StyleBlazer Survey: Is Ashanti's Leather Clad, Biker Look a High Note or Flop? (Ugh, That Ombre Hair...)

StyleBlazer Survey: Is Ashanti’s Leather Clad, Biker Look a High Note or Flop? (Ugh, That Ombre Hair…)

Ashanti has been pretty quiet as of lately but the former Murder Inc princess is back and promoting her single, “The Woman You Love.” We’re glad to see she’s back in action, but we can’t say we’re so happy to actually see her fashion choices. Leather shorts are hot for spring, but when paired with a leather jacket and bag, it makes us go hmm.



Her all black everything look was topped off with a sheer top and peep toe lace up booties. The only touch of color in her outfit came courtesy of her ombre hair. This is one of those are-we-feeling-it-or-is-it-too-much looks?




Weigh in StyleBlazers, are you feeling Ashanti’s look?



Patrice J. Williams 

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  • Elsebeth

    Too much, as usual!

    • U ugly hoe

      Hater u probably ugly

      • So she’s a hater cuz she doesn’t like the getup?

        I guess it’s fair to say you are a sorry behind kisser for liking it….GROW UP!

  • Goddess8281

    Cute: Hair, shoes, bag
    Not Cute: Everything Else

  •  A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works.

  • Awilli

    Am I the only one that sees her areola?

    • I said it….and now what


    • Rickypwifee

      I see it too… Wasn’t sure if it was the angle. I think she looks cute.

    • Precious777

      Ghetto and Rachet…….I digress….

    • NJ

      lol! I thought that’s what I was seeing. she is doing the most here in this look….

    • Meachywatford

      it is showing slack

    • Jess

      I see them too. No comment I guess.

  • Panamanian Miguel

    Nice coloring around the breast

  • CheckIt

    Ugh I can not stand this attention seeker. I guess no one is checking for The women you love garbage so she thinks showing areola can help? Fail!! Ashanti get to the back of the line of Melodie from PCD and Adrienne bailon. Nothing to see here folks lol

  • Niesha Oliver

    I think she looks great, she has a beautiful face sooooo…..the clothes don’t make her she makes the clothes.

  • I like the color of her hair and make up. 

  • Mycsmom

    she looks cute…maybe a little less red but some would not be bad.  The outfit is cute on her.  She has the body so wear it.  me on the other hand COULD NOT be caught wearing it!  LOL  But her…GO FOR IT!!!!

  • Rene

    She looks Beautiful.

  • L_montique3


  • fiasco

    she looks stunna! just a little edgy.. and her umbre is cute. hopefully she can make a comeback.

  • mekmel

    ….tsk tsk. long sleeves and shorts are a no go.

  • Marceline

    Ashanti never looks good fashion wise! I dont understand why. I think she bites other people style, and then tries to add something to it, and it always comes out lookng a mess. She looks a mess in this photo/

  • Doesntmatter

    She LOOK GORGEOUS….Go Ashanti!

  • Jen

    Way too much of that dern pink hair.  I swear what is with this pink hair!  I see women of all ages with it and I can’t fathom why.  Unless you are in a fashion show where it may be a requirement then okay I got it.  But to wear it all day everyday, every place you look there it is!  Please stop. Yuck!

  • She looks great….



  • Jess

    I wish they would stop where that HD makeup under their eyes I am not understanding that.

  • Todd133

    She has lost her classy look. Such a beautiful young lady!