they should look into surgery if for nothing else but pain relief~ and fitting into shoes more comfortably..

      • says:

        my son is flat-footed. Now, that is heritary but bunions are not. One gets bunions from wearing ill-fitted shoes particularly shoes that are made of materials that do not stretch to fit the foot. Leather stretches – man-made fabric does not.

      • says:

        I liked your comment, but I just have to say that a good podiatrist is key. I had bunion surgery on both feet as a teenager (had never worn heels/was inherited). But I had an amazing doctor and I have had little to no problems wearing heels in my adult life. I am also an avid runner and have no foot pain. So it can be done. Although some of the bunions in the pix look to be very extreme. But not every bunion is painful, so perhaps these celebrities are not bothered by it, as unsightly as they are.

    • says:

      I believe Serena Williams wears more tennis shoes than high heels.

    • says:

      I’ve worn high heels for more than 20 years, and I do not have bunions. The only foot problem I’ve ever had in my life was a bone spur on my pinkie toe. I wondered at the time if it was the result of wearing heels continuously, the podiatrist told me categorically that my shoes were not the cause of the problem. We all know that ill-fitting shoes can cause damage. The secret is to make sure that your shoes fit properly, not what height the heel is. Personally, I think my feet are horrible looking, but it’s not because of the shoes that I wear. I just have ugly feet.

      • says:

        Yeah, it’s the horrible fit. Most of the poor women in these photos were wearing shoes at least a full size and a half too small. I wonder what compelled them to wear ill-fitting shoes, it’s not like wearing small shoes makes your feet look smaller and it certainly is causing long term damage to their feet, which just makes them look all the worse. Why would anyone wear shoes where their toes are draping off of the front? o.0

    • says:

      Yes, and Mensa members prefer women who wear dude shoes. Thank you Stephen Hawkings.

    • says:

      Bunions Are HEREDITARY, NOT from wearing heels. My father and brothers have them as do I. I’m sorry I had the surgery, actually i have had 3 surgeries because now the Bone in the Bunion area grew back OUT and now the bone on top area of the bunion grew huge and my toes hurt so much that I cant wear any regular shoes that touch any part of the bunion area, and what is worse my toes were left looking deformed and HIDEOUS LOOKING.

    • says:

      Thats what ugly people say!! LOL like you

    • says:

      I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that this is caused by high heels. The problem is just ill fitting shoes, particularly shoes that are too tight.

    • says:

      I like how everyone keeps screaming about bunions when the OP never said anything about them…

      The damage to their feet from wearing heels is the shape of their toes, that you can see have conformed into the narrow toe shape of most heels. Which is why their big toes curve inwards, some to a disgusting extent.

    • says:

      you are right Lucy. Hoda and kathy lee did a show 1 day about making some shoes, not the kind of too small too high feet breakers, tthat tear up feet,toes . proof positive of some of these women wearing the wrong size shoe, the too pointy shoes, too high heeled shoe etc. they said use a maxipad in certain shoes for more comfort. It definitely works

  170. says:

    Hellloooooo….Does she have 6 freaking toes ???

  171. says:

    I don’t think rating people’s feet is anything but a cheap shot.   You don’t “abuse” feet, so you can’t be responsible for what you inherited.  Again, this is a cheap shot.

  172. says:

    Who Cares!!!!!

  173. says:

    Kajillionaire Oprah can’t get those hammer toes fixes?  Eeeek!

  174. says:

    Whatever Michelle Obama might be, she certainly isn’t good looking.  Her ass is as wide as a battleship . . . maybe she’s “finally proud” of that.

  175. says:

    When i went to the Oprah Show last year her feet was the first thing i noticed. Why would you walk out on stage with a full audience with feet like those? Poor thing has corns, bunions, onions, and two extra toes! I really felt sorry for those beautiful Manolo Blaniks she put on once the show started. Very disappointed Ms. Winfrey. With all those billions she has, you would think that she would have a couple of toes removed and do some serious reconstructive surgery ASAP! For the rest on the list, please just go and put on a pair of socks for life………

  176. says:

    You may be right, though it’s hideously non-PC to say so. A physician once told me, “Most shoe lasts are made for average caucasian feet. Black feet, particularly the heel, are shaped differently and require a special last. 

  177. says:

    Paris Hilton wouldn’t have to hold her toes like that if she bought the correct size of shoe.   Ouch is all I can say to the ladies who now have big toes bent towards the outside by wearing those ridiculously pointy shoes they call fashionable. 

  178. says:

    While I agree that celebrities really have no excuse for bad feet, teeth, breath, hair or whatever people want to nit-pick at this article is the result of someone who has too much time on their hands to throw cheap-shots. I’d rather converse about the huge advancements in science, medicine or doomsday but it seems all people want to do is is talk about EACH OTHER.  What a self-centered judgmental shallow society. The media and ironically prejudice research scientists always seem to want to find any reason to degrade Black women.  I’m so sick of it.  If it’s not one thing it’s another.  It can’t just be research no it narrows down to the ethnicity and the human genome is being twisted by research teams that have a superiority complex.  It’s well Black women are less desirable or we have found that only Europeans and Asians have Neanderthal genes or well women of non-African descent are this or that.  We are all HUMAN and the differences and prejudices that exist in this world were created by stupid humans.  We need to create a more intelligent society and eradicate RACISM!!!!!!

  179. says:

    Well  I  beg to differ with you working in the fashion world and from my experience.  There are many women of may races that have horrible feet and it comes from the type of shoes that are made for women.  Has nothing to do with race.

  180. says:

    To Dieter von douche bag and nevermore you are definitely entitled to your opinion.  I feel the same way when I see white people that are my age (35) and look 50!  Eww! Just genetics but it is no secret you all are very wrinkled, old looking, pale and smell like wet dogs.  Definitely, just genetics.

  181. says:

    Those shoes that Keri have on are way too cute!

  182. says:

    Why would anyone with feet like these wear these tiny little sandals?  Those sandals are made for women with nice tiny feet not gross huge feet. My feet are not nice so I wear sandals that cover most of my toes and feet but are still open enough for summer. Why go out and show off feet like these in these 2 strap sandals. Guess these actresses just don’t care what we think which is great in a way. Everyone has an opinion on everyone and you can’t please one billion people so just please yourself!!!

  183. says:

    i think you are rightoprah has six toes to go along with her six digit losses at her network.too bad she can’t lose that sixth stump..

  184. says:

    How many toes does Oprah have?

  185. says:

    You know why their feet are so messed up-it’s from squeezing them into those jacked up,pointy toed shoes. You women think you look good in those shoes. Too bad your feet look beat up without them. Add up all the money you have spent on those shoes and than look at your poor deformed feet,was it really worth it? My mom is in her 80’s and her feet are shaped like those pointy toed shoes she use to wear. I guess I’m lucky I can’t walk in heels.

  186. says:

    Two pieces of advice for these celebs, and others:  Podiatric care and PediFix medical footcare products…pedifix.com or 800-pedifix

  187. says:

    I agree, people really shouldn’t criticize other peoples feet because I’m a podatrist and I haven’t found a perfect foot yet.  While shoes are a contributing factor, we know professionally that most of these deformities are inherited (no matter how beautiful you are) I just wish they would realize that there are better techniques for correcting these deformed feet now days. If someone want’s to give them my number, I will explain it to them.  You do not have to live with painful foot deformities anymore (that was 19th century thinking).    Jason LeVitre, DPM  307-789-8997

  188. says:

    Oprah has tailor’s bunions on the outside of her feet, so it looks like an additional toe.  Most of these women have scads of cash. Why aren’t they getting their feet fixed – some are painful just to look at!

  189. says:

    Of the 8, SJP’s are the least ugly, but they all have serious bunions and hammertoes from wearing improper shoes.  Bunions that severe usually require surgery to correct, and believe me, it’s not fun!

  190. says:

    I can’t believe I read this….

  191. says:

    Oprah has 2 hammer toes in this photo.I went to Oprah’s live TV Lifeclass in St Louis.She has her shoes OFF ALWAYS when not on camera.A person runs back and forth and puts her heels back on between times.

  192. says:

    My grandmother, who passed away nearly 25 years ago, used to say that people with 6 toes are very intelligent and lucky. Maybe it is a brain booster…feels so in Oprah’s case.

  193. says:

    Paris got smart, she stopped showing hers. I remember being at a concert years ago, and my cousin’s buddy had his shoes off, and because of his feet, I lost my appetite, and we had some phenomenal grub there. 

  194. says:

    Iman called Michelle Obama ugly? Heck, she married David Bowie, for crying out loud!

  195. says:

    Now I know why Oprah walks the way she does. Yikes.

  196. says:

    They forgot to mention that oprah has 12 toes…… She really does!

  197. says:

    i say buy shoes that fit – now you know why your feet look like they do if you wear an eight buy an eight not 6 or 7 in every photo the feet are outside the actual shoe you know they saying “if the shoe fits wear it” try the right size

  198. says:

    Well 5/8 belong to old black women.  Of course their feet are going to look ugly.  As for Katie Holmes and Paris Hilton I agree that damage comes from high heals and too much sun and perhaps to many chemicals in artificial Lotians.  I actually thought Sarah Jessica Parker’s feet looked kinda nice.

  199. says:

    You folks ARE miscounting Oprah’s toes! You are counting the little toe twice – notice the lack of a toe-nail on the “6th” toe (farthest to the right in photo)? It’s a muscle, not an extra toe. Wonder what she’s been lifting with that little toe to develop such a muscle…

  200. says:

    Oprah and Naomi Campbell.. WTF?

  201. says:

    do white women have ugly feet?

  202. says:

    Do white women have ugly feet?

  203. says:

    I will never buy Lean Cuisine again because of the ad playing every time I go to the next page. 

  204. says:

    What a moronic article. Feet are feet. They help get you from A to B.
    Personally, all feet are ugly to me, but thank god I don’t have people following me around and taking close-ups of mine, then posting everywhere how gross they are. 

    • says:

      Actually, feet are more than that. They have to carry you throughout your lifetime. Take care of them and treat them well by wearing properly fitted shoes. You can be stylish without causing damage to your feet. You never realize how important they are until you injure them! 

  205. says:

    That is what happens to feet when squeezed into HIGH to VERY HIGH  HEELS  with narrow toes!  I’ve refused to wear tight narrow toed shoes and my feet are good.

  206. says:

    Three things I have to say does Oprah have 6 toes! Why are all these women toes looking like they are hanging over their shoes,and why isn’t Wendy Williams not on here

  207. says:

    All of these women should be ashamed to show their feet. If my feet was that ugggly I wouldn’t dare show them. It is a shame that all of these women have the money and access to the best Dr’s money can buy and will not have their feet repaired. As for Oprah she have 6 toes on one foot come on now she really need surgery. Fashion have no limits, the damage these women have done to their feet in the name of beauty and fashion make no sense. The corns,bunions, hammer toes,twisted toes, just aren’t attractive in open toe, cut out shoes. Ladies go out and spend some of that money to get your feet in shape or stop wearing those skimpy shoes.

    Shugar Cookie

  208. says:

    The point is that these women have bad feet, I don’t understand why they did not get them fix with all that money.  Money can’t buy feet

  209. says:

    Why, just black women on this list?

  210. says:

    I don’t know why SJP’s feet are on this list.  It looks like she takes good care of them.  This is the reason I wear sensible shoes.

  211. says:

    Who cares. The feet are the first thing a man moves out of the way!! LOL

  212. says:

    Actual PROOF that the high heels they wear do this to your feet – ever think how most shoe stylists are GUYS?????

  213. says:

    Is it just must me, but all these women have ugly feet, toes, and freaking ulgy faces, except Katie Holmes.

  214. says:

    I’m sorry, but I wear heels all the time, 4inches or higher, and my feet look nothing like that! Maybe because I don’t do as much in mine as they do in their’s.

  215. says:

    Isn’t that an extra little toe on Oprah’s left foot?

  216. says:

    serena’s feet don’t look that bad just shoved into the wrong type of shoe…

  217. says:

    screw off ! SJP’s feet look GREAT!

  218. says:

    all the fame and fortune and u cant fix ur feet????

  219. says:

    The  richest women in the world cant fix her feet??? UGHHH!!! SMDH!!!! OPRAH REALLY ????/

  220. says:

     The faces and the feet both ugly,  IMHO. 

  221. says:

    This dives to new depths of mean.

  222. says:

     Some would just look so much better if they wore shoes that fit. But then, with Naomi and Iman having been models they’ve had to wear whatever was there for them to wear in a shoot or show and if it’s two sizes small oh well. Still, you’d think any of these women has the money to buy shoes that fit right when wearing something of their own choice. I can see maybe they’d be nervous about getting surgery but buying shoes that fit should be doable.

  223. says:

    I agree high heel shoes do cause problems with the feet, but it seems most of these women are buying shoes that are to small or narrow for them. That to will cause some messed up dogs!!

  224. says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker’s feet are flat as boards. Ick.

  225. says:

    Oh, get over it!  Iman is right.  Michelle O. IS ugly. 

  226. says:

    It’s a shame that these women  who have money to spare don’t take better care of their feet. It may seem
    shallow ‘ but your feet like everything else is a reflection of you. People who are considered beautiful are
    sometimes the first individuals to pass judgement on others. When in reality they should be looking down
    at their ugly feet before they open their mouths.

  227. says:

    ok, none of those three women are beautiful anyway…what a stupid article

  228. says:

    In every case, each woman was wearing shoes that were much too small for her feet. While the woman is ultimately to blame for the choice of shoe she crams her feet into, the real blame rests with the shoe fashion industry and their refusal to make shoes that actually fit women’s feet. The shoe industry insists on making shoes that are much too small and improperly shaped. The shoe industry is forcing us to accept their need to create art at the expense of our feet.  Many women, myself included have a very difficult time finding any good looking shoes that are not torture to wear. The answer is to stop buying the crap no matter how expensive and demand that shoe makers produce shoes in our sizes that are designed to fit a woman’s feet and not made to reshape them.

  229. says:

    This all makes me think of Cybill Shepherd, she was a model and then an actress, and she always wears tennies now – quote: “At a certain point in a woman’s life, she has to choose between beautiful feet or beautiful shoes.” and also: “When I wore Reeboks with my sleeveless black velvet gown [to the 1985 Emmy Awards], everyone was going, ‘No, Cybill, don’t do it!’ But I felt half the women there were envious. They resented that they were torturing themselves!” Yay, go Cybill!

  230. says:

    They forgot uma thurmam.  Ugh are they ugly

  231. says:

    Now I don’t hate my feet so much!

  232. says:

    Ummm aren’t they suppose to air brush those feet like they do those faces and bodies? just saying

  233. says:

    My daughter dances ballet and is working towards dancing professionally.  It’s simply a fact of life that dancers, ESPECIALLY those beautiful, graceful, ethereal ballet dancer en Pointe, have hideous, stinky feet.  Some have their toenails removed because their continually bruised from the pointe work.  It’s what nature does when you wear abnormal shoes and force your feet into positions that nature never intended.  These feet pictures are simply another reflection of foot abuse and overuse.

  234. says:

    Oprah has 6 toes on one of her feet. Cool!

  235. says:

    SJP has nice looking feet.

  236. says:

    The hammer toes may be from high heels, but not the bent remaining 4 toes. Most of these women are tall and thin with the exception of Oprah and Serena; so it’s likely they wear a larger sized shoe and have narrow feet as well. It’s hard to find narrows so it’s tempting to go a size smaller as it automatically gets a bit narrower.  I wear 8.5- 9 and that happened to me when I was young and I have worn heels over 2″  only 4 times in my life…BUT all of these women could afford to have shoes made for them or customized for fit so I am not sure why they went w/ a too small shoe.  The models might be somewhat understood as the shoots stuff you in/ or pad the shoe up to fit whatever shoes they have on hand to match the clothes.

  237. says:

    I was really surprised that Victoria Beckham wasn’t on this list. Her feet are WAY worse than SJP’s.

  238. says:

    These are not that bad as compared to the others. She’s got the beginnings of hammer toes, but when compared to Iman’s, there’s no contest.

  239. says:

    Looks like she’s got a sixth toe.

  240. says:

    I couldn’t be happier for her….

  241. says:

    Is that SIX toes on O’s Hoof?

  242. says:

    SJP’s feet don’t belong in this group at all.

  243. says:

    Hello modern-day mob,

    If you love someone, their feet don’t matter–as long as they are clean. And if they aren’t, if you love them you will help her wash and tend to them. Love is bigger then feet. Besides, look at our men feet that they have to love!!

  244. says:

    You forgot to include Jennifer Love Hewitt and Katherine McPhee’s big square log looking feet!!

  245. says:

    Just goes to show you that just because you have money and CAN pay for good medical care doesn’t mean that they will.  These feet must hurt sooooo much.  Bunion surgery is no big deal.  I wouldn’t go out in public with feet that looked like these!

  246. says:

    Comes from stuffing your feet into to tiny shoes that don’t fit.

  247. says:

    watch Notorious “biggie” movie Puffy couldn’t even bring the man his right size shoe talking bout he has to where whatever they could find.

  248. says:

    omg, IMAN your bunyons, woah, Im glad I dont have to wear shoes like that..that must be painful.

  249. says:

    All the money in the world doesnt buy you pretty feet, I learned this today, lol.

  250. says:

    I keep my ugly (God-awful bunions) covered up.  Heels weren’t the problem, but bad genes were.

  251. says:

    Feet match the faces.  YUCK!!!

  252. says:

    Hello, ever thought that most damage to our feet happened as children, especially those of poor families who had no choice but to wear cheap or hand me down shoes. 

  253. says:

    Meow! Do any celebrity men have ugly feet?

  254. says:

    Actually to all you naysayers comments about bunions, hammer toes, and heredity vs. high heels, my podiatrist says that they ARE caused by ill-fitting shoes!! Heredity does have some influence but that bunions are a direct result from bad shoes! If you look at the models specifically, they ALL have terribly deformed toes from bunions — that comes not only from heels, but from the fact that the shoes they wore didn’t fit them. I modeled when I was a teen and if you were a size 9, but all they had was an 8, or even 7.5, too bad — that’s what you wore. CRAM those feet in get working! 

  255. says:

    Actually, Serena’s feet don’t look as bad as some of the others. She could probably stand a larger shoe size.

    • says:

      Running in sneakers and socks on a tennis court for up to 5 hours at a time, will cause her feet to perspire (sweat) and her toes will rub raw. I feel for her…and with all that said, her feet do not look bad.

  256. says:

    for everyone that says its not hereditary u should read ur facts..

  257. says:

    Paris Hilton’s feet look fine. Her shoes are just too small.

  258. says:

    Sarahs feet are actually prettier than her face:/

  259. says:

    This certainly made me feel better about my own feet, which apparently rock next to these photos.  In response to the “are bunions hereditary vs not” question , I will say that I have one on my right foot and have had it since I was a teenager.  I blame it completely on ballet shoes, specifically pointe, worn as early as 8 years old when my bones weren’t fully done growing.

    And yes, I see Oprah’s sixth toe.  Cute (sort of).

  260. says:

    Give me a break….they are feet – these women are awesome people…quit stepping on their toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. says:

    Oprah as she has 6 toes which kinda freaked me out but then Paris Hiltons look like claws.

  262. says:


  263. says:

    Paris Hilton looks like she has ET toes LOL

  264. says:

    When you see the toes pointing the wrong way and the bone sticking out next to the big toe that is a sure sign those ladies have worn high heels tooooooooo much.  I saw some of the ugliest feet known to man in Japan, enough to make Boomerang sprint out of that country, and it’s because many Japanese women don’t wear any shoes besides high heels.

  265. says:

    It’s the shoes they wear. Now, with the highest heels in history they are going to have more problems. Good luck to all of them.

  266. says:

    Shoes are not too small, they are too high.

  267. says:

    For all the scrunched toes on these lovely women…Hang on Snoopy, Hang on!

  268. says:

    All of the women, except for Oprah, have a condition called Morton’s toe.  Their feet have “big” toes that are too short.  The pressure from walking is placed on the 2nd and 3rd toes.  A person with Morton’s toe has a 2nd toe that is longer than the big toe.  Many times this condition causes problems with bunions, corns, hammertoes, and pain;  especially, as a person ages because the ligaments become less flexible.  Put those feet into shoes without great support and you’ll get damage like the feet in the photos.  The Morton’s toe foot is sometimes called the Greek foot.  Our Statue of Liberty has a longer 2nd toe, too.  Morton’s toe is caused by heredity.

  269. says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker’s feet didn’t look too bad to me.  She just has a lot of veins in her feet.

    Oprah, Naomi and Iman need to get those bunions fixed ASAP! They look painful!

  270. says:

    See, all Ms Keri needs is a good man to rub those feet when she gets home every day.  I would certainly volunteer for that job.

  271. says:

    I wear high heels all the time. BUT they have corns and bunions and hammer toes. That comes from ill fitting shoes. WEAR the proper size shoes and you will not have that problem. GO get a corn removed and tape the inside of the shoe if it rubs. COME on alot of the problems you are seeing are preventable. NOW the 6th toe thing….. not much you can do except have it removed.  You can wear high heels and still not have deformed feet.

  272. says:

    Iman looks like she can’t even stand with them things..lol

  273. says:

    Katy has ape toes..lol

  274. says:

    LaLa Vazquez-Anthony feet look worst than any woman feet i’ve ever seen. They look like somone ran over them and then took a hammer to them!!! I swear I though they was her husbands feet until they showed her from the head down! She need to go to a surgeon and have them chopped off and get some more feets.

  275. says:

    SJP’s are not that bad except for the hammer toes

  276. says:

    All these stars’ feet surprised me.  They all abused their feet.  They need to head to a foot doctor. They can certainly afford it.  

  277. says:

    I don’t think that Sarah’s feet look so bad.

  278. says:

    RE:  Sarah Jessica Parker…..not only does she have ugly hands and feet, she is a hard-looking woman.

  279. says:

    Ballerina’s feet are really ugly too, and that they often bleed when they’re performing.  I’m glad that I didn’t wear shoes that would damage my feet, and I’m glad my feet aren’t ugly!

  280. says:

    I was just going to say, “How do we know that the feet belong to the celebrities in the photo?”, but I remember seeing a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker when she was wearing this dress.  The hem of the dress needed to be pressed, and that’s the same dress, so I suppose these really are photos of their feet.

  281. says:

    Does she have 6 toes?  Bunions can be corrected, often without surgery.  With all the money these women have, you’d think they’d hire someone to give them pedicures on a weekly basis.

  282. says:

    Those feet are just nastie.   they need to see a foot Dr.

  283. says:

    wait until they reach their 60 and 70 they will have wished they did not wear heels that much they willhave twisted toes from arthritis and will be in a wheel chair cause they cant walk

  284. says:

    Shoes too small

  285. says:

    Why do these women wear open-toe shoes in the first place? I would cover them up completely. I also wonder who is brave enough to give them a pedi lol

  286. says:

    Those toes look like crooked grub worms!

  287. says:

    Ewwww! I think her feet were seen in Jurrasic Park?

  288. says:

    I noticed most of these woman are black. I remember when I sold shoes for a living and black woman were always the most difficult to fit and had the ugliiest feet for some reason.

  289. says:

    Does Oprah have six toes??

  290. says:

    My grandad taught me to never date a woman with a bossy toe, (second toe longer than her big toe)  Said all they want to do is fight!

    So far a very wise rule!

  291. says:

    If my feet looked like that I wouldn’t put them on display in sandals outside of my backyard.

  292. says:

    in the words of m.c. hammer.. hammertime..

  293. says:

    Oprah got too much money for her feet to be looking like that! 

  294. says:

    Her feet aren’t that bad.

  295. says:


  296. says:

    I agree Burrito ! I had the surgery six years ago. NO MORE PAIN ! Feet look good. The scars fade and with hardware the bunions do not come back.  Spend the money ladies.  It is well worth it.

  297. says:

    I think these photos are fake.  SORRY, that’s my opinion.

  298. says:

    Uh oh!! Its’ the paps!!  Feets don’t fail me now!!!

  299. says:

    Another stupid comment from a stupid person. There are planty of women from other races whose feet are jacked. I have beautiful feet, if u were my friend on FB u would know that but since u r not…Bloop! lol.

  300. says:

    Anything to pump urself up to be better than someone else, huh? U r truly pathetic.

  301. says:

    SJP’s feet do not look that bad.

  302. says:

    A couple of points here… FLOTUS is homely whether you like her or not you must admit it. 
    Bunions are caused by shoes that are too tight. Just like the old saying.. if the shoe fits wear it, if it doesn’t then get rid of it.

  303. says:

    Man !!!! Those are the ugliest feet I have ever seen.  They should cover up those ugly feet.
    They have no shame….

  304. says:

    What a stupid article–and I’m even more stupid wasting electricity by reading it!!!

  305. says:

    Oprah has SIX toes on that foot!!!

  306. says:

    These women need to look into getting their shoes custom-made.  The fit will be better, it most likely won’t destroy their feet, and they will feel better . . . all over, not just on their feet.  Because when your feet hurt you hurt all over.

    And if they don’t know who to turn to, then they need to pick up the phone and ask Shaq.  I heard he wears size 26, and there’s no way on earth you can just walk into someplace and buy a size 26 shoe, so somebody has to be making them for him . . .

  307. says:

    what i don’t understand is why women would buy shoes that do not feet their feet. almost each pair looked to be too tight or too short.

  308. says:

    oops, lol i mean FIT their Feet,

  309. says:

    Instead of mocking these women for real orthopedic conditions why not work on the designers of those shoes (in particular)? They’re a travesty.  Oh, and while we’re at it how  about the mWhy would you want to make yourself look like a criminal??!!

  310. says:

    I did not know that Oprah has 6 toes and that is what I am counting.

  311. says:

    Oprah has SIX toes???!!!

  312. says:

    I am one of those clumsy people so heels for me is a no no… I guess that clumsiness saved my feet . 

  313. says:

    I use to be ashamed of my feet because I let a jealous ex-friend of mine tell me they were ugly.
    Her feet were black and crusty, mine are so light you can see my vains, people think i get pedicures cuz my toe nails always grow back even and look like they have clear polish, but my second toe is longer than the big toe. This is what really made me think my feet were ugly until I read that people who second toe bigger than the big toe, have royality in them. I don’t know how true this is but I do know that we put to much pressure on ourselves and should be lucky if we have all our limbs.

    • says:

      Jackie, that condition is called Morton’s Toe and you’ll be happy to know that classical Greek sculptures all favor the second toe being longer than the big toe. It was thought to beautify the foot, so consider yourself beautiful and a classic.

      • says:

        The reason I know this is that my second toe is also longer than the first and I think my feet look great in sandals because of that!

  314. says:

    This would not happen with sensible shoes.

  315. says:

    I heard years ago that models have the worst feet because they are sometimes required to squeeze into too small shoes. Did Iman really call the Flotus ugly?  That was rude if true.

  316. says:

    I was really disappointed in Sarah Jessica Parkers feet………I was expecting hooves

  317. says:

    I though cute little brunettes had cute little toes. Now I know better. I have ugly feet and I never expose them in sandles, tongs, etc. Even in the summer time I wear closed in shoes. I have always been very aware of my ugly feet. They work very well though and that is the important thing. I had bunion surgery on my left foot and I will also have it on my right foot. I try to help my feet as much as possible.

  318. says:

    Are these photos for real?  I have never seen feet like these.  

  319. says:

    Most shoes are not designed for women who are not a size 2. I noticed there are six toes on Oprah’s foot. That will also contribute to the tight fit.

  320. says:

    Oprah has 6 toes on 1 foot,Wow.

  321. says:

     Bunions themselves are not hereditary, the foot type that causes bunions are. That is why you’ll notice your feet resembling that of a parent or grandparent, for better or for worse. This is an important distinction, since if you notice the potential of developing a bunion early, you can take measures to prevent the bunion from occurring. It is important to note that bunions are generally not caused by shoes, but rather by the mechanics and overall stability of the foot.

  322. says:

    I agree with Lucy!  I quit wearing heels higher than 1 inch in 1989 and now, at age 62, my feet are in great shape. …….no scrunched toes, no hammer toes, just nice feet! 

  323. says:

    Am I counting right – does she really have 6 toes on that foot? Five little ones (four with pointing nails and 1 without) and a large toe.

  324. says:

    Why would you bring up Michelle Obama…and say you bet her feet are uglier…and then compare her to Oprah? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm!

  325. says:

    Seabiscuit’s, excuse me, SJP’s feet aren’t nearly as ugly as her face.

  326. says:

    ^^^^  funny  vvvv   everyone debating peoples ugly feet ..

  327. says:

    The real question, IMO, is why do these women show their feet in bare strappy sandals?  Not-so-pretty-feet is what pumps were made for.  

  328. says:

    I had bunion surgery twice on one foot 20 years apart and once on the other.  I gave birth to 2 children and without exaggeration labor was a cake walk compared to the pain I had with the 3 bunion surgeries.  My last surgery was almost a year ago and if someone gave me a million dollars I could not walk around my block in orthopaedic shoes.  Sometimes the risk and pain is too great.  If you can live with it, I say do it.  But my foot problems were not nearly as pronounced.   I did wear heals again after my earlier bunion surgeries, I never will again after this one….too painful

    But a simpler solution is why the heck are these women wearing open toed shoes?  Wear some closed toe pumps or shoes open in the back for goodness sake!!!  Their stylists need to be fired pronto.

  329. says:

    Dumbest article ever?

    What’s next, pictures of celebrity dental x-rays? Armpits? Colonoscopies?

  330. says:

    Stop stalking people’s feet and get a life

  331. says:

    I think SJP has nice feet? Why did she make this list?

  332. says:

    Wow, Oprah has 6 toes…. I did not know that! You learn something new every day :)

  333. says:

    Unless you got biscuit heels too, ladies just don’t show those toes!! All the polish & pedis in the world can’t help creepy toes.

  334. says:

    Im sorry, Imans feet looks like someone took a sledge hammer to them. She is beautiful but that not right.

  335. says:

    Just like these women didn’t have a thing to do with their looks, unless the got plastic surgeries,
    the didn’t have a thing to do with how their feet look either.  I’m getting sick of the Double
    Standard of one requirement for women,  and obviously NONE for men …Celebritities or not.
    Most look like they just came out of the North 40, without even bothering to bathe or wash
    their hair.  Have you noticed how ugly male “celebs” are, actually; how much weight they
    carry, and that they just don’t look the way the used to look?

  336. says:

    As Al Bundy on “Married With Children” once said while helping a customer at the shoe store, “They look like rib roasts with nails.”

  337. says:

     You can’t fix orthopedic problems like hammer toe.  And since the rest of them has to be perfect anyway, why don’t you cut them a break?  I’m sure overall they look better than you anyway.

  338. says:

    There’s nothing wrong with her feet, I think it’s just shiny so it’s hoes the bumps when your toes are in heels.

  339. says:

    OMG they should be ashamed of themselves.

  340. says:

    If a woman has bad feet I’m out. She can be a super model but if her feet are jacked up, it’s over. I never make a decision on a female until I see her feet. It’s a deal breaker. On the other hand if a woman is, let’s say less attractive but has nice feet I’d be more inclined to see her. 

  341. says:

    Spell and grammar check before you post, guys.

  342. says:

    Sooooo, of ALL the celebrities they could have singled out, of 8 of them, more than half are African or African-American… and the others are simply not very attractive white women to begin with??? I call RACISM on this entire piece!

  343. says:

    As another person afflicted with “ugly feet” there are circumstances you may not be aware of. I was an athlete in high school, as well as a ballerina for 10 years. Those two things alone could have caused my “ugly feet”. I also have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. Any one of the above could have contributed to my problem. I have had three surgeries on my left foot and ankle which are extremely painful and take months to improve and at least a year to completely heal. Due to an infection after surgery, one of the “pins” holding one of my toes in place, pushed itself out and could not be repaired.Also, all of the jobs I have had, have required me to be on my feet for 8 to 24 hours on a daily basis. These models/stars spend quite a bit of time in stiletto heels, walking the runway and re-filming scenes, over and over. Believe me when I tell you, ALL of their feet hurt, but how can they take a year off of work with no 100% guarantee of a normal/permanent recovery? So they continue their professions, whether it be standing on pointe shoes for hours, preparing food (as a chef )for countless days on end, squishing your feet into the shoe that best goes with the outfit (no matter the size) or pounding the streets, for a scene or job hunt!, they will  pay dearly for the rest of their lives. Some of us will end up with a cane, if lucky, a wheelchair, if not. So the next time you photograph someone with “ugly feet”, think about that and put yourself in our shoes!

  344. says:

    Don’t let ANYONE tell you that repairing ANYTHING that has to do with your feet, is a breeze!
    The surgeons will tell you straight out that it will be one of the most painful surgeries that you will ever had! The healing process is no picnic either….VERY long, and VERY PAINFUL! To top it off, there are no guarantees that the surgeries will work for the rest of your life. Ask someone who has had surgery on their feet. Trimming off a bunion or shortening a toe is NOT a pleasant experience!!!

  345. says:

    They don’t make wigs for feet.

  346. says:

    does Oprah have 6 toes

  347. says:

    Does Oprah have 6 toes on that foot???!!

  348. says:

    When I was in the 3rd grade my spelling and writing were A+ caliber! Maybe his is worse than a 2 year old cuz most of them can’t spell or write.

  349. says:

    Amazin who wouldda thunk it. I’ve had friends not nearly w/ the means of these women that have had their feet repaired so they could wear sandals. Personally you’d never catch me wearing these pricey designer shoes and my feet look like I wear Payless (illfitting ones at that)!!!

  350. says:

    sjp looks like a foot

  351. says:

    Gymnast Shawn Johnson has cute feet. tall women tend to have big ugly feet with ugly long toes.

  352. says:

    Apes have ape feet. What do you expect?

  353. says:

    What surprised me most is that The Root spent any time doing this article at all. This is really petty and juvenile. I expect better from you.

  354. says:

    Surgery was not worth it to me. Flat feet run in my family, i had bunions start appearing when i was
    9-10. I had two surgeries on one feet (i was 15 yrs old) and one on a
    another as adult. Neither feet are straight and i have realized, now age
    40 = accept your body as is, flaws and all. Unless, you are a shoe or
    foot model or have severe pain, there is no need for surgery. I first
    felt pain when jogging at age 15, but now i know shoe orthotics can help
    with walking & exercising. Also having a good chiropractor because
    if your low back/vertebrae are misaligned, your hip, knee, ankle and
    foot will be too. I think a MISALIGNED SPINE &VERTEBRAE are big contributors with feet bunions, even as kids when mine started. Surgery should not be the only answer. I had the largest degree of bunions my doc had seen.

  355. says:

    Many of these celebrity women may NOT have had the TIME to take off from work or starting an empire business. Having bunions certainly did not stop them from creating a name or huge bank account for themselves. ACCEPT YOUR BODY and find a good chiropractor to realign your bones from spine, hip, legs, ankle & feet bones if it’s hereditary and stop wearing crazy tight unfitting shoes. All those criticizing other people’s toes/feet? What do YOUR hands, face, nose, ears, teeth, body look like?? Are you lean and fit with a good BMI? Unless you are perfect you cannot point fingers at another without calling yourself rude.

  356. says:

    Horrible! Just plain horrible.

  357. says:

    Britney Spears. Flintstone feet. No joke.

  358. says:

    Glad I had my bilateral bunion surgery…I got them from my Mama…also glad my toes arent the only jacked up ones in town…ugh..

  359. says:

    Oprah has six toes…

  360. says:

    Nice to know that MY feet look better than some!

  361. says:

    People who need to wear sandals, but shouldn’t in public. Sarah Jessica and Serena should not be on this list.

  362. says:

    How frakking shallow can we get people.

  363. says:

    “Can you believe these are the feet of a woman who called our lovely FLOTUS Michelle O ugly?!”

    Yes. I can. Because Michelle O is ugly, and Iman is not even with her funky feet. Plus, Michelle O is married to a politician, and Iman is married to David Bowie. So Iman immediately wins.

  364. says:


  365. says:

    i dont get it – she has SIX TOES – count them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  366. says:

    Iman’s feet are F ed up!!! Serena’s are normal, I don’t see any problems, it is just the camera angle and the high heels.

  367. says:

    D@mn paris, if you were a man, you’d put john holmes to shame….

  368. says:

    OMG..what happened? U got money to keep them feet beautiful..please look down more often..and no more open toed shoes.

  369. says:

    Oh my, O’s can afford to get some feet done. Those hammers have been there for years, with the bones protruding outward. I know it hurts, just looking at those two feet make me cry. Please O, get to the podiatrist and get some help. Otherwise your feel will fail and then what will you be walking on? Toss out those tight, ill-fitting, non-leather shoes. I know. I had shoes that would pinch, bind, hurt, my toes are screaming! Any shoe that does that, it is not the shoe for you!

  370. says:

    They should try buying shoes in the correct size and adding pads so their feet won’t slide forward.
    If the shoe is so narrow that the straps pull your toes into a new zip code…too small. Same if your little toe is poking out into the next county.
    If your toes are hanging over the end of your shoe and look like Thing from the Addams family walking….buy a larger shoe Paris.

  371. says:

    Oprah loooks like she has 6 toes?

  372. says:

    Does Oprah have six toes?

  373. says:

    In SJP’s defense those feet and hands mean she does yoga. Nothing wrong with that!

  374. says:

    Paris Hilton’s feet don’t really look like there is anything wrong with them to me – her toes are long and skinny, like the rest of her. Maybe she needs to get some bigger shoes, though.

  375. says:

    Their feet look like this because of the type of shoes they wear. Spiked heels ruin women’s feet. On the other hand, now I don’t feel so bad about my messed up toes. (I had surgery on two of them years ago and they are very ugly!)

  376. says:

    I have actually broken up with women because they had ugly feet. Say what you want but I just could not spend the rest of my life looking at someones “oprahtoes”

  377. says:

    I see hooves

  378. says:

    Is it me or does Oprah have 6 toes?

  379. says:

    Your feet are a direct correlation with the shape of your body.
    Short women tend to have short fat feet and a wide toe base. Women with wider hips like Oprah tend to be flat footed. Taller women tend to have longer toes to balance them. You pair that with modeling, and possibly wearing shoes two sizes too small over the years, it’s like you’re asking for bunions and corns.
    Personally, I’m short and have wide feet, and I will sprain my ankle in a pair of flats before I will a pair of heels, and I have yet to get a corn or bunion.

  380. says:

    I have long “monkey toes”, which came in really handy when my children were babies…I could hold them in my arms, while I picked up things on the floor with my toes! ;) As a teenager, I would hide my toes in the sand at the beach so no one would see how ugly they were! Now that I’ve seen some truly bad looking toes, I realize mine aren’t that bad! LOL!

  381. says:

    Oprah looks like she has 6 toes! Not too many people have perfect feet and let’s face it…their feet! But I promise you if mine looked anything like any of these…I’d fix them!

  382. says:

    they make more money than all of us combined

  383. says:

    Say it ain’t so! This has got to be the works of photoshop!

  384. says:

    The only reason why it seem like it could be true is because these celebs wear those shoes that look like they hurt to walk in. I don’t understand, with the money your making, you can afford to wear comfortable shoes that doesn’t give discomfort and room for corns to grow!

  385. says:

    Am I seeing 6 toes?

  386. says:

    her left foot has 6 digits????

  387. says:

    I remember this shot of Kirsten Dunst’s feet. It was taken right after she’d spilled some red wine on herself, including her legs and feet.

    So, what is the point of including it other than to fuel negative speculation about her?

  388. says:

    all feet are ugly…especially mens feet. toes are gross. mens toes are REALLY gross. there should be a law against men wearing flip flops, or any other type of shoe that shows their toes. maybe i’ll start a petition. i also think that the word “die”, meaning one “dice”, should be outlawed, and all dice, regardless of how many there are, should be called dice. and if you’re from the south, it’s spelled “y’all”, not “ya’ll”. i’m glad i got all of that off my chest.

  389. says:

    This site is ridiculous. Saturated in held-captive ads. I didn’t want to read about celebrity fee anyhow.

  390. says:

    OMG! It looks like Oprah has six fricken toes!

  391. says:

    Oh ISH! Naomi Campbell!

  392. says:

    What in the world happened to Kirsten’s feet? Are they bleeding? Eeuuww!

  393. says:

    Christina Hendricks…YIKES!

  394. says:

    Angelina Jolie’s feet do NOT belong on this list; her feet are as God and evolution designed them to be. She has a triangular footprint (geometrically – the strongest shape in the known universe) with wide-splayed toes (especially the BIG toe) and STRAIGHT bone structure and strongly-developed tendons (look at your own children’s or grand-children’s feet at 3 or 4 or 5 years old). Those seemingly-simple appendages have a LOT of work to do from childhood to old-age and have to support the increasing weight and physical activity with quick direction-changes and downright abuse of adolescence and adulthood – all the way to our last days on earth. All these horror pictures can be avoided by avoiding “stylish” footwear and going BAREFOOT when ever and where ever safe to do so.

  395. says:

    really? we are talking about feet? wow…..

  396. says:

    Seriously annoyed that women are critiqued on everything, Heaven forbid that these women, most of who appear to be wearing shoes that are ill-fitting, have crooked toes, bunions and corns. To be honest most of the feet looked like what feet are suppose to look like. Who gives a flying hoot… they have feet and can walk. This is what happens when women feel like they have to live up to unrealistic beauty standard. Size 10+ feet are not meant to fit into a size 8. Many of the women depicted were bending their toes so that they weren’t overhanging. Each of these women are doing their thing that is what matters. smh

  397. says:

    Neither Angelina nor Sara J. Parker belong anywhere near this list!!!!!
    C’mon… seriously?!?!? “StyleBlazer”, author unknown, should be able to do better!

  398. says:

    I don’t see the major problem with some of these feet, like Sarah Jessica Parkers, or Keri Hilsons. Some of them just look like the shoe was awkward to wear, so their toes were grabbing onto the bottom. I guess they needed to fill space.

  399. says:

    What surprised me most about this article is that the first page of this it has a head shot photos of 3 women in the following order:Keri Hilson, Iman, and Oprah Winfrey and also 3 feet shot photos in the following order: Iman, Keri Hilson and Katie Holmes. Really?

  400. says:

    Some of their feet look they are holding on for dear life in those shoes!

  401. says:

    Never mind bunions. Does Oprah really have six toes on her left foot?

  402. says:

    i see why tom cruise hit the road.

  403. says:

    oprahs feet .omg…….. all the $$$$$$$$$$$ she ahs and she cant fix her feet

  404. says:

    They didn’t take care of their feet when young,using the same shoes over and over. Or using ill fitting shoes.They must have also some genetic issues or feet defect to begin with. But there are podiatrists at their service . If they didn’t want surgery -at best hide those ugly feet .

  405. says:

    Obviously someone is extremely sensitive about his masculinity. It makes me wonder how small he is.

  406. says:

    Posh Spice got some water skis there!

  407. says:

    :-O !!! Please no more! Yikes! Cover up those horror shows. Stop the toe torture!

  408. says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Generally speaking; women with “ugly” feet also exhibit other characteristics associated with males – bigger feet/toes, nose, hands etc and leaner body mass. Remove the face paint from most stars or supermodels and they wouldn’t get a second glance if they were WalMart cashiers. It is not a coincidence MANY of these so called “natural beauties” have had nose jobs.
    None of the fetish sites (wikifeet) have implemented a system which allows members to rank feet independent of the name, which of course renders rating useless, since most feet freaks rank the feet in accordance with their infatuation of the celeb.

  409. says:

    to many toes

  410. says:

    I didn’t know Oprah had six toes! Wow. I have read that having six toes happens once in a while. I don’t think Angelina has ugly feet. What is wrong with SJP’s feet? What happened to Kristin Dunst? Is that a red skin condition? The rest of the woman all look like they need wider shoes. I think the shoe industry makes shoes too narrow. People tell me I have nice feet, I think I have normal feet. Who is judging the feet? Finally, I saw a documentary on a tribe of natives in Africa, who did not wear shoes. Some of them had bunions. I think that explains the fact that some people have feet that grow in a way that gives them that crooked lumpy bunion look. Make wider fashion shoes and let the narrow footed people wear the narrow shoes.

  411. says:

    These look like deformities from wearing shoes that were too small, probably in childhood while their feet were still forming. My mother had hammer toes because as a child, she had to wear shoes that were donated to her, and often they were too small for her feet. She didn’t have bunions though. I’ve known people who never wore heels, yet have bunioned feet. Oprah’s feet look like she has a sixth toe.

  412. says:

    I understand our feet, like several other attributes, are handed down by a wonderful thing called GENETICS! I thank god everyday I have my mothers feet and not my dads. But, there are things you can do to help your feet. There are surgeries that can fix a lot of the problems with your feet too. If I had feet that looked like that and had the money those women have .. I would get them fixed. But, I have an issue with feet. I do a in home pedi once a week and go once a month and pay for a good pedi from a pro. But those women are beautiful no matter what…………………

  413. says:

    Bunions are a different beastie by its self. These women’s feet are deformed by wearing high heeled pointed toed shoes. These shoes should be illegal to buy. I have sold a lot of shoes in my life, and for the life of me I cannot understand why these women will endure the pain just to “Look good.”

  414. says:

    I have awful bunions and never had the surgery because when i was about 12 i remember what all my mom went through with the surgery. Her bunions were cut off and she wasnt allowed to walk for months.. she had to be taught to walk all over again and she was in alot of pain. She is now almost 80 and her feet are really messed up because of the bunions being cut off. I am told they do it with lazer now but it is still scarey because of the memories of my moms. i do believe they are inherited. My son in law has one bunion, the other foot is fine

  415. says:

    Paris Hilton needs to realize she is not wearing the correct size shoe for her feet, Jolie and Oprah’s feet are as horrible as they are !! , but Renee Zellwegger’s feet looked kind of cute to me — Should not be in this list !!

  416. says:

    Photoshopped, SJP has hooves.

  417. says:

    You should see what Paris’ knees look like!

  418. says:

    Everyone in my family except me and my brother has bunions. I’m actually the only one who wears 5 inch heels and he hikes in mud periodically and no bunions for either one. I do remember though that our mother wouldn’t allow us to wear hand me down shoes and always made sure the one she bought us fit perfectly, regardless of us outgrowing them in 2 months.

  419. says:

    ONE WORD: BUNIONS (btw SJP’s feet may be veiny but are nothing like the other nastiness on here. EWWWW)

  420. says:

    yummy feet.

  421. says:

    Kate Beckinsale and Angelina Jolie have gorgeous feet. Those are simply badly–chosen pics. In Jolie’s case, it’s simply how a foot looks while walking!

  422. says:

    Does no one realize that Oprah has 6 toes?

  423. says:

    looks like Oprah has 6 toes

  424. says:

    Almost all had bunions. They can hurt, but so does the surgery!! I’ve had both feet done and they were the most painful surgeries with a long recovery time. I didn’t get them from wearing high-heels, I got them from heredity. If you get bunion surgery, you will be in a cast, have to use crutches, not be able to put weight on your foot/feet for awhile and may need a walker or cane for sometime. I’ve had back, knee and shoulder surgery and this was the worst. Also, I just had my left foot done and the podiatrist screwed it up. I have gone to an orthopedic surgeon and am in a cast. Hopefully, this doc was able to correct the podiatrists screw up. Chose your doc wisely.

  425. says:

    Wow…does Oprah have 6 toes on her left foot? Really furthers the whole rumor that she is the devil incarnate.

  426. says:

    Yes, feet problems can be hereditary. Some of the women in these photos, however, have feet that are clearly distorted from wearing too-high heels and too-small or too-tight shoes. (Look at how many had their toes hanging off the end – that’s a sign of shoes that are too small, and that’s just in sandals!)

    I wear 2-3 inch heels every day. But I don’t wear the ones that compress my toes, and I wear solid block heels, not stilettos. I walk for up to 10 hours a day for work, and I don’t have one bunion, one corn, not even one knobbly toe. It takes a bit more work to find attractive heels that don’t distort your feet or cause pain, but I’ve done it for more than a decade.

  427. says:

    Is it me or does Angelina Jolie look like she had a 6th toe surgically removed?

  428. says:

    That’s ’cause you’re obviously blind and/or retarded and/or ugly and never get hit on. Otherwise you’d know the difference between attractive and *barf*.

  429. says:

    They’re DEFORMED… do you think you can you understand that?

  430. says:

    all feet are ugly and gross, and if you like feet you’re a freak, especially toe suckers.

  431. says:

    Yes, and girls in high heels can’t run away from grotbags like you.

  432. says:

    There are a few there that aren’t bad at all – and quite a few that show huge damage caused by high heels with pointy toes. Paris Hilton needs to take a bigger size – her toes are long and shouldn’t overhang the front of the sandals like that. Some of the big toes are in really bad shape – that bending over is not just to do with bunions – the bunions are caused by the toe being forced into a point. Surprised at Serena’s though. I’d have thought someone that worse sports shoes so much of the time would have better shaped feet than that.

  433. says:

    Is it just me, or do most of these pics show shoes that are clearly not the right size? Open toed shoes that fit properly should not mean your toes crawl over the edge. This causes so many foot issues! As a woman with a hereditary bunion, I think much of this can be solved by better shoe fit. Also – – – I think SJP’s feet look just fine for her age! Not cramped and corned like the others!

  434. says:

    Actually a cave woman and man would have a quite healthy feet for never wearing shoes with heels or small width, with most toes straight and not crammed together.

    Those high heels are not only horrible to the heels, but also the whole shape of them that pretends the foot thinner where actually it’s wider, triggering bunions.

  435. says:

    Oprah Has A Sixth Toe..???…

  436. says:

    There is absolutely no reason for Rene Zellwiger to be on this list! I looked and looked to what was wrong of different about her feet, bu I couldn’t see it. They are smooth, even toned, her toes fit in side those ridiculous shoes and all piont in the same direction…. I dont get this listing.

  437. says:

    Parker’s are not so bad, and I have an absolute fear of seeing people’s feet! Seriously, with feel like all the rest, why in the world would they ever consider wearing sandals? Some things will never make sense to me.

  438. says:

    I’m a trained toe reader (kinda like palm reading) and these women’s toes are not ugly, they are just reflecting their life path, choices and relationships. There’s a lot of emotional pain, possibly some secrets, I see an ego problem and suppressing thoughts and feelings. Everything means something.

  439. says:

    Why are there no men on this list?

    Matt Damon has some messed up feet.

  440. says:

    kate beckinsale can still wrap all 10 of those disgusting toes around my shaft.

  441. says:

    I must have really low feet expectations because most of these really aren’t that bad… I think people just want a reason to pick on celebrities, even if that means pointing out the stupidest things, such as feet.

  442. says:

    this is the dumbest thing i’ve seen. maybe its not their feet that are ugly (some of them arent even ugly..) but it’s just not the right pair of SHOES that shape their feet right.

  443. says:

    It’s all in the name of fashion!!! How sad! I would like to see those shoe designers wear their own creation and walk for miles and not just for a day or two but for a year, at least, to test run their products before putting them out to retail.

  444. says:

    Jolie’s feet freaked me out so bad!!
    most of these women’s feet bad state is because of heels

  445. says:

    These are some very ugly feet. Many of the women are African-American. Do most of them have big, ugly feet?

  446. says:

    Kate Beckinsale doesnt have ugly feet, just ugly shoes!

  447. says:

    are all of these shoes too small…their toes seem to be hanging off the edges

  448. says:

    did I see that right…. Oprah has six toes??

  449. says:

    News flash – feet are always ugly. I don’t think any of these women’s feet look any worse than normal…

  450. says:

    High, high heels, anyone? The feet and legs of most over-30 women would look more polished with hosiery. Kate Middleton knows this. With some of these ladies, their fake boobs may add pressure to their poor feet.

  451. says:

    About 1/2 these pics are of perfectly normal looking feet that don’t have anything “wrong” with them- they are just feet. For ex: Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, among others? Surely shot by some weirdo with a foot fetish. I’m an ugly foot woman myself :) No deformity or anything, just chunky toes. But some of these are really kind of deformed looking unfortunately. I feel bad for these ladies, but you’d think there is some kind of surgical solution..?

  452. says:

    GAK! Feet that get that mishapen, have been tortured in shoes that HATE feet. Why do women – women other than myself and my California non-fashionable friends – give in to that kind of foot torture? I keep thinking if some famous woman would just suddenly declare ‘NO MORE HEELS!’, and get others to join her, maybe… just maybe… some feet might be spared deformities and discomfort. Yes, who am I kidding?

  453. says:

    Most of these ladies have very large feet size 9 or bigger. I think thats the reason for ugly feet. they dont look norma.. I wear a size 6 1/2 and am 76 years old. I think my feet are nice.

  454. says:

    Keri has ballerina toes.

  455. says:

    BUNIIONS,Some is bone this way,some will due to wearing,etc: narrow shoes,high heel. get some foot solutions may help ^.^

  456. says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Sara Jessica Parker’s feet. This article is really stupid. First of all… I think feet are naturally weird looking. Plus, the veins enlarge with age, the skin becomes thinner, and with as much exercise these women do to keep their figures (as well as always in high heels!) it’s no wonder they are showing some wear and tear!

  457. says:

    they are all wearing too small of shoes and look like they have rumidoid (sp?) arthritis, and other such damage..why on earth they would wear shoes that expose their toes/lower foot I don’t know

  458. says:

    Christina’s feet don’t even look real. OMG, it looks like every step she takes is painful.

  459. says:

    wait a moment: and what about uma thurman’s feet?!?

  460. says:

    Those are some bad “puppies”. I don’t think Serena Williams belongs on the list. Hers weren’t really that bad but the others……………YUCK!

  461. says:

    How did Britney Spears not make this list?

  462. says:

    friggin ridiculous. none of those feet looked bad to me.

  463. says:

    What is going on with Kirsten Dunst’s feet? As for all of them, dare I say the toes are real branch huggers.

  464. says:

    I’m sorry, but what is wrong with 1/2 of these womens feet? Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale….their feet are all fine. And many conditions are genetic. Plus, what dictates ugly feet- having long toes? bony toes? fat toes? I’m not getting it.

  465. says:

    This is probably fake. But is a possibility. Either way this article is wrong for exploiting these people’s feet. What gives any right to call their feet ugly? It’s just very harsh, and my heart aches. What if they come across this? So hurtful for no reason.

  466. says:

    wait a sec…you guys are talking about bunions and i’m counting 6
    toes??????? have’nt had a beer yet….vision not

  467. says:

    Don’t make fun of older women’s feet and worst of all, stop calling them ugly feet. How old are you?? Probably young with plump toes and feet, right?? Wait until you get old and see what your dam feet will look like. Remember, what goes around comes around which means your feet will be the ugliest of all. Get a life and get a meaningful job and stop discriminating against people on how they look.

  468. says:

    Uma Thurman’s feet should have been on this list.

  469. says:

    What’s wrong with Victoria Beckham’s feet?
    A lot of feet I see absolutely no problems with.

  470. says:

    I guess Angelina Jolie was cold in this pic.

  471. says:

    I noticed most of these women their toes are hanging over the edge of the shoe. Those straps are pushing the foot on a shoe size that is to small. Crowding the foot into a to small shoe size will deform the foot.
    The price of vanity — these women are going to have very bad foot problems when they get older, if they don’t already.

  472. says:

    Just because these are so called celebrities doesn’t mean they are immune to the cruel and tasteless jibes of the gutter celebrity media. So what they have ugly feet according to you and we wonder why the children and young people of our society feel that it is ok to bully and demean others. it is sick

  473. says:

    There were some whose feet looked perfectly fine to me. And there were some who needed better fitting shoes. I felt sorry for those with feet that looked painful. And I don’t understand why anyone would try to force their feet into a shoe that didn’t fit and thereby do damage to themselves. I suppose it’s true what my mother said: “Be happy you’ve got five toes on each foot and they all go the same direction.” I’d like to add, “…and praise the Lord if they don’t hurt.” I’m glad we’re all different in our own special ways.

  474. says:

    Bunions are from constantly wearing shoes that are bad for your feet. I also saw a lot of hammer toes. Some people will grow older and never have these problems because we refuse to wear heels.

  475. says:

    No foot surgery is a breeze. I had to have one of my big toe nails removed after getting an ingrown toenail from wearing small tight shoes. And let me tell you it was the worst pain of my life recovering from that surgery, and I have given birth(65 hour labour)!

  476. says:

    OMG! I almost puked.

  477. says:

    I wouldn’t expect a nigs feet to look any better. EEYECHHHHHH

  478. says:

    Because these idiot women, especially black women, have no shame. When you have ugly feet or knees or legs you cover them up. Not only does Oprah have ugly feet, she has big round flat knees like an elephant. Black women don’t cover their knees or feet, and still wear high heels and short skirts with ugly legs and bow-legs.

  479. says:

    Sarah jessica Parker has beautiful feet!

  480. says:

    Paris has beautiful feet too! She just has long succulent toes.

  481. says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the last one’s feet.

  482. says:

    Sarah Jessica,Posh Spice, Angelina Jolie, and Rene Zelweiger’s feet weren’t that bad. Kate Bekinsales feet look good but her shoes were too small. One of my biggest pet peeves is women who wear shoes too small for their feet. Half of those womens toes are dragging on the carpet.

  483. says:

    Dang! Dem is Halloween feets!

  484. says:

    How mant toes Ofrah done got?

  485. says:

    Thank you to the podiatrists who find and pay people to design crippling footwear. I actually read an article in the newspaper of a man who confessed to this. Ladies you do not need to wear crippling footwear to look good and ignore those who criticize and need to just grow up.

  486. says:

    What kind of bull sh**t is this. Now some dummy has written an article criticizing someone’s feet.Women can never be skinny enough, beautiful enough or young enough. Give this kind of sh**t a rest. No one on earth is perfect. We should all embrace and love ourselves and each other the way that we are.

  487. says:

    And to be honest, one of the ugliest website designs you have. I actually have to click, wait for the page to load and then click again to go through tens of photos. Ugly!

  488. says:

    Often black people have ugly feet, it is genetic. I worked in a shoe store for years & they always complained about their feet.

  489. says:

    How can one be sure that these feet belong to these women? I mean, they could not even display them on the women, they had to put them separate!! This could just be a hoax article.

  490. says:

    I definitely would not consider some of those feet ugly. They just need to wear proper shoes to compliment their feet. And the ones whose feet have been damaged by poor fitting shoes, there are surgeries which are available to fix them but I think most of us pay more attention to our face and body and very little attention to our feet which bear the burden of holding us up. Sadly. In any case, it’s nothing to laugh about.

  491. says:

    This is the dumbest article I have ever seen. What do they want? To bring back foot binding?! Idiots…

  492. says:

    Damn! Why doesn’t Oprah spend some of her BILLIONS to get her friggin’ feet fix?!!! She’s not all over TV anymore so she has plenty of time to recuperate. Those things look like some kinda pachyderm! And they look like that really hurt too! So gross!

  493. says:

    While some of these women were born with unglamorous feet much as I seem to have been born with an unglamorous face (and I therefore don’t see what the point is on passing comment on their feet, so long as they’re healthy) many of these women have allowed horrendous damage to their feet from ill-fitting/unfoot-shaped shoes, undoubtedly in the name of fashion. With the money they make, you’d think they might have had custom-fitted shoes made for them! Or taken a stand, and refused to wear shoes that maim. They are in fashion leadership positions. Think of the clout they’d have with shoe designers if they refused to wear torture devices, and think of the spin-off benefits for the rest of us, with more lasts to choose from to reflect the real variety of real feet!

  494. says:

    GROSS !! enough to put anyone off their tea.

  495. says:

    More really of an observation than to criticize. I was surprised at the feet that looked like they were more painful than anything :( But some of the feet shown I didn’t think were ugly just normal. It is in the eye of the beholder.

  496. says:

    Pick these toes.. lol.
    errr.. Just a reminder that they aint all that. – Angelina made the list!

  497. says:

    This piece is just mean.
    How vanity can mask an ugly inside.

  498. says:

    It is impossible to say that the bunions, callouses, and/or corns are caused solely by shoes or solely by genes. I know for a fact that when I used to run long distance competitively during high school, my feet suffered greatly. I would lose multiple toe nails from bruising and still have very mild corns that resulted from that running (about 2 years ago). I also wear heels for work for extended hours (up to 10 hours a day), and have noticed the effects that this has on my feet. However, I know flat shoes do more damage to my feet for extended periods of time because my feet are flat and it bruises the pads of my feet and hurts my arches. Point: It’s impossible to pinpoint one specific causation, because there isn’t one specific type of foot or shoe. Everything must be factored in.

  499. says:

    Time to get some Birkenstocks.

  500. says:

    For two young ladies, Katie Holmes and Paris Hilton’s feet are absolutely grotesque. How disgusting. What on earth did they do to achieve this? They should be ashamed of themselves. Too gross for words. I am a 57 yr old woman and my feet are absolutely gorgeous next to theirs. Unbelievable. YECH!!!!!

  501. says:

    Feet are ugly anyway. After all, they do take a beating everyday. I’d rather wear fugly, comfortable shoes than pointy heels anyday. How about an article about a mans ugly body part????

  502. says:

    I missed what was so “ugly” about 75% of them.. the others were just because of the shoes they wear all the time….

  503. says:

    no kidding, i can see why most do not have it repaired. i had bunion correction and contracted a MRSA infection that resultantly destruoyed so much bone that i have had two bone grafts, a plate, 8 permanent screws and all knuckles removed. if i had the choice, 6 surgeries later, i would have kept the bunions compared to my hell everyday.

  504. says:

    most of these comments are extremely ignorant and people should realize that yes, the shoes you choose daily can have a huge impact, but bunions are hereditary. if you have a family member that has them, you are likely to contract them as well.

  505. says:

    If you’re one of the 20% of people (like me – it’s called “Morton’s foot”) with a second toe that’s longer than your “big toe,” and then you squish your feet into crazy high fashion shoes, then your long toes *will* get cramped up and the top of the knuckles will rub abainst the top of your shoes. That causes all those corns. I guess I just like my creature comforts too much to ever wear the sorts of shoes that would do that to my feet! I’m pushing 60 and have none of those foot problems.

  506. says:

    This article Smells.

  507. says:

    I don’t think Sara Jessica Parker is so bad but Kirsten Dunst.. what the hell is that?

  508. says:

    Feet are not meant to be beautiful.. they are purely functional. To avoid problems with pointed shoes which give your legs a beautiful line I put makeup sponges in the toes to keep them from scrunching up in the toe of the shoe.

  509. says:

    what’s wrong with Sarah J Parker hooves?!

  510. says:

    This is nothing but stiletto syndrome!

  511. says:

    show elbows! they’re the ugliest part of the body!

  512. says:

    Why are ALL of these women wearing shoes that are TOO SMALL?!?!?

  513. says:

    I’ve been wearing heels most of my adult life and I don’t have the bunions and corns that these women have. Yes shoes can contribute to these conditions, but genetics is primary factor. If your mother had jacked up feet more than likely you will too. My 85 year old grandmother wears heels and her feet look better than those above. These pictures prove that those $3,000 shoes are no more comfortable than the $30 shoes.

  514. says:

    This website is horrible. All the ads make it difficult to see these ladies ugly feet. How many more ads can you fit on here? I think I saw a couple of areas left.

  515. says:

    oprah has 6 toes.. your welcome…

  516. says: